Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 122 The Flexible And The Beast

As the date continued, Nik kept his Pheromones released, gaining glances from the opposite gender that Ty-Lee surprisingly couldn't detect for once since she felt quite enamoured herself.

With the sun setting, a despondent sigh escaped Ty-Lee's lips as she looked towards Nik, whose violet eyes glimmered unnaturally under the orange glow of the setting sun on his incredible visage created a charming contrast with his eyes.

"Is that reluctance?"

Nik's thumb traced the back of Ty-Lee's hand, who couldn't help but lower her head in embarrassment while her gaze was directed towards her own hand gripping Nik's hand. After recalling how much good his hands actually felt, she couldn't help but think the levels of pleasure Nik could actually offer.

Ty-Lee's heart couldn't help but resonate with Nik's words as she tried to embolden her heart, inducing her to look up once again as the setting sun played a miracle on Ty-Lee, too, making her look nothing short of breathtaking. Alas, Nik was still the one who landed the critical hit with his own appearance before he took a step closer while keeping his arms to himself.

Right now, he hadn't made any changes to Ty-Lee's core thinking and he also kept the effect of his Pheromones to the minimum, so all of Ty-Lee's feelings could be contributed to his own personal effort. But he wasn't willing to sabotage such a moving moment by being over-confident in his own abilities and increased the output of the Pheromone before he leaned forward without saying anything, yet, also stopping right in front of Ty-Lee's face, who kept staring at Nik with a stunned expression all this time.

Without registering her own motions, Ty-Lee leaned forward and let her soft lips fall on Nik's lips. Before she could go back on her sudden decisions, she suddenly felt Nik's arm wrapping around her waist akin to a scheming viper while she couldn't break the kiss. Even when she leaned backwards, Nik would only lean forward while all her attempts to lean back beyond the capacity of normal human beings were stopped by Nik's arm around her waist.


She wished to speak something, but the moment her lips parted, Nik's tongue snacked in and immediately gave Ty-Lee her first 'a.d.u.l.t' kiss, which she found strangely mind-numbing and satisfying at the same time.

Meanwhile, her tongue remained ironically inflexible as she couldn't respond to the situation at all. Her waist stiffened up while she didn't have the strength or the will to bend backwards. The only thought that remained within her mind was the fact that it was definitely a good idea to conclude their date away from the public's eyes or she didn't know how to face the world anymore.

While Ty-Lee showed maturity when it came to Azula's and Mai's antics, it was only due to their years of friendship. But Ty-Lee wasn't shameless enough to get her mouth ravished in public while acting all casual.

Her arms soon rested on Nik's chest while she slowly melted in his embrace, bottom first. All the pent-up acc.u.mulation due to the Pheromones ended up exploding as Ty-Lee's mind buzzed dangerously while she felt her vision going dark for a moment. Her lips quivered, which Nik felt distinctively before he finally retracted his head. A gentle expression still masked his face yet the flick of his tongue across his lips betrayed his true intentions, making Ty-Lee blush in anticipation and embarrassment at the same time.


Ty-Lee's words trailed as her glazed eyes peered into Nik's enchanting eyes, making him smile ever so wider.

"Yeah?" He questioned softly while Ty-Lee's arms coiled around the back of his head swiftly before she stretched her toes and grew closer to Nik.

"You'll take responsibility for tonight."

She whispered before her face nuzzled against his neck, the only intimate action her messed up consciousness could commit while her hot breathing tickled the base of his neck.

"Beleive me.

Fulfilling responsibility is my motto."

Nik smiled as he looked at the empty region filled with grass that held a slight crimson glow due to the setting sun before sighing.

"Let's get to a more comfortable location."

Nik whispered while Ty-Lee's hold around Nik grew tighter as she breathed out whispers while planting hasty kisses on his neck.

"Why? This place is so romantic..."

As if to confirm the fact, Ty-Lee let her gaze wander around Nik's body before looking at the exotic area that this place had turned into before leaning towards Nik with an expectant pout of her lips while her enamored gaze bore into Nik's gentle and affectionate one.

