Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 120 Meeting

The royal chamber was as luxurious as ever. Beautiful master bed covered in a crimson red sheet while golden curtains hung around its wooden frames as a wonderful scent, credits to the incense, immediately grazed their nostrils. The only thing, or person, that actually marred such a wonderful sight was a middle-aged man. Tanned skin and a tired expression entered Nik's vision as most of the body of the man hid under bandages and clothes, only revealing his scarred face that looked too fresh to be called a battle scar, given the circ.u.mstances.


But Katara held no such things in her vision, at least, for the moment. Pure bliss and joy filled her heart, once again threatening to spill out of her heart in the form of tears as she squealed and immediately rushed towards the middle-aged man with eyes similar to Katara and a face that resembled a tired and defeated Sokka, beard and the long hair excluded, of course.

Not minding his own soul-numbing pain, the man immediately showed an incredulous expression before quickly opening his arms wide and accepting a warm, yet, excruciatingly painful, hug. Yet, the pain couldn't cause his tears to finally leak out, it was the cheerful voice of his own daughter that he had almost abandoned after steeling his heart.

To leave his kids back in the tribe irresponsibly before they even grew up to avenge his fallen wife was nothing short of abandonment. He knew it, his son, Sokka also knew it and in the deepest corner of her heart, even Katara knew it. Her father gave in to vengeance, but she couldn't hate him.

"Ooh... that's gotta hurt... like, a lot."

Ty-Lee muttered as she observed how the man winced under the tight hold.

"This could amount to some payback, at the very least."

Sokka muttered with clenched jaws. Relief had already given way to indignation and loathing for his father. Until he was unaware of his father's status, worry occupied his mind, but now, he couldn't help but think how irresponsible his father had been. Given his condition, and the fact that similar scars might cover the entirety of his body, Sokka scowled.

He was angry at himself, his father and the fire nation!

"Those wounds..."

Nik looked towards Azula, who shrugged while releasing a soft sigh.

"I contacted the Whale Beast Master in private...

Took me some time and resources to reach an understanding. Just a temporary solution, though."

Nik nodded before he decided to leave the room and give the family a little alone time.


Aside from Azula's personal chamber that was currently occupied by the family, Azula's side of the palace also had a lot of guest room, which, Azula happily led Nik to as she was finally free from her burden to help someone other than herself and Nik. God! She hated helping others unnecessarily. But when she recalled how happy Katara actually looked, with tears of joy spilling out of her eyes as even the man who didn't shed a tear after weeks of torture ended up shedding a few tears, Azula couldn't help but feel bittersweet.

Something she never felt before...

No, in reality, such a feeling wasn't a stranger to her, but she chose to suppress it. Deep within her cold heart that refused to open up to anyone aside Nik. And she was thankful that Nik wasn't the kind of man to actively learn a person's past. Although such a quality could be extremely fatal, but when she thought of Nik's capabilities, she registered this ability as a quality. A good one at that.

Azula was a grown woman and she knew what she wanted. A good night with Nik and now, apparently, her own father's head.

As the quartet entered the guest room, decorated a little less luxuriously than her own room, understandably, Nik immediately gave Azula a passionate embrace, without any regards to other presence in the room.

By helping Katara's father, Azula had taken a great risk. Not only did she keep the man in her own room to safeguard him without any chances of him getting discovered, but Nik also reckoned that the discussion with the beastmaster would have been anything but an easy one.

"Hehe, this isn't like you, Nik."

Not withdrawing from Nik's hold, Azula enjoyed Nik's hot breathing against her exposed shoulder while she placed her hands over his overlapping arms.

"I can say the same about you..."

Nik whispered, making Azula's smile a bit stiff, but he continued regardless of her condition.


"Do not thank me."

Azula suddenly spoke up, making Nik smile as he chuckled openly.

"I was going to say let's make out! but alright. I can understand that your friends are here."

Nik grinned as he turned Azula's body, making her face him while looking at her charming smile as she continued.

"I really should start listening before commenting."

"That would be a good start."

Nik locked lips with her as he wrapped his arms around her thin waist, pulling her closer while enjoying the feel of the backside of her hands gently grazing through his cheek.


Ty-Lee coughed while Mai looked at Nik and Azula with an impassive face.

"I don't mind such a show of affection." Mai spoke up as she looked around before walking closer to Nik and pulling Azula away.

