Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 115 Performance Of Their Own

The show finally came to an end when an Ostrich Tiger jumped through a fiery hoop without its feathers and furs affected by the flame at all. The crowd, both, upper-class and middle-class cheered loudly, some even took their game to the next level and whistled loudly. After arranging for all the performance beasts into the cage, the Circus Master finally revealed his whole crew to the crowd. While there were many women with astonishing figures, Nik's eyes only trailed over Ty-Lee's figure, and just like him, many others looked at the young woman with long, braided hair and a cheerful look on her face unaffected by the leers towards her exposed abdomen.

Sporting a healthy amount of muscles that intertwined with a lean build, Ty-Lee's abdominal muscles were a sight of there own while her healthy, modest bosom remained hidden under the petal-like, peach-pink crop-top while the top of her head was covered in a crown-like ornament.

"Mai, Azula... have I ever thanked you guys?"

Nik whispered as he squeezed Mai's soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while her body quivered under his touch while she released hot and heavy breaths as Nik suddenly pinched her erect n.i.p.p.l.es through her clothes, making her yelp softly. Just like Mai, Azula was burdened with strained gasps. She wanted it deeply, his c.o.c.k that is. Her thoughts were slowly forming around his c.o.c.k and took an entire minute for Azula to process the sentence before her flushed face turned to Nik, a needy desire feeling her eyes, yet she complied like a good girl Nik taught her to be and whispered.

"Gratitude? For what?"

She once again tried to sneak into his embrace, feel his warmth to quench the ever-rising need to have a deep and hot f.u.c.k, relax her tense body while enjoying Nik's slanted c.o.c.k to fill her up nice and hot, make her feel stuffed, her mouth ruined and her b.r.e.a.s.ts and butt pinched and squeezed until his hands felt satisfied. Her body's erogenous zones erected at her dire, despicable needs as Azula saw Nik smiling gently.

"I never thanked you. Both of you, in fact, for appearing in my life. So, you both have my long, overdue, gratitude.

For letting me indulge in my own desires."

Though his hands continued playing with Mai, his eyes betrayed his seriousness as Nik finally spoke.

"So, I don't feel any desire to tease you guys anymore! I feel like I am gonna explode already."

Nik smiled before he pulled Mai into an ardent kiss. As he watched Ty-Lee's acrobatics, he couldn't help but vision various s.e.x.u.a.l scenarios with her and how much her flexible body would be tantalizing in bed. His c.o.c.k was erect, and it refused to go down before any kind of release.

Hands, he must not use, their snatches, he must fill, and fill he would.

Mai's hazy eyes glowed with a l.u.s.tful, hungry light as her hot breaths soon escaped into Nik's mouth while his tongue enjoyed her mouth while his hands pulled on her b.r.e.a.s.ts k. opposite direction before letting them go and making them 'yoink' to their original position. Her back leaned against his chest while her hands went gently hugged Nik's neck, completely revealing her underside as Nik let his hands run over her entire clothed body.

Pulling Mai's legs and placing them to the side of his own thighs, Nik immediately pulled her dress up while revealing her dark, tight pants that stuck to her wonderful and long legs. It didn't take long to pull her pants down while his erect c.o.c.k found its way into Mai's dripping snatch, immediately inciting a strained m.o.a.n that riled Azula up.

She couldn't hold herself any longer and immediately latched her lips against Nik's empty mouth, internally scorning Mai at how easily she let go of the treasure his mouth was. And as expected, Nik didn't disappoint her expectations. No longer was she treated as an annoyance. While she loved Nik's droopy, impassive expression, when it came to s.e.x, she wanted a beast that could cast aside multiple plays needed to make a woman's body hotter and just dominate her dirty body while purifying her with his white, holy, and oh so creamy, juice!

Her plump lips immediately felt his lips while her deviant tongue made sure to get coiled obediently as one of Nik's hands immediately supported Azula's back and pulled her further into a tight embrace while Mai bit her own finger in pleased anguish as she tried moving her waist in a front-back motion while her ass cheeks would kiss his crotch more than once, making Nik gently wrap his other hand against Mai's waist while using his unnatural strength to pull her up before pushing her down in one cruel motion, making Mai m.o.a.n even louder.

