Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 12 The Buxom Shower

Finally, after taking a nice bath, Nik changed back into the clothes offered by Mitsuko and slumped on the bed before jumping up almost immediately. He may sound like a true sc.u.m, but he couldn't just rest whenever the scene of Kuouko's buttocks moving seductively.

'Calm down... calm down... I have an arrangement with Sayako... don't let a big, beautiful and a truly buxom ass get in your way.'

As his own encouragement made him even more enticed, he suddenly felt a huge amount of distress from one of the connections of his partners. Gazing at the flame marks within his consciousness, he soon found that the source of the sudden burst of distress happened to be Megumi Amano.

Thinking back at her expression during his public display of affection, Nik happened to feel quite guilty himself. But the momentary guilt passed away by a newfound determination that no matter how much Megumi resists, he will definitely get her within ten days.

As the only and lowest member of the Incubus Society, he did not have many skills that could be used to actually create a harem. In fact, this particular period was specifically designed by the upper-tier members of the society to check the lower member's actual worth.

If the initiative member or, in the society's term, the intern incubus cannot even charm a woman by his own actions, then he isn't qualified to attain the incubus heritage that includes the true incubus bloodline.

Slapping his cheeks, Nik finally made himself aware that he cannot simply fall in the cruel storm of emotions that would end up impeding his path of growing stronger. He needed to partner-up with girls... a lot of them.

Sure, completing missions could get him loads of stat points. But he also wished to make use of the Incubus Society's special abilities retained even after it was included into the almighty system.

As Nik opened the door to finally look for Okusan and 'play his cards right', he found the soft melody alongside the sound of gushing water. Looking to the room at the end of the hallway, Nik took a deep breath and made his way towards Okusan, who most probably happened to be showering.


Looking at the set of papers in front of him, Mora Souma sighed deeply as he looked at the woman seated in front of him. Her calm honey gold eyes remained as impassive since the moment they married and the man himself knew the reason for his wife's actions.

"Mitsuko... is this really what you want?"

Mora opened his mouth. Though age took a toll on his body, it was undeniable that the man had his own charm and looks.

Looking at her soon-to-be ex-husband, Mitsuko nodded and spoke softly.

"We have s.e.x with others behind each other's back... this isn't even cheating anymore. It's just a waste of time to prolong something that is bound to happen.

If anything, I do feel a bit of regret that our marriage couldn't work."

At her words, Mora couldn't help but frown.

"But still, why would you... take action now. And what's with taking custody of Kurumi. She is my daughter, and so are others."

Shaking her head, Mitsuko finally sighed.

"Let's not delude ourselves, shall we. Souko's father is the man who gave you the advice on how to seduce the barmaid while he came over the night of our honeymoon and fulfilled your role of consummating the marriage.

Sayako's father was your colleague from overseas that slept with me after your apparent indifference at his groping of my body.

Kurumi... well, I don't know the father, but when I got pregnant, you were overseas with Sayako's father, having your time with some of the blonde employees. Am I wrong?"

As Mitsuko cruelly tore down the facade that their marriage had become, Mora couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"No, you are right. But, at least, let me support you all. This is the least I can do."

Smiling softly once again, Mitsuko shook her head.

"Don't feel guilty, Mora. Even though we didn't have the best marriage... believe me, I feel myself lucky, at this very moment.

I will pack up my stuff and leave with my daughters by tonight."

"Is there nothing I can do?"

Mora pursued once again. Though, they were an a.d.u.l.terous couple that knew of their partner's action, they didn't hate each other. They could be called guilty friends, at least, Mora could.

Standing up, Mitsuko smiled brilliantly.

"Nope! I hope that you find the woman of your dreams just like how I found the guy of my dreams."

As she left the stunned Mora, Okusan's heart couldn't help but shiver when she looked at the humongous d.i.c.k entering inside her shower.


"What are you doing, Nik?"