Leaning forward, Nik allowed a small moment of pleasure as their lips connected once again and Ty-Lee could finally enjoy the soothing kiss as she felt her body melting once again.

Nik wasn't going to deny a woman's request who was finally willing to enter his fold despite knowing about the future limitations of such relationsh.i.p.s. While continuing the affectionate kiss, Nik took off his own tunic as his robust body finally entered Ty-Lee's field of vision.

Though tall and lean, his muscles packed a compact punch while his prominent vascularity brought waves of anticipation to Ty-Lee. His chest pumped, yet tight, his arms burly, yet smooth as the indention and the shadows over his body caused by the falling sun and his own muscles made Ty-Lee gulp a little.

Was it wrong to fantasize about licking Nik's body from head to toe?

Pinching his delicious chest while biting onto his collarbone as his sweet, sweet hands give her the pleasure she deserved?

It wasn't wrong, Ty-Lee concluded as her finger traced a prominent vein from his forearm to his bicep before letting her hand touch his warm and tough chest. There was no squishy feeling of man b.o.o.b.s, but the elastic feel still surprised her.

"Like what you see?"

Nik whispered as the cold winds barely affected him while he utilised his elemental energy to warm up the surrounding using his light, fire and water manipulation, making the surroundings and the feel slightly more tantalizing.


Ty-Lee gulped as both of her hands finally ran down his abs before stopping at his pants with a deep flush. She knew his true size. After all, the unnatural bulge of Azula's throat was imprinted in her mind, but she couldn't help but swallow a lump of saliva to appease her own anxiousness as she gripped onto Nik's pants.

"No need to be so worried."

Nik soothed her by taking her in his arms and making his way towards the nearest tree while his hands finally started fondling Ty-Lee's prized b.r.e.a.s.ts. The soft and squishy mounds of flesh immediately turned into kneaded balls while Ty-Lee's mewls tickled his ears, making him sometimes kiss her lovely lips or pinching her n.i.p.p.l.es through her clothes.

In this world, the underpants were quite underdeveloped. While some girls like June usually never wore such laundries, there were also girls like Katara, who would bind their bosom with a thin article of clothing.

To Nik's fortune, Ty-Lee was one of the former ones. He easily pulled her top while the soft and pale bunnies, unlike her usual healthy wheat skin colour, were finally exposed, attracting Nik's attention by her soft pink erect n.i.p.p.l.es.

It didn't take long before Nik's mouth found itself sucking onto Ty-Lee's tits while she let out a stream of constantly suppressed groans while the fear of being seen slowly grew prominent.

Although she admitted the scene was absolutely romantic and gorgeous, the fear of getting caught during the act finally touched her heart when she was exposed herself. After all, no woman liked getting watched by the public... except for some deviant ones or the especially adventurous couples.

"Nik hnnppghggg! We hah~ shouldn't"

Before words could defile her m.o.a.ns any longer, Nik let go of Ty-Lee's n.i.p.p.l.es, making her m.o.a.n once again as he sealed her lips. Breaking the mood out of fear was an absolute no during such a situation. This action usually led to either no s.e.x, or no s.e.x.

While there was a chance that they might get spotted, it was Ty-Lee's bad luck to be partnered-up with a deviant who didn't mind the eyes of the public.

Her demonic tongue that almost ruined the scene was played with cruelly, twisted and ravaged while Nik's mouth sucked on her sweet saliva, making Ty-Lee numb once again as he reached for her pants, pulling them down and exposing her nubile flesh soaked in healthy juices that trailed down her thighs.

"Ahhnngh~ No, Nik!"

As Nik knelt gently while Ty-Lee leaned back on the rough surface of the tree, Nik gingerly licked the trail up her inner thighs before sticking his face against her fleshy entrance, his tongue snaking into her warm snatch while he lapped up the immoral juices that leaked through her entrance, making a series of pleasured m.o.a.ns and breathless gasps leak through Ty-Lee's lips as she gripped Nik's face against her p.u.s.s.y, enjoying the sensation of her p.u.s.s.y eaten for the first time while he fears of getting seen were slowly suppressed.

