Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 118

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 118 Formidable Trump Card?

After hours of passionate session, Azula and Mai finally succ.u.mbed to their exhaustion. Their expression intertwined with tiredness and blissful relief as their sweaty body hugged each other. Of course, after taking them in various positions, Nik was also compelled to gently wipe their bodies with a clean cloth soaked in warm water, but not before Nik actually used his waterbending to remove the sweat from their bodies, making them feel comfortable.

Tucking them in, Nik let Azula and Mai rest instead of waking them up to continue his despicable plan for the future of the fire nation. With gentle pecks on their forehead, Nik finally put on some clothes before leaving the room and making his way towards his group only to find them still sleeping.

Now that he thought of it, during their journey, his group, especially Yue and Pavka had grown way too lazy. Even though Yue did spend a little time every day to train and control a thin line of Gravitational wave. She would often control the gravitational waves around small objects like an article of clothing or a glass.

Meanwhile, Nik had already assumed that Pavka was born lazy, always keeping Virya's laps occupied in the process, making Nik unable to sleep on Pavka's and Virya's laps since their first session in the carriage.

As he looked at the bed filled with his women, putting on such an innocent face while sleeping, even Toph, who was quite rough around the edges, Nik didn't have the heart to continue his streak of ejaculation. While his body, especially his c.o.c.k, twitched in anger with the sudden decision of his heart, Nik paid the reaction of his body no mind and sat cross-legged on the couch before closing his eyes.

After sleeping with Virya, he did gain a passive affinity with the light element, but till now, he didn't know how to control it aside from using his own Elemental Energy units to form some semblance of a light beam before it ends up dispersing.

In fact, Virya and Nik had even tried to form a set of bending arts for the Light element but ended up failing spectacularly. While Virya was born to bend the light element, to actually create a bending art, there were many prerequisites like having a group of people with same Elemental affinity and also the fact that the group was willing to dedicate their lives to find the secrets of the elements.

Then came the Earthbending, which he gained after making Toph scream under his c.o.c.k for a moment before she ended up succ.u.mbing to the pleasure while realising amorous m.o.a.ns.

The art of Earthbending was relatively easy and straightforward. But till now, aside from the Gravity Bending, which he trained regularly, Nik didn't possess the qualification to become a master bender in any other elements because he felt that thinning himself wasn't the best way to pursue the matter of training.

He held no doubt that he would be finding abilities way above the norms of this world and hence, only trained in the ability he felt would be the most useful in future endeavours Gravity.

The ability to push, pull and control the Gravity around a person could provide Nik with an amazing skill, even against other hosts! While his speciality was his touch and the ability to impart carnal pleasure, he still recalled that Brian could stop the friggin Time!

He needed to have a trump card of his own and the ability to bend and use the gravity at his own will sounded the most plausible option. While his ability may not be able to trump a Temporal Fiend, he did not necessarily have to make an enemy out of him. At least, not yet.

"You are training with gravity again?"

A soft whisper filled with a tiny amount of indignation grazed Nik's ears as he opened his eyes to look at Virya standing in front of him, in the dimly lit room, her eyes seemed to glow unnaturally, making her look beyond ethereal.

"Usually, a woman is jealous when his man is out with another woman...

Not when he is training in another element."

He smiled and pulled Virya into his laps, the latter complied without any hesitation as yer soft butt was placed over his thighs, her eyes looking around the room aimlessly, yet, Nik understood that she wanted to hear a proper answer. Placing his own chin over her head, Nik wrapped his arms around Virya before feeling the warmth of her tiny body that no physical being should be capable of feeling.

"In the future, I may come across the art of controlling the light... while the possibility is small, it is still there.

So, I want to polish my gravity bending as much as I can. Either way, don't I already have you to pierce other guys with light?"


Virya nodded as a rosy colour touched her otherwise beautiful and soft cheeks.

"You promised that we will be able to experience other worlds..."

She whispered softly once again as Nik smiled lightly.

"Yes, I did."

"Good... Now let me sleep on you."

She whispered candidly before closing her eyes and leaning her head into the base of his neck while her impeccable back was pressed against his chest. A peaceful expression that never left her face, even when she cruelly shredded bandits slowly morphed into a peculiarly innocent expression, somewhat different from her usual expression while soft and melodious snores soon reached Nik's ears as he exhaled lightly.

'Might as well sleep....'

Nik simply leaned his back and closed his eyes. If all went well, he would leave this world after four days, even if there was another chain quest, Nik didn't feel like continuing his stay in this world.


The next day, everybody in the room woke up due to Sokka's incessant knocking, making Nik curse his relatives, except for Katara, before Karna ended up opening the room while rubbing her eyes as Nik didn't move from his couch even when Yue groaned and complained.

Heck! They were asleep for more than 14 hours! Even though Nik didn't like disturbing his women's sleep, he felt that too much sleep might just be counterproductive.

"What the hell? Sokka?!"

Karna immediately glared at Sokka, who showed a weird expression at such a reaction.

"Good morning to you, too?"

Sokka scratched the back of his head while Karna sighed and went inside the restroom to freshen up as Sokka looked at Nik and waved hid hand.

"Nik, can we talk? I need your help."

Nik finally groaned loudly before Virya turned smaller as Pavka also turned smaller and flew over to Nik while rubbing her eyes and yawning.

After leaving the room, Sokka looked at Nik before hesitating a bit.

"Oh, my god! Just speak already!"

He rubbed his head while Sokka sighed and finally spoke up.

"I need your help to... get Azula's help to find my father..."

He finally spoke up, gaining Nik's interest.


"So? You think he might be a part of the acclaimed terrorist group?"

Nik questioned as Sokka sat opposite to him, nodding heavily. He exhaled heavily as he waited for Nik's response, meanwhile, Nik's own thoughts started to spiral at an impeccable speed.

'Terrorists... the sudden death of Fire Lord... and finally, the crowning of a new Fire Lord...'

As Nik continued his thought, the more he felt that the plan could work out. Even if the band of terrorist couldn't take Fire Lord's life, Nik was more than enough to squash him...

But the problem was that the quest wasn't only to kill the fire lord, but also appoint a suitable fire lord as a replacement. From Virya, Nim already found out that his Wuest Missions were somewhat related to 'Gaia' of this world.

This meant that somehow, the world itself wanted a ruler that was different from Ozai or it would not have hired Nik's blade with 30000 SO and 4 SP.

"Sokka... I can understand why the terrorist... the group trying to rebel would operate when there was no alliance.

But now? After the Fire Lord has unified the world? What are they trying to achieve?"

Hearing Nik's words, Sokka scoffed.

"My dad... used to say that everyone should respect the mighty but not the tyrannical. I still don't know if he is alive... but if he is alive and kicking, then that group is definitely my best shot.

Honestly, if that old man Iroh took Fire Lord's place... even though there will still be many enemies for the Fire Nation, the situation wouldn't be so much out of hand."

"Iroh, you say..."

Nik rubbed his chin while a gentle smile soon touched his face.

"Alright, let's meet up with this group. Get ready, in two hours, we will leave."

Nik smiled while he immediately sent mental notices to Azula and Mai about their departure in two hours and asked them to find sufficient information.

Of course, when they asked to tag along, Nik simply invited Ty-Lee through them to join the group, which, they weren't opposed to.