M.o.a.ns were now finally getting loud enough that it was undesirable, so, with much reluctance, Nik let go of Azula's prized lips and finally filled Mai's needy mouth. Words were unable to touch Mai's mouth as there was no place for them, while Nik simply asked Azula to lick Mai through his mental connection. And lick she did.

Getting on her knees, Azula let her face get close enough to feel the impacts of Nik's balls as he started to move before she placed her hands on his thighs while taking a deep whiff, as if branding the scent of her childhood friend getting ploughed by the only man she is willing to recognise before her thumb started rubbing Mai's extremely excited c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s, sending waves of pleasure to crash into her spine, making her tingle while forgetting to inform Nik in her own heat that there was someone else who knew about their room and had the access to enter this particular chamber.

Azula's eyes glowed brightly while her own hands immediately pulled her pants down as her fingers stuck within her soaked p.u.s.s.y, enjoying her own hot flesh while her face finally got even closer after Nik stopped moving to allow Azula to continue to work her way with her tongue and lips. Just like that, instead of the full-blown session of mindless slamming of his rod, Mai took the lead and moved her waist and h.i.p.s alongside clenching her abdominal and anal muscles to provide even more pleasure.

At this moment, at the spot of their connection, Nik and Mai felt Azula's tongue gently licking their private regions with gusto, her tongue flicked Mai's jeweled clit while she would also sometimes take the entirety of Nik's balls and gag and gasp in a needy manner. Her own thumb kept playing with her own clit all the time.

Pure Bliss.

Soon, Mai ended up orgasming only for Azula to lap up her juices while her fingers moved within her juicy flower even passionately, sending waves of passion to her spine, almost making her collapse.

"Oohhhh! I love you, Nik!"

Mai released an extremely hot and relieved breath as she kissed Nik while leaning her head back.

"The feeling's mutual, Mai." Nik whispered through the short intervals in their kiss while giving her one last peck before gently peeling her off while immediately pressing his shaft against Azula's cheek, making the latter smile blissfully.

Without needing any instructions, Azula opened her mouth wide while letting her tongue lick against the underside of his shaft hotly, her upper lip still opened wide, kept breathing hotly as she covered the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k with her already moist hands, covered in her own love juice.


A relieved breath escaped Azula's mouth as she gently kissed the base of Nik's shaft before she slowly pulled his c.o.c.k down, adjusting the tip against her mouth before slowly putting her entire mouth in action. Even though her mouth was already full, a drool mixed with Mai's juices covering Nik's shaft gently leaked through the corner of her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth, gently enveloping more of Nik's generous girth without much issue.

The decadent sound of slurping soon reached the corners of their chamber while Nik suddenly sensed another presence reaching for the door to their room.


Azula immediately widened her eyes when Nik gently pushed her mouth against the base of his c.o.c.k while the veins and the shaft bulged significantly larger before he burst his hot nut deep within Azula's throat while he mentally informed the duo about the sudden approach only for Mai to reply while panting about Ty-Lee's appointment.

Wait... was she panting through the mental communication?

Nik frowned but Azula's meaty throat was definitely a feel while the door was finally clicked open as Ty-Lee walked in with a cheerful smile.

"Heeya! So? What was the big surp"

Ty-Lee immediately stopped when she saw Mai's pulled up top with her p.u.s.s.y still gaping as the innards twitched every now and then while Azula's throat bulge was even more prominent with her eyes rolled up.

Of course, she still couldn't give enough attention to Nik as she was already struck speechless.

Maybe she entered the wrong room?

No, that cannot be it... there was the s.l.u.tty Mai and Harlot Azula sucking someone ball's deep...

Now that she thought of it, maybe, she really entered the wrong room. If it was the Mai and Azula she knew, men are usually skewered in their chambers, not pleased.