Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 117 Day Out



Nik smiled as Ty-Lee's outburst attracted many men and women from the middle district, who, immediately frowned at her revealing clothes, but the moment their eyes fell on a very prominent motif on her rubber band at the base of her braid, the public averted their eyes with a respectful expression.

"Nine... like, one, two, three..."


Nik smiled as he blew at the hot skewered meat before placing it within his mouth. Spicy!

"And Azula let you?"

"That's the best part." Nik grinned as he ate another piece of red-hot spicy meat. "She actually loves it with the company."

Ty-Lee opened her eyes with shock imprinted in her dark pupils.

"Never thought Azula would have such tendencies..."

Even though Nik and Ty-Lee had been warming up to each other nicely, Nik held no delusions that without his skills and consecutive sessions, he could convince Ty-Lee to leave this world for him. So when he used his Pheromones to slowly guide Ty-Lee, he held no guilt, just the determination to make it up to her in the future.

Meanwhile, Ty-Lee just enjoyed the stories, no matter how politically implicative those adventures were, she just listened while relating it to her own experience over a plate of street snacks.

"So? I could be considered the sloppy tenth?"

Ty-Lee suddenly tilted her head and asked with glimmering eyes. Even though her voice held a slight tone of blame, the small smile on her round fave betrayed her intentions to tease Nik.

"More like, I am the sloppy tenth."

Nik smiled while shrugging, but the piece of spicy meat had already caught hid attention. He somewhat fell in love with this particular stall. Even though it was the same situation when a child fell in love with unhealthy food, Nik's situation was of even a higher level as he may never be able to return to this place.

Thinking for a moment, he placed the thought at the back of his head before devoting his attention towards Ty-Lee. Unlike Azula, Ty-Lee was quite 'normal' yet a deviant in her own way.

If she was placed between a rock and hard place, her plan would be to use the hard surface to jump over the rock, avoiding the trouble completely.

While it may sound completely delusional if a similar situation is simulated in real life, such a response and approach to life was enough for Nik to respect the little leg-splitter of danger.

"Alright, let's go!"

After paying for the food, another quality that Nik found strangely endearing, he was pulled away by Ty-Lee who showed no more resistance to physical contact, making Nik realise that his skills had proved themselves worthy once again, not to mention the enchanting eyes of the various female passerby that was immediately attracted to his scent.

Sometimes, Nik even wondered if he was actually transported to a world filled with beast-men, he could easily make many were-women pant with a single whiff of an aroma.

As enticing the thought felt, Nik took a breath to take reigns of his imagination while Ty-Lee led him to various stalls that prepared awesome street snacks that easily won Nik's favour. Of course, he had also created a plan to steal their recipes, but after a few moments, he had to scratch that plan because of one single reason.


Did his homeworld house exotic dishes as Cat-Hen? Koi-goat?

The reason why the dishes were so amazing could be pointed towards the origin of the ingredient.

Maybe, using the similar spices, he may only end up cooking an average chicken.

So, very reluctantly, he pulled his thoughts away from easy money and simply enjoyed Ty-Lee's company. There was nothing much to do anyway, not during the day time.

The group must be having a rest while Azula and Mai would get a piece of him during the night... maybe, everyone would get a piece of him tonight, making him feel giddy.

As a carnal demon, he can never get tired of ejaculating within his beloved women. If he could, he wouldn't even think of putting them in a comatose-like state within the harem. In fact, even if it was impossible, he would have tried to devise a plan to take each and every girl for a round every night.

'But my skill set... no matter how abnormal, need to be enhanced...'

His thoughts were borderline greedy. By now, he felt that no [Incubus Intern] should have such a skillset and that combined with the way he earned his stat points and [Talent: Carnal Concept], his status should be way higher than a simple intern.

Things were hidden from him, he understood it, but he or his partners weren't harmed in any way and simply rushing for unintended information might bring him troubles he is incapable of facing, so he could only bite the favour in disgust and make use of it to the best of his abilities.

"So? Even though I understand that you aren't recognised here?

Why did you still take the risk to come here?"

Ty-Lee suddenly asked out, making Nik think over his answer before he looked at her.


Ty-Lee rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Because of you." Nik replied candidly, making her tilt her head in confusion even of he could observe a strange glimmer in her eyes.

"Well, to be more specific, Azula... contacted me that she had a surprise for me..."

"She said the same to me."

Ty-Lee nodded before gazing at Nik with a serious expression.

"Were you surprised?"

Nik raised his eyebrows before tilting his head and looking at her long, slender legs, not hiding his action at all before looking up and grinning.

"Most definitely so. What about you?"

Ty-Lee chuckled before looking at his crotch seriously as she nodded.

"Maybe... more than you."

Just like this, the duo spent some more time until they parted their way during the evening. A part of him wanted to hold his much anticipated orgy after he took Ty-Lee into his fold, so he simply asked Azula and Mai to meet him in a different room.

While Karna and others may not show any distaste when he openly comforted other women, he still wasn't insane enough to actually take their silence as acceptance.

Acceptance is only attained over a period of time and time he did not have.

While, a part of him also held the expectations when his skill grew strong enough, he would have no reason to be so considerate as the women around him won't hate each other even if they bicker around. After all, he had read stories about many lascivious kings with harems envious even by Gods, more often than not, their downfall was also due to the internal strife of the said King's women.

Something Nik thought to be completely undesirable.

He was a peace-loving guy who only killed when there was a need to... while Ozai was an exception because the bounty of 30000 SO and 4 SP was too much, he wouldn't ordinarily sell his services, well, at least, not anymore.

As he slowly thought about a passable plan to enact upon the day of Iroh's return, Nik soon found himself standing in front of a room other than his previous one.

With two soft knocks, the door was finally opened by a light-clothed Azula, her narrowed down golden eyes expressing much more than her mouth ever did.


"Zuko, your uncle is going to return in five days."

In a dimly lit throne-chamber, Ozai looked at his kneeling failure and spoke with a calm tone. If it wasn't for his elder brother Iroh trading his services for his failure of a son's entrance, Ozai might have even forgotten that the filth his wife actually gave birth to him.

"Yes, Fath Lord."

Zuko immediately corrected himself while expectation rose within his heart.

"On that day, I'll be taking the throne of the first United Kingdom.

And on that day, I'll have you take an important role."

"Yes, Lord."

Zuko chortled with happiness blooming within his heart. Finally!

"That day, when Azula take the seat of the Fire Lord under me, you and Iroh are to support her in every way possible."


Colour receded from Zuko's face as he felt his mind buzz in absolute shock. Matching his own father's merciless gaze and cruel yet, mocking smile, the burn of the left side of his face stung once again.