Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 113

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 113 Benefits Of Harem

"No kidding..."

Toph muttered, her voice remained bemused as she finally focused on the leg piece in her hands without giving a single thought of the people present in the room while eating loudly.

"Oh, this is tasty!! What is it?!"

Toph immediately started nudging June, who whispered the name of the dish without any apparent irritation on her face, quite the opposite of cold look in Azula's eyes.

"Who's this barbarian?"

She pointed at Toph without concealing her disgust while Mai stood beside her with a calm look.

Right now, the group... Nik's partners, Sokka, Nina and Nik himself sat within the largest room present in Dragon's Whiskers Inn.

"Is she talking about me or Sokka?"

Toph immediately asked with her face stuffed with food, making Nik smile unconsciously while June sighed.

"She is"

"Aren't you a smart one for a barbarian, Kid? I am talking about you."

Azula cut June short before snickering arrogantly.

"Hey, that's not a nice thing to say."

Katara immediately frowned while Karna and Yue shrugged. Honestly, they both couldn't care much about the disposition of women Nik slept with. They were somewhat accustomed now. In fact, they both felt unfortunate that they weren't alone in this situation like June, Toph or Katara.

"See, Sis! I told you Azula is interesting!"

Pavka grinned while Virya nodded as impassively she has ever been.

"Arrogance with a hint of madness... though common, this Azula has kept herself quite restrained."

Virya looked at Azula with her wide silver eyes as Azula kept looking at Toph, who seemed to have no effect from her insults.

"Hey, I told you"

"Yeah, yeah! Barbarian, right? I get that a lot! So? What should I do?

If ya' got no solutions then bite me, princess!"

Toph snorted while Azula's frown deepened.

"You are lucky that Nik took you"

"Woah! I gotta stop you right there!" Toph grinned once again as she dangled the piece of meat from her hand before grinning.

"Let's not start the discussion surrounding Nik, alright? We know how good he is, emotionally and physically, so I don't care for yer preachin'!

But get this one thing straight, even if Nik wasn't here, I could still wipe the floor with you!

Understood? Little Princes?"

The room fell dead silent, even June turned her head to hide her smirk while slow, and mind-numbing crackles of lightning emerged from Azula's body, her golden pupils hid a furious storm, and yet, before she could explode, she took a deep breath. The surge of lightning slowly receded while Nik and Pavka had a look of interest, surprise, even.


Pavka grinned at Virya, who also had a bright expression on her face.

"She is certainly more interesting than the rest of the Fire Losers..."

Virya whispered.

"Whatever!" Azula finally heaved a deep sigh before looking at Nik.

"It may not look like much, but I... I am trying."

She whispered while lowering her eyes.


Everyone in the room, except Mai and Toph whispered simultaneously.

"Alright, then! Let's get to the main topic!"

Nik smiled as he clapped his hand, almost instantly, Sokka and Nina lost their consciousness, slumping onto the soft mattress.

"There's something I will be explaining to you guys now."

Nik smiled lightly as he opened up.

"You guys have less than 5 days to live in this world."


Nujia City, Docks.

"General, the destroyer is ready to sail!"

A fire soldier saluted in front of Iroh, who simply nodded while looking at the contents of the letter in his hand.

'Azula... writing such a letter. There are only two things that can happen.'

Iroh rubbed his eyes while heaving a sigh filled with regrets. He felt worthless whenever it came to Azula.

From their childhood, he had been focusing on Zuko because of his talented sister, but never in his life did he imagine that the talented sister needed more attention than Zuko himself.

While he severely wanted to chide Ursula, their mother, he also realised that he wasn't also entirely right about the situation.

'Did she cross that line... or is she really trying to change?'

Iroh muttered as he gently folded the letter asking for his return to celebrate his victory over the Earth Kingdom.

Till now, Nik's credit regarding the fall of Ba Sing Se remained unknown. Even till now, Iroh couldn't understand what Nik would gain after betraying every single elemental power of this world.

'Does he work for someone else?'

'Is another faction eyeing the fire nation?'

'Who or what is the next target?'

Such thoughts swirled within his consciousness as he set off for the Fire Nation to conclude his victorious return and finally retire from all this war for good.

He realised he was too old for this stuff!


The room fell into a heavy silence. Aside from Pavka and Virya, the others knew that Nik was of mysterious origins to actually wield so many elements. Even when he claimed that he could only be considered as a pseudo avatar the title was amazing in its own way.

But never did they dream of discovering such 'otherworldly' facts.

But, as Nik wished, the changes made by him during their last confrontation finally kicked in.

Starting from Yue.

"I see... so, are you saying that there is a much bigger world... somewhere... out there?"

She spoke with a face filled with hesitation while Nik nodded naturally.

"I see... sounds interesting."

Even though no changes were made to Azula's consciousness, she still replied candidly. After all, she hated everything and anything, especially her own blood relatives.

This time, Toph actually nodded at Azula's words.

"I know it's a bit hard..."

Nik spoke softly while June suddenly spoke up.

"I just want to ask... when will we able to... live again?"

Nik thought for a moment before replying.

"For you, it would be an instant, I can promise that. But in reality, it might take an entire year, at the very least."

Hearing his words, the group fell into silence once again. Seeing this, Mai sighed and finally spoke up.

"Alright then, it is imperative that you bring Ty-Lee into your fold, too. Because, if I am leaving, I want the entire gang."

"True enough."

Azula chortled while Nik smiled and stood up.

"Lead the way."

His lascivious grin was completely ignored by the group, to them, it was a simple smile filled with his true intentions, nothing to fear about.

"Oh! Wait! Before you go, at least tell us your plan!"

Toph suddenly shouted when Nik grinned, although Toph couldn't see, she was already somewhat aware of his tendencies after hearing June's explanation and Katara's grumbling.

"He just grinned, didn't he?"

She asked towards June, who smiled at her words.

"Spot on."

"The plan is simple actually." Nik smiled as he turned towards Azula.

"When is Iroh returning?"

"5 days."

Azula replied.

"In five days." Nik turned towards the group while making a grand gesture.

"I'll be slaying the fire lord and appointing Iroh as the next king.

Good day, ladies! Rest well, cause you guys are not getting any sleep tonight!"

Nik left as his words trailed within the room, inciting various reactions from the group.

Allegedly, the earth and water girls didn't like Azula and Mai, but even though Nik wasn't going to interfere, he would also give no shit when it came to his orgy nights.

That is the most important benefit of a harem.




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