Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 14 Golden Bitch

"Eh? But he looks so young!"

A starry-eyed black-haired girl shouted while Kurumi just shrugged before giving a toothy grin as she looked at the girl and placed her index finger on her slim lips.

"Don't shout so loudly!!"

With the recess, the students started to chatter alongside their friends. But most of the chatter revolved around the sudden display of affection on Kurumi's lips in front of the whole school.

While many felt their heart shatter, some boys just couldn't accept the sudden removal of Kurumi Souma from the long list of single girls available to pursue.


With a huge sound, the door of the class was dragged open as a raging blonde youth entered while clearly being restricted by a bald fatty and a somewhat normal bespectacled boy.

"Wait! Gunta! You didn't see it but Rick actually declared that the new guy is his master! Don't be rash!"

As the girls frowned at the sudden arrival of disturbance, the guys, on the other hand, expected an entertaining show. Of course, some of the girls that felt jealous by Kurumi's beauty, and now, her entering in a relationship, also waited for a good show.

"F.u.c.k, Rick! F.u.c.k em' all!"

As the blonde youth with a stereotypical nose piercing entered the classroom despite his lackeys' visible effort, he immediately found the most beautiful existence in the classroom and growled through clenched jaws.

"Kurumi! How could you?! I asked you out and you didn't even reply! You bitch, how could you do this to me!

I'll tear him apart, you know! I'll tear that guy into shreds and then, I'll see if you actually go out with any other guy."

At his maniacal expression, other boys did feel a little terrified and the girls that surrounded Kurumi also took a few steps back as they could actually see veins popping out of Gunta's forehead. Not only that, but his crude words did garner a bit of resentment from other girls, disregarding their thoughts about Kurumi herself.

Openly calling their own classmate a bitch for just going out with a guy she likes is still a bit overwhelming. But they couldn't talk up, or their life would become a living hell.

Even Megumi frowned as her hands traced upon the packaged bokken only to see Kurumi standing up and walking towards the emotionally unstable Gunta.

The more Kurumi looked at Gunta's appearance, the more she felt fortunate that she found a gem named Nik Faran. Though, she needed to have a talk about how the number of girls around him seem to be increasing every day, he was still far better than this delusional idiot.

Kurumi already knew if Gunta was in place of Nik last night, not only he wouldn't be able to satisfy her last night, but he would also start to distance himself from her after uncovering her past.

His rage felt laughable and his emotions, in Kurumi's eyes, looked nothing other than a baseless hypocritical rage to satisfy his own primal ego.

"Kurumi... you shouldn't get close to him... he might hurt you..."

One of the girls spoke out but immediately gulped as Gunta's menacing gaze fell upon the said girl.

"Alright... golduck, what was your name again?"

Crossing her arms under her patiently massaged, modest b.r.e.a.s.ts, Kurumi slowly looked Gunta from top to bottom without hiding the growing contempt within the honey gold hues of her pupils.

As the word spread across the classroom, the boys fell stunned while the girls marvelled the choice of vocabulary Kurumi used.


With flared nostrils, Gunta immediately shook off the last restraints that his lackeys were and finally stood in front of Kurumi. Since they were of the same height, Gunta actually couldn't show off his little muscles that were at the verge of getting torn by Rick just a few days ago.

"Kurumi... I dare you. Call me a Golduck again, and you won't see the light of the next day!"

Gunta screamed while Kurumi stood still, remaining unmoved even when the dangerous-looking gorilla grew closer to her, his hands almost touching her shoulder.

"Touch me and I'll be sure to get you imprisoned for S.e.xual Harassment. Speak to me again and I'll get your tongue clipped.

Gaze into my eyes again and I'll get your strip n.a.k.e.d and make you run laps of the ground while your tiny willy would wish to hide its face."

Gunta's hand visibly shuddered as a cold sensation spread across the whole classroom while her own brash words surprised Kurumi's classmates to no end.


"Shut up, you high-pitched golduck... no, golducks are cute. You are just a bitch with golden hair who couldn't control his emotions.

What did you say just now? I won't see the light of the day?

Touch me, and not only you, but I can assure that even your family would fail to see the light of tomorrow's morning. Especially your cute little sister.

Tearing Nik to shreds?

Let me ask you one thing and think carefully before answering."

As Kurumi's chilling golden eyes fell on Gunta, she continued while his own lackies slowly stepped back.

"To shred a man alive is to kill him. Can you actually do it? Killing, that is. Can you take away a man's future?

Can you bear the guilt of his family crying over him while you, the murderer, is blamed and then imprisoned?

What did you think would happen after you actually commit murder? That I would happily fall in your embrace and please your tiny weenie?


The f.u.c.k do you think you are? Huh?"

As Kurumi spoke, the more agitated she herself became and her words grew brash while her words struck Gunta, making him shiver the moment he actually imagined Kurumi's words getting true.

"You think that your anger can actually win me over? That's the problem with you and other boys.

