Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 112

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 112 Feared Pirates

Vigorous waves crashed against the wooden behemoth while the black flag at the top painted with green skulls gave away the identity of the ship.

"Capt Err... Haiko! We are nearing the Fire Capital! Could you please inform the captain?"

A scar-faced man spoke with a formal tone while the middle-aged, broad-shouldered man named Haiko, the previous captain of the infamous Spectral Pirates nodded naturally, yet, the swirl of madness in his eyes betrayed a hint of rage when his own right-hand brother called another man Captain!

It was a feeling worse than having his women stolen, his treasures looted and apparently, his future grave uprooted.


A title he fought for with his life. The scars on Haiko's body could speak of his legacy, his courageous actions and reckless abandon when it came to his own crewmates.

And yet his most trusted crewmate...

Haiko released his deepest sigh ever, the blue mark right between his chest seemed to throb, as if reminding him his limits while he nodded towards the man one last time before making his way towards the Captain's Cabin.

*Knock* *Knock*

He knocked the door leading to a room that once was his paradise. Money, Women, Weapons... he took them all and brought his riches here.


A lazy voice emerged from the other side of the door.

"Um... Captain! We are soon going to contact the dock of the Fire Capital."

"I see... prepare Ignit and Nyla."

The voice spoke before the room went silent as Haiko nodded before leaving the area with a bit of giddiness hidden in his gait.

Finally, he would be free of his servitude! And then...

His eyes flashed with wild hate.

The betrayal of his crewmate was the most logical path.

'Then... my revenge is the most logical thing, right?'

In his happiness, he personally prepared the carriage and cleaned much of the... spots with a slightly dark expression, but he dared not keep a single spot on the surface.


"It's so fresh..."

Katara exclaimed as she entered the carriage personally cleaned by Haiko while Ignit and Nyla also looked quite refreshed alongside the three goon Salamanders.

"As expected of my follower!"

Nik exclaimed as he rubbed his chin in appreciation while the group around him rolled their eyes. But they had to admit that Nik's method got them results. Hijacking a pirate ship might sound as fantastical as it could be, but assassinating the Fire Lord was a similar level of mythical thought.

This time, Sokka took the reigns once again, much to his anguish as Nik was a wanted man in the eyes of the Fire Nation. While there was a small chance that he would be recognised in the myriad terrorists identified by the Fire Nation, but still, nobody in this group was keen to take chances.

Of course, the group sat in a similar seating plan as their previous rides while Nik held his palms up, accommodating Virya.

"So? What's with this assassination? I can once again feel Gaia's need to spill the blood.

It's unnatural.

And, what is this?"

Virya asked with a frown while she showed a tiny translucent screen to Nik. Seeing the screen filled with his accomplishment of this world, he smiled happily before speaking.

"Honestly, it is hard to explain. I can only show you guys in time."

Nik smiled while Katara frowned.

"Are you talking to... Virya?"

Katara knew the name from a strange screen that actually held Azula's name. After learning that he had actually banged the Fire Princess herself, a small commotion was caused within the group, especially, June.

Whose eyes actually glimmered before she gave an unnaturally flirtatious wink to Nik. She was thoroughly impressed.

"Yeah." Nik nodded before continuing. "Don't mind her too much. She simply doesn't like to mingle."

"Oh... that's a bummer." Katara spoke with a bored expression, sarcasm oozing from her voice. Why would she want to see more women flocking around Nik? The number was just enough!

But something told her... Nik wasn't done... no, he was far from done.

"It's not like I don't like to mingle... but not with Humans."

Virya spoke as Nik shrugged.

He wasn't going to act as a mediator between his women. When he accepted Virya into his despicable fold, he also accepted her disregard for human beings. He would definitely welcome a change within Virya that might actually accept other women around her, but Nik wouldn't go out of his way to force her to accept her sisters.

His c.o.c.k would mediate physically occasionally, but he wasn't delusional enough to think that orgy sessions were enough to create a sense of camaraderie between women sharing one man.

While Nik definitely felt fortunate to meet the seven women who seemed to be actually accepting not only him but also their peers, but half of this situation was actually attributed to the fact that most of them knew each other one way or the other.

Just like this, the group made its way to the outskirts of the Fire Capital, where, a special someone was waiting for them.

It was Mai, the mistress under Azula's little group. And fortunately, she was on her own carriage. Their own carriage was already cramped enough.

"Well, well, isn't my sc.u.m looking hot between all these girls."

Mai smiled gently before making her way towards Nik with a quick pace, seeing her footwork, June raised an eyebrow, but kept her quiet while Nik grinned.

"Woof, darling."

Their lips interlocked in an ardent kiss while their tongues immediately intertwined.

Ohhh! How much she waited to lock her lips with his grinning face. He was a sc.u.m, it was an established fact between his women. Fortunately, she was one of his women and he was her own sc.u.m, in all his entirety.

Her arms gently wrapped around his waist while Nik cupped Mai's cheeks, continuing the kiss until the urge to breathe broke them apart.

"I came to understand a gift is waiting for me, all wrapped up?"

Mai grinned before hugging Nik tightly, burying her face into his chest for a while minute while breathing deeply.

"You'll be surprised."

She whispered while Nik reciprocated the embrace with hid arm warmly hugging her back.

"Let's go... I can't wait."