Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 121 The Final Date

As it turned out, Hakoda, Katara's and Sokka's Father, wasn't living the vagabond life he claimed to his kids before leaving. After becoming the leader of the terrorist organisation that was able to even piss the Fire Lord off, Hakoda took a shine on a middle-aged woman named Kyra, a fire bender spy acting as a troubled woman seeking for righteous justice against the tyrannical fire lord.

In short, the type of girl who could tug on Hokada's strings while acting gentle and demure enough to boost his ego while also compelling the man to make more reckless operations before she collected enough evidence and finally found a method to send the information back to the Capital.

While Fire Lord simply used his vassals' might to foil any and every plan Hakoda came up with, the moment Iroh took up his previous mantle, the Fire Lord immediately took off to cleanse the filth ruining his capital while taking the key figures of the organisation as captives to finally execute on the day of his crowning of the entire world.

Delegates from the remnants of Water Tribe and the slaved King of the Earth Kingdom were also making their way towards the Fore Capital to witness his glory, making the idea of personally cleaving the heads off of the necks of the terrorist group all the more pleasing.

So, long story short, Hakoda fell to a woman's charm... and brought his entire organization alongside him.

Something that Katara even claimed to be a fitting ending.

Taking Katara's hands and rubbing them gently whilst squeezing them with a warm expression, Nik softly whispered words of consolation to comfort Katara. Of course, he meant none of it, but if some petty lies could comfort his darling, what's wrong in speaking what she wanted to hear?

Consoling words turned to intimate moments that would have quickly devolved into active defilement if Azula hadn't intervened with a stern expression while also grabbing Nik's collar and planting a hot kiss against his lips while she looked at Katara after retracting her head and nodding before speaking honestly.

"Honestly... I don't think his actions were wrong as a rational human being..."

Before Katara could refute, Azula cut her short with a bit of frustrated look on her face while eyes showing a venomous look that even made Katara shudder.

"But... as a parent, he abandoned his own kids for a selfish motive without even having the qualities to complete the aforementioned motive.

Honestly, I find it pitifully hilarious."

Azula thought for a moment before looking towards Nik as if she had made a decision and her voice resounded within his mind.

'Nik, you should actually learn about my past. While we have a few days to spend together, I might as well try to be free.'

Before Azula could explain her own past, Nik looked towards Katara, before sighing lightly and finally announcing his ability to speak through mental communication. He truly wanted to save this announcement after he had all the ten women in his fold, but that didn't matter now.

Besides, Katara would do well with some distractions.

After he had finally explained everything, Azula described her past and the truth on how she felt about her mother's treatment and her father's ambitions that factored for more than seventy percent for their broken family. Not to mention how Iroh hadn't actually given her any serious attention back then, but due to his own guilt, tried getting closer to her presently, which, in her words, was a disgusting act.

But the most surprising part was, Azula didn't need any tending. Unlike the first time he had met her, Azula seemed to be with peace on what kind of person she actually was, making Nik smiled gratefully. Even though he had already started the process of manipulating Azula's and Mai's core thoughts, it was once again limited to how things must be when he was involved, but the mature mindset Azula showed was all due to her own efforts.

With that, the ride back to the inn was an uneventful one. After all, locking lips with his girls was now as casual as breathing, meanwhile, the flushed faces of Katara and Azula painted a different story, not to mention a trail of lips marks on the side of their neck that the duo found hard to hide under the scrutinizing eyes of Karna, Yue and the group.

"Not fair!!"

Of course, the treatment wasn't fair. They had to remain cooped up inside the room while leaving only when it was a necessity while Katara and Azula took most of Nik's time for themselves. But Nik was anything but unfair. With a mild smile, she immediately welcomed them into the room, including Azula, who was actually a bit resistant to have a session with others aside from Mai and Toph.

It was at this time, the changes made by Nik shone with splendor as Azula finally agreed, albeit, reluctantly before Nik left a cold Nina out, who could only send Nik's back away with a trail of her gaze whilst she sighed hotly.

