Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 111 S.e.x Trumps Disputes

"Had a great sleep?"

Nik softly kissed the tip of Karna's nose while he used the bedsheet to wipe the puddle of drool on his chest. Aside from Karna's drool, Nik also had to deal with Yue's limbs pushed behind his back, making his sleep anything but comfortable.

But remembering the ride back to the inn, he slowly craned his neck up and found June, Katara and Toph sleeping around him, their slender body covered in nothing but a thin sheet while Pavka and Virya were nowhere to be seen.

'A small price to pay, indeed.'

Nik gently caressed Yue's cheek before planting a kiss on her pinchable cheek and slowly got up, trying his best to not wake any of them up.

Personally, Nik loved to sleep. It is one of the few luxuries in the world that did not demand anything monetary in return. So, he really didn't like disturbing anybody's sleep either.

Finally getting out of the cramped bed filled with beauties, Nik freshened up and put on some clothes before looking at his stats. As expected, there were some changed.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Intern)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 11

CHM: 6

LUK: 2


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


He still had a few stat points left from his partnering-up with the girls back at his homeworld as he couldn't just increase his stats. It was a painful process, or so he had heard, but the increase of his strength due to his Bloodline was a welcoming change.

Finally, he pushed open the door of his inn when he started hearing a lot of panicked whispers.

It was Azula.

Nik took a moment before contacting her mentally. While Pavka could simply contact her due to her strange physique, Azula had no such abilities, and Nik hadn't even explained her the ability to contact him mentally.

'Yo! Azula! What's up!'

He immediately connected with Azula's mind, who, in return, immediately shot up from her bed within her royal chambers as she immediately looked behind with an incredulous expression.


"Nik?! Is that you?!"

She asked out loud only to sigh at no response.

'What the hell... I am not getting crazy without his sessions, am I?'

She questioned internally as Nik's voice rang within her consciousness once again.

'As much as I am flattered. If you really wish to talk to me, try sending me your thoughts. So? What's up?

You seem tensed?'

While Azula had a lot of questions regarding this new ability and why she wasn't made known to its existence, she had to set her priorities. Who knows if Nik was actually bedding someone? She couldn't have that! At least, not now!

'Nik! Can you really hear me? If yes, don't screw anyone else!

I have a surprise for you! So don't fill that last spot!'

She hastily replied. She wasn't even this anxious when her father decided to set her prized daughter away after Iroh claimed the victory over Ba Sing Se and finally decided to add Zuko into his family as per Iroh's wishes.

The topic currently in her mind was way more important!

'Hmm? A surprise that is connected to me not filling my last spot... it's a girl, right?'

Nik chortled while continuing.

'Listen, Azula... you do understand that I like to find my own partners, right?'

'It's not like that!' Azula sent before continuing.

'It's actually my friend, just like Mai. We three have been... well, in-known with each other since we were kids.

While we were not friends exactly, only Mai and Ty-Lee are the two people, aside from you and your little group, that I do not want to tear their skin from their bodies.'

Not minding her apparent hate for the entire world, Nik just thought that future sessions with Azula might just be more enjoyable as he spoke in a righteous tone after hearing her pleas.

'I see... it would be extremely unfair to your friend to not being able to feel the same thing you and Mai felt.

Disastrous, even.

Fine, I'll make my way towards the Fire Capital.'


After concluding their chat and also the limit at which Azula should contact him for not spamming his consciousness with her hot, steaming thoughts that would only give him a boner every single second, Nik placed his thoughts to partner-up with Nina aside.

Previously, he simply wanted to partner up with her and finally leave this world, but Azula's pleas were something he did not wish to overlook.

Who knows, he might really be in for a surprise?



Sokka opened the door as Nina was extremely clear that she loved her sleep. Seeing her body, Sokka did regain his vigour and the sleep did regenerate his lost fluids, but still, he respected her decisions and didn't want to ruin his morning or her's by waking her up.

As he stepped out, the refreshing air of dawn, even in the desert-like region, was extremely pleasing. A small smile touched his lips but the moment he saw Nik, all his happiness was dumped away.

He wasn't even angry about the siege of Ba Sing Se anymore, making him realise that he needed to stop with his own naive thoughts once and for all.


With narrowed eyes, he walked up to Nik, who had his eyes closed as he leaned back while taking one of the seats in the hall.

"Good Morning... slept well?"

The coldness in Sokka's voice was easily conceivable. Opening his eyes, Nik smiled at Sokka before nodding.

"Believe me, after the number increases, sleep is only a luxury."

The subject referred to in his statement didn't take a genius to understand as Sokka immediately turned livid.


But before he could speak, Nik raised his hands in defeat and smiled.

"Why don't you take a seat? Let's talk things out."


Sokka snorted, but still took the seat in front of Nik.

"I take that you have thought things through? Regarding last night?"

Nik asked while his question immediately put Sokka in a spot. Admitting his own mistakes was something Sokka didn't like to commit, but at this moment, he had little choice. With a slump of his shoulder, he looked at Nik with a sad expression and nodded.

"Alright, then. Let me discuss my future plans with you."

He smiled before tapping the table in between them to get Sokka's attention.

"I am planning to travel to the Fire Capital."

His words immediately garnered a frown from Sokka, but he still waited before putting his questions.

"Before I continue, I must ask, do you have any plans to actually follow me all along if Katara agrees to come with me?"

"Of course!"

Sokka immediately snapped as Nik nodded.

"I see... it is unfortunate." While Nik's words remained a mystery to Sokka, he still didn't like him following his sister termed as unfortunate.

"Either way, it looks like you have calmed down. Do you know why?"

Nik continued with a smile as Sokka nodded.

"I just needed some time to think things through."

"Incorrect." Nik grinned and pointed at himself. "You let go of that issue because I created an even bigger issue. Like... sleeping with Katara."

His words were barely a whisper yet Sokka's eyes flared in anger birthed from unconditional emotional protection only for Nik to grin once again.

"But what I am going to tell you will force you to move on from this situation, too.

Don't you want to know why I am making my way to the Fire Capital?"

After gaining Sokka's attention, Nik smiled. And he remained true to his words. The moment Nik spoke his true objective, Sokka paled visibly as he finally figured out that someone capable of even thinking such a feat was definitely crazy enough to claim about sleeping with a woman in front of the said woman's brother.

"I'm gonna assassin the Fire Lord."



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