Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 18 Sayako's Test

Walking up the flight of stairs, Nik found a beautiful blonde standing in front of the first door to the left. A beautiful cerulean blue sweater hung on her body loosely, almost threatening to fall off of her shoulders while her slender, milky white neck remained a sight to relish. A greyish pant stuck to her lower body while a large purse, from the looks of it, a leather one, hung down her right shoulder.

Her facial features spoke much about her western heritage and her violet eyes didn't lose any of its brilliance even when her beautiful face showed clear signs of fatigue.

"Hello, Sayako. Why didn't you just go in?"

Looking to her right, Sayako tiredly gazed at Nik and sighed.

"Would you believe if I say I am afraid of going in?"

"Afraid of me?"

Nik walked up while smiling.

"You wish. It's Okusan."

Shrugging at her response, Nik placed his knuckles on the door and gave it a few knocks.

"Ah! Coming!"

A cheerful, almost sweetly sickening voice emerged from the other side of the door that made Sayako shiver.

As the door clicked open, a buxom, pink-haired woman came to view as she immediately brightened up at Nik's presence but the moment she saw the new guest, a frown couldn't help but slip in.

"Sayako-chan? What are you doing here?"

Questioning immediately, Okusan's body remained slightly shivering while she kept her hands on the edges of the door to support her body. Seeing the strangeness, Sayako's eyes flashed thoughtfully while Nik also came to a conclusion.

"I am Nik's partner for the night. I hope I am not troubling you, Okusan."

Okusan immediately looked at, no, glared at Nik while her cheeks puffed up, but her expression faltered when she saw Sayako placing her hands on the door.

"You are troubling! Both of you are! Come back later!"

She immediately hissed as she tried to close the door only to find another hand placed on the door. Looking up, she came face-to-face with Nik's brilliant smile.

"Okusan! Let me in! I won't be of trouble. I promise."

As he spoke, he exerted more strength while Okusan's shivering arms could barely keep control of her body anymore. Not to mention the encroaching blush that soon painted her cheeks red, Sayako and Nik were almost sure of Okusan's current situation after hearing a slight buzzing sound when they grew closer to the door.

Seeing the grin on the two devils standing outside the apartment, Okusan's grievances grew as she immediately shouted.

"You bullies!"

As she spoke, her hands finally slipped as the door flung open while making Okusan fall back on her n.a.k.e.d and fluffy butt.

Seeing her situation, Sayako and Nik entered instantly and locked the door behind.

With her hands covering her own embarrassed face, Okusan's rear remained wet while a vibrating dildo dug inside her sloppy p.u.s.s.y that kept on leaking off-white spunk that had completely filled and washed her insides a few hours ago.

Her thighs shivered and unconscious arched up as a beautiful spring leaked out of the space in between her p.u.s.s.y and the dildo, making Sayako look at Nik and then back at Okusan.

"Forgive me for my crude words... but you didn't perhaps break Okusan, right?"

Pointing, Sayako's words stifled a laugh out of Nik while Okusan felt even more wronged.

"How should I put it... I think, we just didn't do it enough."

Nik shrugged and immediately walked near Okusan before picking her up.

"You know, we could do it once more."

Nik whispered softly as Sayako felt amazed at how easily Nik picked Okusan in his arms. Meanwhile, through the gaps of her fingers, Okusan's green eyes gazed at Nik's smiling face before her whispers caused Nik to laugh once again.

"First date, and then sugar."

"Pfft! Sayako, I'll be right back to you."

He spoke while laughing, leading Okusan to the already cleaned out bedroom where their activities took place upon.

Gently laying her down, Nik slowly pushed her thumb away from the right cheek and gently placed a kiss before whispering.

"You just said it, alright. I'll be having some fun with Sayako. Of course, if you feel lonely, you can definitely come in and watch."

"You are a s.l.u.t!"

Okusan hissed back while removing her hands from her face, making Nik's lips descend on her own lips.

"Yeah, was that supposed to be an insult? Don't forget, I am your s.l.u.t."

Winking, Nik stood up while walking out.

"Oh, yeah, Mitsuko might be coming here tonight."

Nik spoke as he recalled Mitsuko's situation.

"Eh? No way! You'll have to pay me rent!"

Okusan, disregarding the moving dildo and the fact that her embarrassing actions were revealed, immediately sat up, speaking loudly.

"Yes, of course! I'll pay it in kind and services!"

Speaking, Nik finally closed the door and found Sayako making herself comfortable on Okusan's couch.

"How was your exam?"

Nik asked out, sitting opposite to Sayako.

"Hmm? Nothing special. Got a few incorrect answers in hand, but yeah, the scholarship is in the bag."

Sayako replied with an unimpressed tone.

"Ohh... I never asked about your course. What kind of scholarship did you apply for?"

Looking into her bag while finding something with a frown on her face, Sayako replied with a calm tone.

"Well, I applied for the 80% tuition fees grant for my post-graduation in Financial course. In fact, I am following Souko's steps. Just that, she was smart enough... well, s.l.u.tty enough to get a full grant."

Sayako shrugged as she finally took an article of clothing out of her bag and looked at Nik with slightly hungry look.

"Where's your bathroom?"

Smiling at her words, Nik lead Sayako to the bathroom attached to his room while he jumped on his bed.


After what felt like a few minutes, Nik finally saw the door to the bathroom slowly opening as a skimpily dressed Sayako emerged out from the other side of the door.

Her golden hair cascaded over her shoulders while a single, tight, bluish bodysuit with b.r.e.a.s.t and crotch cut-out stuck to her body tightly. Her more than modest b.r.e.a.s.ts came into his view, but only at this moment, Nik found out how much she differed from her family. Unlike Souko or Mitsuko, Sayako sported long and slender legs. Even her waist was slightly curvier than her elders while her violet eyes enhanced the charming and s.l.u.tty fairy she had become.


An appreciative gasp leaked through Nik's lips while he looked at her current form.

"Like what you see?"

Sayako smiled at his reaction as her index finger placed the strands of her golden hair behind her ear.

"Like, like. What's there to unlike?"

As Nik smelled a flowery scent slowly reaching out to the ends of the bedroom, he appraised Sayako while standing up and walking towards her.

"Before we continue, let's make it clear. It will be my choice to actually think of staying with you after tonight. You won't force me, is that understood?"

Sayako spoke seriously as she gazed at Nik's excited body language.

"You should know that the only reason I and Souko are even abstaining from partying off with other men is that Mama gave you a chance and you upheld her expectations.

But I am not my Mama. Even though I think that I should give you a chance... cause, let's face it, always f.u.c.k.i.n.g different men kind of gets depressing. But that does not mean that you are the only option I have. Got it?"

As Sayako explained herself, Nik understood that from the beginning, Sayako had already started observing Nik and will continue to do so until her consciousness remains intact even during the s.e.x.

Nodding, Nik took a deep breath, his excitement slowly receded and he finally looked up.

"Alright, you can count on me to remove the bitch named frustration out of your body."