Wanna see this miss squirting against her lover's mouth while you watch from far away like a pathetic loser? Be my guest!

She groaned loudly before she felt something coming down, a feeling she was all too familiar with after having her own me time as her hold around Nik's face grew tighter while she finally orgasmed with a squeal of delight. Her body trembled and yet, she still kept standing instead of falling on her knees in absolute delight.

Wiping away the thin, crystal-clear trail of juice flowing down his chin, Nik matched Ty-Lee's amorous gaze while he also lowered his pants, revealing his own c.o.c.k that emerged with a victorious 'boing' while closing the gap between Nik's crotch, as he stood up, and Ty-Lee's abdomen through its sheer size and length.

"Let's put your flexibility to a good use."

Nik smiled warmly and placed his hand on her left thigh before picking her leg up completely over her own head, something easy for a professional gymnast that Ty-Lee was as her snatch was finally exposed in all senses, making Ty-Lee blush as she felt Nik's throbbing shaft rubbing against her wet snatch.

But even when Nik's hot breathing brushed past her cheek, Ty-Lee gave a sweet smile before leaning forward even with her body performing a leg split, showcasing her absolutely mind-numbing flexibility as she whispered into Nik's ear while blowing a sensual, hot breath.

"You know... I can bend in more ways than you can imagine."

Hearing her words, Nik grinned.

"Oh, I am betting on that."

Nik smiled before positioning his c.o.c.k against her snatch and slowly pushing in, making Ty-Lee gasp for breaths as her arms immediately clung around Nik's arm, forcefully pulling him while she immediately latched on Nik's shoulder, let her teeth sink into his shoulder.

Something, Nik would never recommend during the first session.

The moment the drop of blood rolled out of his body and entered Ty-Lee's mouth, the remaining consciousness of hers was overpowered by a terrifying wave of passion and l.u.s.t that temporarily overwrote her sanity, as pointed out by her immediately moving her h.i.p.s and taking Nik in one smooth motion.

And Nik also realised that the effect of his [V.i.r.g.i.n Lover] would not be noteworthy cause Ty-Lee just took something way more potent.

Immediately, a violent glimmer of l.u.s.t and passion touched Nik's eyes, similar to the crazed expression in Ty-Lee's eyes as she had already removed her face from his shoulder to gasp and m.o.a.n without any sense.

His c.o.c.k touched her cervix, threatening to bypass it as no small length of his shaft still remained out in the cold, making Ty-Lee even wilder as she continued shaking her h.i.p.s as Nik continued pushing while their lips immediately sealed each other's, sharing the passion.

By now, the beautiful sun had already set, and yet, the light Nik had control over remained within the surrounding, illuminating the area akin to aj exotic paradise that Ty-Lee had found romantic and noteworthy while the area outside Nik's absolute control had turned dark and dull.

As Nik's body kept slamming into Ty-Lee, her m.o.a.ns kept growing louder, yet, no jody was there to witness the Immorally holy scene as ejaculating once wasn't enough for Nik or Ty-Lee.

And that day, Nik also found the limits of Ty-Lee's flexibility as he kept c.u.m.m.i.n.g deep within her while Ty-Lee had already turned into a flexible, yet, soft bundle of unnerving pleasure and streams of orgasms as the noticeable bulge above her crotch and the mind-boggling amount of thick creamy stream of nectar flowing out of Ty-Lee's catch looked quite enticing. Not to mention Ty-Lee's own sweat-covered body that glimmered beautifully. But seeing the expression on her face, Nik finally came to be and kissed her cheek once again before sending the invitation and covering her up while making his way towards the inn as he left a trail of unholy white liquid.

The scene, on the other hand, had already turned dark and dull, devoid of passion and life after Nik's departure.

That night, Nik finally gained his tenth partner and also completed his quest.

[Affiliation Quest.

Status: Complete