Okusan's lips twitched as her arms immediately pressed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and covered her bigger than average a.r.e.o.l.as as they immediately dug into her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while her wet, pink hair stuck to her body. In front of him stood a n.a.k.e.d Nik, who, in Okusan's eyes, lied about not hiding a monstrous body beneath his clothes.

That c.o.c.k is monstrous!

Gazing at Okusan's more than ripe body, an itch spread across Nik's body that started to evoke a reaction out of his p.e.n.i.s while he looked at her green eyes and then explained with a serious expression.

"Okusan... I am here to make my rental experience more joyous. Pardon my intrusion."

"Please leave."

Okusan immediately spoke up and then yer tone did get a little soft.

"Nik, even though you may have had your way in Souma family, this isn't such a place. If you really wish to proceed, you could have instead, asked me out. I really wouldn't have denied that proposal."

Smiling, Nik looked at Okusan.

"Before we actually date, I am the kind of guy who believes in physical compatibility."

With a step forward, Nik immediately closed the distance between the two. Since their height was almost the same, Nik could easily pin her back on the wall as he looked at Okusan's soft face. Her eyes were widened in surprise, but her hands only covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts, not her gentle p.u.s.s.y that was covered in small, pink pubes as his crotch easily managed to rub her fleshy entrance.

"Do you think that you can easily satisfy a woman with just a big d.i.c.k?"

Okusan questioned with a visible frown and then continued.

"Nik, I am not the kind of girl you should try your way with. Sure, you can satisfy my physical body, but it would be way better if our hearts are into the deed, too."

Looking at her slightly seriously, Nik nodded.

"I believe you. But, I don't have the luxury to wait... at least, not now. Once again, I really hope that your time with me is enjoyable."

Without letting her speak anymore, right under the shower, Niks chest pressed against her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while his hands supported her slightly thick waist and his lips sealed her's gently.


Before Okusan could even think of why Nik would even bother showing such gentleness, her mouth finally got invaded by a fleshy entity that immediately licked her tongue, causing her consciousness to go numb.

'What the... hell? It's been too long... if this continues...'

As the sense of foreboding grew within her bountiful heart, she suddenly felt Nik's rod erecting to the extreme as her fleshy stomach took the brunt of the hot rod. Her body immediately tingled visible as her hands left her b.r.e.a.s.ts and immediately wrapped around Nik's back, bringing him close into a tight embrace as her waist wiggled e.r.o.t.i.cally and a beautiful squirt gushed out of her p.u.s.s.y.

Her green eyes grew slightly dazed and glistened accordingly while Nik looked at her twitching legs and kept supporting her body with visible effort.

"Okusan... you couldn't be pushing me away cause you hadn't had s.e.x in"

"Don't you dare complete your sentence!"

Okusan immediately glared as the true reason for avoid Nik finally surfaced between the two. It was true that she really was willing to have a round with Nik, but that was only after pleasing herself for a bit after abstaining for too long.

"Oh... I see... it's been hard on you, Okusan."

Speaking, he immediately picked her wet body in a princess carry without any problem, to which, Okusan immediately grew panicky about.

"Idiot, put me down. I am quite fat, if we end up slipping, we are looking at fractures!"

"Your aren't the least bit fat. You are perfect."

Sealing her anxious mouth, Nik finally broke the kiss from the blushing Okusan and slowly lead her to the bedroom.

"At least... we could have dried our body..."

Okusan muttered with a crimson flush taking over her cheeks and Nik sniggered.

"Okusan, you have to remember our agreement. Free homestay after this."

Snapping at his words, Okusan immediately snorted.

"We'll see..." but before Nik could further start his actions, she did whisper softly.

"And call me Kyouko... you idiot."

"Yes, Kyouko. Now leave everything to me. You're going to experience a whole new world."

Speaking confidently, Nik placed her n.a.k.e.d and wet body on the bed while he knelt beside her stuck knees and smiled brilliantly.