It seemed like Sokka wasn't going to be enough for her today. No matter how quickly Sokka picked up on techniques, a concept like endurance needed to slowly built up after acc.u.mulation of years. Twirling a strand of her ruby red hair, Nina looked around before wandering around the streets, gazing at yer potential relieving partners while also being concerned over the fact that Sokka still hadn't returned.

That day, Azula's resistance against the group crumbled while Nik enjoyed the orgy to the extreme, leaving the state of the room anything but desirable, promoting the group to change the inn with a glowing Nina while Sokka had finally joined then in the morning without Hakoda as he brought Katara to one side and whispered something, prompting Katara to hug her tightly before shedding a few tears of gratitude.

Their next destination, Qilin Scales Inn.


With all things said and done, Nik wore a tunic with cream-coloured collars and a crimson base that matched well with his coarse brown pants as he sauntered out of the room, slowly making his way towards the exit of the inn where a long-braided, brown-haired girl with a cute oval face waited for him.

"Hey, Ty-Lee! Sorry to keep you waiting."

Nik smiled while keeping an appropriate distance. This was something he quickly picked up on. While the women he was with, in his homeworld, didn't feel strange upon physical contact with a man they are romantically or s.e.x.u.a.lly involved with, except for Megumi, the girls, especially the inexperienced ones like Ty-Lee felt more at ease when a particular distance was maintained.

Nik was gratified upon this discovery since he also wasn't able to learn such manners during his training as a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. Physical touch was his bread and butter back in the day.

But today, Nik had also decided to escalate the situation without many considerations as there were only two days left and he needed to be prepared. He had absolute confidence that he would tend to each girl after he had grown sufficiently strong, but now was not the time and he knew it.

So instead of forcing the situation later, Nik decided to grow mildly aggressive in his approach as he extended his hand towards Ty-Lee, a wide grin on his face as he chortled.

"Lead me away, Ty-Lee! Let's enjoy this day as much as we can."

As he spoke, Ty-Lee looked down at his hands while hesitating a bit as her healthy cheeks were soon infused with an influx of blood that shaded her cheeks crimson while shd thought back at how Nik has already been thoughtful enough.

Heck, he hadn't even made a move after making out with Azula and Mai in succession while keeping his calm and chatting about unnecessary things while keeping her a company instead of foolishly assaulting her.

While Ty-Lee was quite a proficient martial-artist, she wasn't sure if she was a match for Nik if he had already claimed Mai, who was admittedly, better than her when it came to close-quarter combat if their flexibility is not factored.

Gulping a little, Ty-Lee's hand slowly moved forward before she found herself clasping Nik's hand lightly as the soothing warmth of his skin and the lack of callouses only made her want to grip the soft, yet, large hand tighter.

Almost immediately, Ty-Lee turned her heels while walking away as she tugged and pulled on Nik's arm, making him smile wider. There was no need to tease Ty-Lee as the backside of her ears were already crimson while Nik followed her lead without any formalities, asking a few nondescript questions just to stabilise her mood as the moved from stall to stall.

Even with making a fortune as the most sought after performer, Ty-Lee still retained her healthy habit of eating a variety of dishes from street vendors just to find her own taste before pinning the stall owner down mentally as they continued.

Of course, Ty-Lee's aimless lead also led the duo to quite disgusting flavours that were otherwise popular within a few strange groups.

But the warmth was there between the two. They laughed and grinned together while the act of holding onto Nik's hand soon felt natural as her hand would also sometimes brush against something soft yet wide whenever they moved together closely, allowing Ty-Lee to understand that she might have stepped upon something far greater than her ability to overcome.

But Nik's smile was reassuring enough to make Ty-Lee doubt her own previous affirmations while making her thoughts spiral down the path of carnal desires that soon took shape of physical advances that Nik was more than happy to accommodate.