Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 116 Dangerous

"Gahhh! *Gasp*!"

Nik finally took his member out, even though ejaculating once was far from satisfying, he knew how to remain patient, at least, now. Even though the bridge of saliva and love juices between his c.o.c.k and Azula's lips was enticing enough for Nik to defile her hot, needy mouth, Nik still controlled his erection, something he wasn't fond of, and pulled his pants up before taking out a small cloth from his pocket and gently wiping Azula's mouth while whispering.

"You were great, Azula."

After regaining her bearings, Azula accepted Nik's tender care and smiled naturally while showing a glimmer in her arousing set of golden eyes.

"Of course, I am."

She spoke before looking towards Ty Lee, ignoring the already exhausted Mai while licking her lips akin to a deviant.

"So? Lee? Enjoyed what you saw?"

Azula eyes the dazed Ty-Lee, who still held onto the knob of the door before she muttered, loud enough for Azula to hear.

"Woah... did she really took that profession?"

Not minding Azula's dark expression, Nik gently scooped up Mai before pulling her dress down as he gave her a small peck on her forehead, while affectionately stroking her rosy cheek. Mai had just claimed her affection for him, so, there was no way he wouldn't take care of her.

"It's going to be fine, don't worry. Just try and rest a bit." To have such a reaction by single orgasm made Nik realise that both of them were really pent-up, making him feel even more determined to make it up to them by filling them up real nice. While he may not have much strength or riches, he was man enough to dedicate whatever he was born with.

Fortunately, until now, his women were extremely satisfied by his techniques, but Nik felt that he needed to be something more other than a kind s.e.x fiend. But, now was not the time to ponder on such matters so deeply, all he could do was get the maximum benefit of the situation and with such thought, he grew a bit determined to see the end of his second chain quest.

He was already in the Fire Capital, might as well slay a king.

"I haven't taken any new profession!" Azula's frosty voice shook Ty-Lee, who immediately pointed towards Nik while pointing back at Azula's face.

"Then, I might be mistaken." Ty-Lee spoke absentmindedly. "If that wasn't a super long and thick lollipop, then yes, you have taken a new profession."

It was a lollipop, alright!

Azula subconsciously licked her lips as she narrowed her eyes.

"Enough with the pleasantries."

"I don't do pleasantries, Azula." Cheerfulness finally receded from Ty-Lee's face as she looked at Nik.

"I don't know who you are, but you must know... that what you did to the Mayor's Daughter and the Holy Friggin Princess might as well cost you your life."

Hearing her words, Nik smiled, he almost laughed.

Dramas caused due to misunderstandings were really great.

Even Azula rolled her eyes while she pointed out.

"Ty-Lee... he is Nik. Better known as the Continental Traitor. If it's his life you are worried about, then don't be.

In fact, if I were you, I would worry about walking normally the next morning."

Azula smiled mysteriously while Ty-Lee went into a daze once again as she discovers new facts.

She really couldn't handle surprises, quite ironic because her body could potentially take any kind of surprise with gusto.


"So... this is my date?"

Ty-Lee sat in front of Nik, who was flanked by a calm Mai and a smiling Azula. With her left thigh above her right, Ty-Lee scrutinized Nik carefully before looking at Azula and Mai. Unlike their previous state, they both were showing a shocking level of calmness when it came to sharing a man.

"You guys... are hiding something from me, aren't you."

Ty-Lee frowned as she looked observed the twitch of Azula's and Mai's lips.

'Can you guys give me some time alone with Ty-Lee... this is getting awkward, even for me.'

Nik finally sighed and sent his words while the duo looked at him with a wronged expression, making him roll his eyes before he tapped both of their foreheads. In the end, they simply stood up with a sigh, Mai, was a bit unnatural as it was truly a long time since she had such a satisfying, even if short, session. Meanwhile, Azula moved her back seductively, trying to entice Nik till the very end.

Sadly, even if Nik felt his heart itch, he didn't let it be shown on his face as he smiled towards Ty-Lee.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Ty-Lee. I am Nik Faran, and even though I have the title of a traitor, my actions have always been for the good of the fire nation."

Raising her eyebrow, Ty-Lee leaned back on her couch while a look of curiosity and interest flashed on her face.

"For real? How?"

"I am afraid that it is a piece of nation-level confidential information."

He smiled before leaning forward as he observed the disappointed expression on her face.

"Of course, we can put a price on my month-long experience.

How does a day with me sound as a price?"

Nik honestly didn't know how to properly court a woman. That was the truth. He could sweet talk, flirt and do many things that are elusive to men in real life, but courting with a sincere heart wasn't one of them.

After all, it was not on their course.

Heck, he needed to become a master mathematician at a young age to impress old hags just to get a higher tip. And by a higher tip, he meant a few more coins because any hag interested in maths and accountancy would understand the value of money and not easily squander it even after squealing under his masterful technique.

And all this inexperience led to Nik speaking an extremely baseless pick-up line. Seeing the look of amus.e.m.e.nt in Ty-Lee's face, Nik wasn't disheartened by his lack of experience.

He had enough confidence that he would still bed her by the end of the night, but he was also receptive to criticism and change. Just relying on his own physical skills may someday backfire, so he decided to finally start improving his vocal skills to include the concept of sincerity instead of a rogue-like quality.

"Alright, alright!"

Nik finally sighed as Ty-Lee kept her quiet while he returned normal. If acting all mysterious and gentleman couldn't work, he might as well start adding a change to his normal, casual game. A small, yet, an honest-looking smile finally formed on his face while he pointed towards the single rope dozens of meters high right above the performance stage where Ty-Lee performed dangerous acts.

"You like danger. The rush of adrenaline is addictive, I can vouch for that."

He continued while he finally seemed to have attracted Ty-Lee's attention.

"You may not know me, but I can also share with you that I don't like danger at all.

But believe me, when I say this.

My whole life is just a mixture of dangerous situations with a few treasures that I have been fortunate enough to meet up with.

And you will definitely find my experience, not just my saga of espionage, but my entire life, quite interesting."

He grinned before standing up.

"So? How about I share with you my best... well, my worst experiences and you do the same? Maybe, we might just click."

He extended his hand forward. He didn't know if he was correct in changing his approach. But he knew that his methods needed a change as one day, there will be a day where his skills might just fail him and he might need a backup plan.

Meanwhile, Ty-Lee looked at the thin rope where he found her fame and wealth. It was her strange approach to a dangerous situation that allowed her to meet many interesting personalities, such as Azula and Mai.


She looked at Nik's hand and thought back at just how enormous Nik was. Yes, he was definitely dangerous in his own way... even his aroma...

But the most dangerous thing about him was...

Ty-Lee found herself gazing into Nik's eyes while she recalled how easily he accepted his own lack of approach and changed his game instantly.

'As expected... interesting and...




I was just reading some normal cliche xanxia when I found out how the Mc of that particular novel was acting all cool and mysterious and suddenly realised how disgusting it looked like in real life.

If a girl wanted to ask me out, I would expect honesty instead of some cool ass pick-up line. Sadly, no girl is interested in me.... sigh.

Either way, what I want to say is that you can expect Nik to slowly change his way in courting women. While there may be a few cliche situation, you guys already know that I am trying my best to avoid as much cliches I can.

Alright, I'm off to write another chapter, stay beautiful guys!