Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 123 Departure


Affiliation Quest

Status: Complete

Description: Partner-up with 10 women.

Reward: Harem

Hidden Reward: Promotion from [Intern] to [Member].



Harem (Transparent)

Model: Statis

Description: A spatial treasure that is capable of storing living beings of all nature and kinds in a state of time paralysis.

To keep the Harem absolutely safe, the treasure stores itself within the energy pocket of the Host.


Within the room of the inn, Nik's vision suddenly registered a tiny tear in the space itself as a soft, golden glow entered his body while a mass of information was once again updated within his mind.

This was something that Nik did not find peculiar. The moment he joined the system as the host, he had allowed the system to be in control of his soul to some extent, akin to administrator rights or the application permissions of the smartphones.

This process took place, in Nik's hypothesis, for two reasons.

First, to always have a certain control over the soul of the hosts as they gain power through completing the system's quest.

Second, Nik felt that no conscious being would ever grant anything without any strings attached. By gaining the abilities of a host that could travel through the world and gain various exotic powers, it was certainly within the bounds of nature to take something in return. A devil's transaction, if a host must term the process of gaining the approval of the system. But this partial control over the soul also allows the system to update certain information that is extremely beneficial to the hosts.

Like rules, laws and various exceptions of the system so that the Host does not go down the wrong path that may harm the system's motive instead of helping it.

In fact, every host knew about this, and yet, they were still willing to join the system.

After understanding the functioning of the harem, Nik closed his eyes and focused within himself. Due to the existence of the [Harem], he could finally look into his own Energy Pocket that stored the [System Energy] visually.

The moment he thought of [Harem], Nik found his vision turning dark before he floated within a dark space. His body, or maybe, the visual projection of his consciousness, was glowing slightly while the area below was filled with a pure white sea of energy.

The System Energy.

In front of him, Nik observed a golden cube with four apparent sections on each of its face as it rotated on a straight axis passing through one of its edges. The size of the [Harem] was almost similar to a Rubik's cube while Nik already knew the function of this Transparent Graded item.

White, Green.

These were the two grades of items that Nik had already come across and by the actions of the System, it seemed like Nik had to discover the various grades himself as he did not have any knowledge of the item's grades within his mind.

But the most unfortunate thing was that Nik couldn't explore his own Energy Pocket. All he could 'see' was the white sea of neutral energy and the golden cube [Harem]. But the existence of [Harem] definitely opened a lot of possibilities for his future actions.

The moment any woman becomes his partner, they also enter into a partial contract with the System. This contract would censor any information the girls might leak unintentionally but the partial contract also restricts their movement within the worlds.

So, in essence, while Nik finally gained the means to take his women away, they cannot leave the [Harem] until they join the system.

And due to the [Harem] being the statis model, Nik would need to get an even better model so that he could have his girls remain conscious within the [Harem] so that they can enter into a true contract and finally experience other worlds as he had promised.

Taking a deep breath, Nik found himself returned to his room. The bed of the inn proved to be smaller than needed, so Ty-Lee had already requested the bed to be removed while the floor itself was covered in mattresses as Ty-Lee and nine other girls slept peacefully.

Seeing them, Nik felt an urge to break through the restrictions of the System so that they could experience new worlds without any strings attached and their lives on the line, but still kept his emotions in check.

He didn't know what was System's true purpose, but it was definitely not related to harming its hosts that are dutifully completing the tasks.

And deep down, Nik also knew that he joined the system on his own volition. The System merely offered power for his own services.

He once again exhaled loudly before slumping down on the mattress with a tired face.


The Day of Victorious Return.

Within the inn, aside from Azula, everyone stood opposite to Nik as their worried glances often grazed past Nik's body before they looked down. Even Ty-Lee was included in this.


A lump was stuck in his mouth as Nik couldn't form words. He felt that whatever he might say would end up meaningless if he couldn't actually fulfill his promise and the responsibility of bringing along ten lives suddenly seemed heavier than he could have imagined.

"Tsk! Nik, get on with it already!" Toph finally grumbled as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"You said that it would an instant for us, remember? If we are standing here, then it means that we trust you enough... disregarding how little we know.

So man the f.u.c.k up, already!"

She looked towards Nik's direction with a furious glare while Nik fell silent for a moment before looking up and gazing at them individually before smiling brightly.

Toph was right. To the girls, it would feel like an instant, so as long as he remembered this fact, he didn't have any reason to feel bad or guilty. There was no need for a grieving departure. After all, they were tagging along, too.

"Thank you. Everyone! When I bring you back, let's have loads of fun once again."

With that, Nik simply willed the [Harem] to only bring the nine women








Mai and,

Ty-Lee into its space.

