Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 114

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 114 Dat Split

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Azula bit her lips the moment the door to the room was closed as she immediately hugged Nik from behind, letting her apprehensions, fears and madness slowly leave her body when she felt Nik's chest through her own hands while burying her head into Nik's back. Her calm breathing increased in its pace marginally as her embrace slowly grew tighter.

"Hey, don't worry."

Nik didn't know what was going on. It was the truth, but devils forbid if the carnal demon actually spoke his thoughts of the unknown out loud. Whatever was Azula's troubles, he was more than willing to bear them. His hands gently reached for Azula's hands over his chest and grabbed them tightly.

"I am not worried..."

Azula whispered before loosening her hold while Nik spun to match Azula's gaze, a pure smile finally formed on her naturally ripe and plump red lips as she leaned forward and cupped Nik's face before engaging in a soothing kiss. No longer was there any semblance of arrogance or cold hatred on her face. Neither was there any desperation left.

In Nik's eyes, Azula felt... happy. Incomparably so.

"I am just happy to see you again."

She broke the contact before flashing a charming grin. Before the trio left, Azula suddenly opened the door of the room and waved her hand with a happy smile.

"Barbar Toph, was it? I am sorry for my earlier behaviour."

While the others suddenly felt stunned by the emergence of apology, Toph simply waved her leg piece, her gaze held no emotions... for she was blind, but her voice was still calm, with a hint of cheerfulness.

"Don't mind it! I can smell desperation from a mile away."

She tapped her nose before Azula nodded and closed the door. Toph's words finally clicked into the group as they looked at the closed door with wonder.

Was that it?

She was simply frustrated because she wasn't able to

Oh, wait a minute. We would be the same, wouldn't we?

The group had a sudden realisation as they looked at each other, and as expected, all of them came to the same conclusion.

Yes, we would.


"Ai! Sometimes, I am the fool!"

Nik grinned before picking Azula up in his arms, his lips once again seized her lips and this time, no amount of push from Azula could break the contact as Nik thoroughly ravaged her ravishing mouth p.u.s.s.y, her fleshy tongue before kissing her cheek one last time when her eyes grew a bit hazy.

"We got much catch-up to do, right?"

He grinned before placing Azula down and pulling the silent, yet, pouting Mai in his arm, his hand grabbed a fistful of her delicious butt before he gave her the same treatment as the little fiery princess while breaking the kiss with a spank, making her whole butt vibrate that formed into a blissful m.o.a.n till the vibrations reached Mai's mouth.

"Alright, you wanted to recommend your friend, right?

Let's see if she can catch my eyes or not."

Hearing his words, clarity once again touched Azula's eyes as she smiled lasciviously.

"Fufufu! Catch your eyes... you have to prepare much more than that."

She seductively walked towards Nik before letting her hand touch his slumbering c.o.c.k, making her intentions clear.

"Much more it is, then."

He smiled before leaving with the Fire Princess and the Mayor's daughter in tow, attracting attention from many, yet, the traitorous sc.u.m of the fire nation wasn't recognised due to Azula's actions. No images of Nik were circulated even after his name was officially registered into the bounty book.

After leaving the inn, Mai led the way while Azula suddenly took out a veil out of nowhere and hid her face before gingerly hugging Nik's arm and letting out a soft sigh, her entire body relaxed almost instantly and her soft breaths tickled his neck.

"Even though that is unfair... I'll just get my payback later."

Mai muttered darkly while Azula only let out a smug snicker before the group once again started moving towards the center of the capital, near the royal palace.

The cobblestone streets slowly morphed into a better, ironwood streets that matched the splendor of the inner district of the capital that housed many nobles that worked directly under the Fire Lord Ozai after pledging their loyalty, Mai's father being one of them.

The market, too, slowly turned, matching the upper district. Many shops had lavish fronts while even the most basic of shops held goods worth thousands. The most prominent change was the fact that unlike the women of the other outer districts, the women in the inner districts did not cover their body from head to toe.

Women of various figures and sizes walked in groups, some were young couples while others entered the shop with a clear motive in their mind.

All things said, Nik had never actually explored the inner districts of the Capital before and now, Mai was clearly leading the group to a brightly coloured building that also housed inscriptions of various animals.

Elephant Koi, Frog Loins, Trumpet Bees!

There were simply too many!

"This is a..."


Mai completed Nik's sentence as she looked at the door guard and took out a ticket from her wide sleeves. The guard instantly took a more respectful approach after looking at the ticket and bowed towards the group before allowing them to enter the building.

As they entered the building, a scantily dressed lady bowed in front of them, her large, surprisingly, natural b.r.e.a.s.ts hung low as her dress almost slipped down, causing her to smile in embarrassment, but only gaining not a single response.

Not from the two ladies and neither from the surprisingly handsome and... oh god!! ehm, man.

As the lady slowly and seductively moved her h.i.p.s sideways, she tilted her head slightly to look if her assets incited any other reaction and yet, she only hung her head low when Nik failed to give her any reaction.

Finally, with a crestfallen look as if her husband had abandoned her to a fat and ugly middle-aged tycoon, the lady left the group after leading them to their private chamber that was comprised of three walls and the front part being covered in a long, crimson curtain.

The moment the group entered, Azula immediately pushed Nik down on the luxurious seat fitted alongside the wall and tore off her veil, immediately sitting on top of him while peering into his eyes.

"You were surprisingly calm about.... that cow."

'Ah, she really was irritated.'

Nik thought internally while he gestured Mai to sit next to him while the backside of his hand grazed Azula's cheek gently.

"What if I wasn't?"

He questioned with a bright smile that sent chills to Azula spine, something she longed for and Nik knew it.

His hand slowly reached towards the beginning of her neck and then he gently wrapped his fingers around her slender neck. Pulling her forward, Nik gave her another rough kiss, making her pant and whimper while her juices soaked her p.u.s.s.y, leaving a stain on her inner garments.

"You really want it harsh, don't you?"

Nik whispered into her ears while his eyes shimmered cruelly.

"You want it like that time on the destroyer, right? Where I f.u.c.k.i.e.d you full, leaving not a single inch of your body uncovered, right?"

He whispered once again, making Azula whimper in need.

"Y-yes!" She exclaimed only for Nik to slowly place her beside him while he pointed at the curtain.

"Well, then. Wait."

He grinned while suddenly, bringing Mai onto his laps while hugging her waist.

"We are here to see your friend. Meanwhile, I'll be sure to tend to my sweet Mai! You, on the other hand."

Nik grinned once again and spoke cruelly, making Azula groan in passion, yet making her stay her hand.



The curtain opened up as a middle-aged man slowly performed various creative acts before a slight window was given only to a single woman.


And as Azula had stated, Nik had to prepare much more than just his eyes, after all...

'Dat split...'

Nik felt his mind buzz in various possibilities when he looked at Ty-Lee's flexibility and finally understood the term Fruit of patience is always sweeter.

Had he really partnered-up with Nina, even though he wouldn't regret his choice, he would still have an urge to go back in time and smack his past self senseless.

A woman like Ty-Lee is always worth the wait.



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