Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 15 Heart To Heart

After escaping the gates of muscly hell that he was about to get dragged into, Nik started exploring the neighborhood. Of course, he did not enter the various restaurants, shops and other arcades that he passed by. He was simply trying to understand this world itself.

Even though Nik knew that he only had ten, no, nine days in this world, he couldn't remain with the idea of staying inside a single room for the remaining days.

According to the system, before he was transferred, it was brought to his attention that if Nik was actually lucky enough to arrive in a peaceful civilisation, then even if he could complete the main quest, he wouldn't benefit much from the experience.

After all, the first quest of survival is what differentiate between weak and strong.

While it was quite beneficial to survive in a peaceful civilisation, it actually came with the expense of losing the experience that his own peers would gain from a harsher environment. Not to mention the fact that they would be awarded more stat points, system currency, skill points and much more.

In fact, Nik actually had trouble at the thought of leaving this world. Due to him partnering-up with the girls, Nik could actually access to this world for a few days once every year until he completes the mission of the Society and actually gains a harem space of his own.

But, in his rashness and emotional outburst, he ended up impregnating Mitsuko, something, even though he did not regret, but still made Nik think over the choices in his life.

As the thoughts of future hounded him to no end, Nik slowly covered half of the neighborhood before he found himself standing in front of Mitsuko's house once again.

'Should I go in?'

What was the point of thinking when he had actually already rung the bell of the house.

'Oh... shit.'

As Nik cursed himself inside his heart, he felt that this could be the worst mood he could be in to meet the mother of his future child.


The door clicked open as Mitsuko smiled and waved at Nik.

"Come in. I got a surprise for you."

As she spoke, Nik sighed and nodded while he looked at Mitsuko's shapely butt that held a different charm when compared to Okusan or Kurumi.

Nik admitted that he was an ass man, instead of the oppai lovers.

"Aren't you surprised with me suddenly showing up?"

Nik asked as he finally picked up his pace and naturally placed his arm around Mitsuko's waist, more particularly, her sweet ass.

Smiling at the gesture, Mitsuko brought her body closer to Nik to make the hug look even more natural.

As Mitsuko lead Nik to the living room, she boldly sat on his laps while keeping her front towards Nik's face while letting her arms fall on his shoulder.

"So... Nik... how about we discuss the names of my daughter, Megumi-chan and Okusan on the strange list?"

Smiling at her words, Nik spoke cheekily.

"Isn't that the million... yen question? But I cannot explain these things just yet."

As he spoke, Nik placed his hands on her tight butt and pulled her body further and then looked at her face with genuine concern.

"How are you feeling? You don't feel sick, right?"

Planting a soft kiss on his forehead, Mitsuko slowly and seductively bent her body before letting her arms go underneath his armpits and hugged his back softly while placing left cheek on his chest.

"Thank you... Nik."

Feeling his chest turning moist at a rapid pace while Mitsuko's body shivering, Nik finally moved his hand from her butt and hugged her back tightly, bringing her even closer.

"Don't mention it."



Nik asked out as he looked at the hot cup of tea placed in front of him. Unlike before, Mitsuko didn't sit on him, but beside him and slowly mixed a packet of sugar while nodding gently.

"Yes, that is the big surprise. Since you were so confident about impregnating me yesterday, I didn't think that getting pregnant would come as of a surprise to you."

Nodding, Nik suddenly felt stunned.

"Eh? For real?"

Nik looked at Mitsuko as his jaws loosened wide while a glimmer in his black eyes was hard to hide. Chuckling at his reaction, Mitsuko nodded.

"Yes, soon, you will be called papa-san, Nik."

As Nik's head went through a buzz, he failed to hear Mitsuko's comment while unconsciously, he already chose a path for himself.

"Thank you..."

Whispering softly, he leaned forward and gently laid his lips on Mitsuko's full pink lips and then backed off to look after particularly glowing face.

"Mama-san... I think, we should have loads of fun before we start taking care of baby-san."

Smiling, Mitsuko nodded.

"Sure thing, Papa-san. Here, drink this tea. It will make you healthy."

With a huge smile on his face, Nik took the cup and then looked at Mitsuko.

"But... are you sure that you aren't rushing into things. Divorce and not to mention pregnancy..."

Not replying immediately, Mitsuko gently picked her own cup. Actually, Nik truly appreciated such an aura around Mitsuko when she was decently covered. A cotton top that was loose enough to cover her body without showing off too much as the black pants that ran down to her milky smooth ankle looked quite enticing.

"You know, Nik, even when I told my daughters that I don't hate my husband, that I cheat on him because I like s.e.x... deep down, I knew that it was all a lie.

I hated my husband for cheating on me on my wedding day. And then, I hated myself for allowing that hate to control me getting down with a sick looking red-haired boar... although, I feel fortunate that Souko looks nothing like that boar.

But yeah, that's the truth. I only felt hate for him underneath the gentleness I have shown to everyone. I am not proud of my actions as I cannot say that my daughters have chosen good decisions in life.

Well, you were supposed to be another bad decision, too."

Looking up, Mitsuko smiled at Nik and whispered softly.

"But I am glad... that you weren't.

When I saw you treating Kurumi so lovingly, not to satiate your own l.u.s.t, but to actually satisfy her... it made me realise that maybe... it's time to move on.

In my selfishness, I asked of you to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e me, but I am still offering that you don't have to bear the responsibility"

Before Mitsuko could complete her words, Nik cut her off.

"Whenever I think of the reasons why my father would leave me... I only feel that he actually never knew that my mother was pregnant.

After all, no man would actually stay by a redlight district with the most popular p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e to check if she was pregnant or not, right?

But still, after my mother's death, I only wanted to find my father. I wanted to see the look on his face. I wanted to know that if given a chance, would he actually take me away from that carnal hell..."

Taking a deep breath while Mitsuko felt shocked to hear about Nik's past, he looked at Mitsuko with brilliance in his eyes.

"Just like you, I was able to move on just now. The moment I got to know that I actually would become a father, I felt the final restraint inside me disappearing.

All this time, I bore hatred for my father for something he wasn't even aware of. Maybe, that kind of upbringing screwed me up, but I assure you, Mitsuko, while I am a sc.u.m who wish to have many women in my life, I will raise our son to become a man that doesn't regret his actions."

Placing the cup on the table and taking Mitsuko's cup before placing it down, Nik took Mitsuko's hand and looked into her glazed honey-gold eyes.

"Mitsuko... are you willing to accept me for who I am? A manwhore with no morals and exceptional l.u.s.t for a woman's ass."

A surprised chuckle escaped Mitsuko's lips as she brought her face closer to Nik and smiled beautifully.

"If you can accept a s.l.u.t like me, why can't I accept a whore like you?"

Raising his brows, Nik finally commented.

"There will be a lot of girls in the future."

"But I'll remain the first mother."

Smiling, Nik and Mitsuko grew closer before their lips entered into a passionate kiss. Their hands shuffled towards each other's waist before Mitsuko immediately backed up with a pale face and immediately stood up.

"Sorry, Nik, I feel sick. Gotta go vomit."

Stunned by her words, Nik could only feel his lips twitching.

"Way to kill the mood, Mama-san."

He spoke while picking the cup of tea and finally tasting the delicacy prepared by Mitsuko.