In fact, the [Harem] was connected to his partner contract. This meant that wherever he was, he could always take his partners into the storage. Like, if he wanted to, he can easily 'store' Mitsuko and others even if he wasn't present in the said world.

Nine streams of soft golden glow detached from Nik's body before they covered his partners as they vanished in that very instant, making Azula raise her eyebrows.

"This concept is extremely interesting...

Too bad, you can only store partners... if not, you could have an entire army within you."

Taking Azula in his arms, he gently whispered.

"I would rather not have the army..."

As he took Azula's hands and felt her warmth, vigor returned to Nik. Looking into Azula's expectant golden eyes, Nik grinned.

"Alright, let's give father-in-law one last visit before leaving the place."

Azula nodded with a beautiful smile as she held Nik's arm before leaning her face over his shoulder as they walked through the streets openly. Since they were going to leave either way, there was no need to hide their beautiful relationship.

As Nik thought, the news travelled quickly, quicker than Nik imagined, and then came a furious brother, the trash prince of the Fire Nation, sadly, alone.

"Azula! What in the hell do you think you are doing?!"

Still sporting his previous hairdo with most of his skull hairless as one single ponytail akin to ancient era warriors, Zuko roared furiously while riding his own salamander.

Somehow, Nik grew somewhat frustrated after seeing his Salamander. Within two days, Nik had to actually release his own pets back into the wilds for he wasn't able to take them away. Seeing Zuko ride a salamander felt like a slap to his cheeks.

"Let's go."

Nik didn't mind Zuko as both the trash prince and the trash pet were immediately pressed on the ground. Meanwhile, Azula had not even gazed towards Zuko, fearing that her jubilant mood would take an opposite turn, something, she didn't wish to happen today.

Under the incredulous gazes of the muslin covered females and burly men, the couple made its way towards the palace.

The moment they reached the outskirts of the palace, Azula led Nik through a hidden passage that led straight towards the Throne chamber, where, the welcoming ceremony for Iroh took place that would have been followed by Ozai's crowning for the first united world.

Alas, Ozai was destined to get crown-blocked as the gates of the hidden chamber in the form of tiles of the palace exploded with a loud bang that immediately destroyed the warm atmosphere as Ozai's and Iroh's gazes were attracted to the warm couple.

In reality, due to the throne chamber being restricted for a few hours, the news of Azula's sudden 'defilement' didn't make its way towards the throne chamber. So, Azula's behaviour and the intimate contact really stunned Ozai to his core, not to mention, Iroh, who immediately felt a profound sense of danger when he saw Nik.

The scene fell into a stunned silence as Nik and Azula became the centre of attraction.

"What is"

Ozai opened his mouth coldly, the curtain of fire behind him growing vigorous when Nik looked towards Ozai and smiled before pulling Azula into an ardent kiss while snapping his finger as a torrent of energy left his body, turning into the essence of gravity that immediately pulled Ozai from front and back.


The end result of Nik's latest invention a gruesome death.

Ozai was sundered into two equal halves of flesh as his internal organs and guts fell on the same position where he stood while a metre around him was immediately filled with blood and gore and the pulse of the twitching heart and the smashed brain that splattered over the gut akin to cheese toppings immediately made Iroh puke.

But even then, nobody moved. To be specific, they couldn't move.

Nik looked at each and every one of them, including the green-faced Iroh and the pale-faced mayors and other officers before regarding the beautiful interior of the chamber. Finally, he looked back at Azula, who held not a sliver of emotion at the sight of her father's remains as Nik spoke.

"Azula, do you wish to serve the Fire Nation with all your heart?"

"I do."

Azula took his hands, her golden eyes peering into his violet ones as she nodded solemnly.

"Do you have the heart to advance the nation, regardless of the tough sacrifices?"

"I do."

They both grew closer as Nik smiled happily.

"Then, henceforth, the nation shall rejoice at the arrival of its Queen."

"Rejoice we shall."

Azula smiled as their lips inched towards each other before they closed their eyes simultaneously, enjoying each other's warmth as Nik mentally accepted the completion of the quest.

Previously, he thought that he might as well turned Iroh into a king, but then, he calmly analysed the quest once again. The system asked Nim to appoint the ruler he sees as fit. While he may never see a beggar fit enough as a ruler, Azula was definitely an empress breed with leadership quality moulded into her.

In the eyes of the other terrified guests present, the monster couple kissed each other before golden light covered the both of them as they disappeared from the palace.

Azula, the Empress of the Fire Nation.

Time of her Rule 29 Seconds.

Avatar Arc End.


A/N: I thought this ending was the most befitting as it showcased pleasure and carnage simultaneously.

Meanwhile, I also want to thank the readers for sticking together with me all this time and I would like to announce the next world.

It is a hybrid world


Demon Slayer (main)

Tokyo Ghoul.

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With that being said, the power System of the next world will be

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