"But everyone should get a turn."

She immediately wrapped her own arms around Nik's h.i.p.s and locked her light-peach lips against his with enough force to leave a bruise, and yet, her tongue immediately lost all its glory the moment Nik attacked. Meanwhile, Azula was already fuming and she pulled Mai back, making her suddenly m.o.a.n out loud as she immediately gave a swift pinch on his butt through her dexterous fingers.

"Do not perform the same stunt again."

Azula glared into Mai's impassive dark eyes while growling, making Mai smirk as she immediately latched onto Azula's lips, making Ty-Lee sweatdrop.

"You are cute Azula..."

Mai whispered before she also gave Azula's pert butt a good grab before pinching her tight ass, making Azula mewl suddenly.

"See? So? You should stop making such an angry expression all the time...

Why don't you try it? Smiling more, that is..."

Mai smirked while Azula suddenly grinned, but somehow, she looked more feral than ever, as she suddenly let her hand latch onto Mai's slender neck before Azula took the initiative to lock her lips with Mai while her free hand gave Mai's b.r.e.a.s.t a gentle, yet firm squeeze.

"Wanna say that again? Mai."

Azula whispered while she leaned her face closer as her lips latched onto Mai's soft ear, nibbling it without any hesitation while Mai's open mouth immediately gave way to amorous m.o.a.ns.

"You guys..."

Ty-Lee was speechless, a healthy flush had already touched her face while Nik simply sighed before enjoying the show. Devils forbid if he actually stopped such a tantalizing show and this scenario also made him recall the need of modern devices like a smartphone.

To capture the moment, of course.

"Hey! Aren't you going to stop them?"

Ty-Lee immediately inched closer to Nik and whispered, but her eyes still kept a close observation on how easily Azula dominated the previously smug Mai with just a few moves, making Mai a drooling mess of upturned eyes and mewling m.o.a.ns.

"Why should I? If there wasn't some important task, I would have joined them."

Hearing her words, Ty-Lee frowned as she looked at the illicit scene that was slowly inching towards the soft bed without any hint of stopping and then looking towards Nik once again.

"What important task?"

"Making an impression on you... although, I think, joining them would make an even better impression on you."

"Not cool."

Ty-Lee shook her head, making Nik shrug. After all, it was worth a try, he was only learning from his experiences.

"Alright, then let's leave. I think, we should wait for Katara and Sokka... and leave these two until they actually calm down.

Although... I could have helped them..."

Nik sighed reluctantly before making his way out with Ty-Lee, who kept looking back with a blush while looking towards Nik back as she bit her lips in frustration!

'It's all Azula's fault!'

Ty-Lee screamed internally, but still waited with Nik outside the rooms. Although, she was especially thankful to Nik as he kept chatting and asking out the most common things of the nation while trying to reduce the awkward environment around them. It was only at this moment that Ty-Lee realised that if it had been some other guy, they might have made the whole situation, potentially, more awkward.

But thinking till here, Ty-Lee reckoned that if Nik actually made the whole situation more awkward, he wouldn't have been able to nail nine outstanding women in both beauty and temperament.

"You definitely have what it takes... you know."

Ty-Lee suddenly blurted out, making her go crimson once again while Nik only nodded politely.

"I appreciate the praise, Ty-Lee."

Nik smiled while he didn't care about how close he was to Ty-Lee. He hadn't made any inappropriate move that he might have made in the past due to his impulses. While Ty-Lee may not reject his advances, he had a few days of time so he decided to slowly get closer.

The only time he had felt such calm was with Kyouko, his buxom okusan!

Just like this, they both spent their time outside until Katara finally opened the door acter half-an-hour with her face covered in tear stains while a relatively impassive Sokka and a bitterly smiling middle-aged man followed while limping.

The moment the man's eyes fell on Nik, his face turned green and white, but he kept his quiet as he opened his arms wide to take another painful hug from Katara only for her to snort coldly before leaving while looking towards Nik before continuing her walk. Sokka didn't move at all, so, Nik sighed and nodded at Ty-Lee one last time before calling Azula mentally and describing jer the situation before picking his pace and walking towards Katara.

While he didn't know what happened during the reunion of the family, all he knew was that he wasn't sleeping with the male section of the family, so Katara would always have his complete support.