I am not a toy that you can fawn over, give titles to or even casually speak up to. Next time you actually called me a bitch, expect me to bite the living hell out of you, cause not only you, but I'll also make sure to use any means to make your family suffer, too!

Got it!"

Unconsciously, Kurumi's expression grew slightly malicious while Gunta, who was actually meeting with a woman's rage for the first time felt his heart clench in fear. His eyes unconscious teared up while he took a step back.

"Oh? Crying? If you really wanna cry, then go back to your mother, golden bitch. Oh, next time, you have the urge to f.u.c.k someone and you find that you don't have any girlfriend, then be sure to look up for your Momma, cause only she would f.u.c.k and give birth to bitch like you!"


Nobody spoke as they silently watched Gunta retreating with tears trickling down his eyes. Almost instantly, Kurumi used the already gathered momentum and looked at another particularly hateful dark-skinned blonde with slight glitters and hissed.

"I am thirsty! Go and bring me water!"


Immediately agreeing, she ran out of the class while Kurumi took a deep breath and went back to her seat.

Unknown to her, the fierce verbal beatdown made the other boys desire her even more, but this time, none walked up to her. Not even the flashy girls and all slowly looked at each other before continuing their own work.

At this moment, surprisingly, another bella of their class, Megumi Amano stood up and walked up to Kurumi Souma.



Walking down the street aimlessly while touching his bulging stomach, Nik only understood why Sayako and Souko were so wary of Okusan.

She simply cooks and feeds too much.

Recalling how she sweetly she smiled while seeing him off in the n.a.k.e.d apron with all her entire bosom completely exposed, Nik did feel a little better, but his good mood came crashing down when he walked near the Silver Muscle gym only to find a completely undressed Machio and Rick posing while their bodies remained coated in oil, whereas, Marika slowly welcomed few groups of middle-aged women inside the gym while pressing the strange white button on the side.

"Ah! Master!"

'Don't look here.'

"Oh? Nik?"

'Don't look at me, you monsters.'

As Nik eagerly ignored Rick's and Machio's calls and shouts, he still had to stop when the dark-skinned, bald, muscular youth lathered in oil stood in front of him with his arms opened while his passionate gaze remained on his body, Nik almost felt revolting.

"Master, did you fail to hear us while you were warming up your body while walking slowly?"

'No, I don't like guys larger than me.'

Nik explained internally while Machio listening from the side nodded and looked at the enamoured middle-aged women if various sizes and smiled.

"As I told you all previously. Instead of jogging, we should try and go for long walks to keep our body active. This exercise is even more effective when combined with sets of bodyweight exercises to be performed during the walk itself, not to mention, basic stretching exercise to keep your muscles and body in shape."

"Yes! We will remember!"

Said a bespectacled woman with slightly sharper nose while the other one looked at Nik and smiled brilliantly.

"Is this boy also a member of your gym? Why doesn't he show his own body for even more reference?"

As Nik looked at Rick, who happened to be giving an encouraging nod, Nik wished to spit, but Rick actually wasn't a bad guy at all. Even Machio belonged to the case of muscle maniac that didn't actually gain much of his hatred.

"I am sorry, Miss Takashiro. Nik isn't a member of our gym. But you all will be pleased to know that in reality, this campaign was his own idea."

Machio explained while the women openly gazed at his rippling muscles and the underwear that contained the untold muscle of their dreams.

"Oh? Is that so? Such a good boy. He should definitely let us check his body so that we can compare the difference between a bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder."

Spoke a slightly older woman while she placed her hand on her cheeks.

"Yes, master. You should definitely allow us to see the body that contains the untold power that your muscles hold."

Rick spoke slightly reverently as Machio slowly considered their words.

"Nope, gotta go."

Smiling brilliantly, Nik actually jumped above Rick and ran off alongside the wind.

Seeing Nik easily pass above Rick, Machio frowned unconsciously while Rick could only sigh helplessly as he wouldn't be able to gaze upon his master's body.


"So? Megumi Amano... who would've thought that we actually have something in common."

Sitting beside Megumi, Kurumi spoke as she looked at the group of boys from running club jogging across the ground.

"You saw it too..."

Megumi spoke bitterly while Kurumi shrugged.

"Did he force you?"

Megumi suddenly asked out while Kurumi, though surprised, shook her head.

"He is a gentle guy. He won't force himself without any reason."

Megumi nodded at her words as Nik's action did show that he wasn't the kind of guy who would usually go and force others into doing wrong things.

"Honestly... I think, I am over the fact that he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and immediately forced himself on me..."

"Out of nowhere?"

Kurumi raised her brows while Megumi nodded.

"It might be insensitive to ask... but can you tell me what actually happened?"

Kurumi finally looked at Megumi, who shook at her words while falling into deep thoughts.

After a few minutes, Megumi looked at Kurumi and then nodded.

"So... it happened like this..."