Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 19 Squirt Of Approval

"Ho~ This is quite a refreshing experience."

Sayako whispered as her arms hung around Nik's shoulder while she felt his arms on her back and the underside of her knees, carrying her body princess style.

"Of course, I need to stand out."

Nik spoke as he gently placed Sayako on the bed, aiming her head to be on the pillows so that she doesn't feel uncomfortable.

"It is definitely comforting."

Sayako nodded as she laid her hands to her side and took a deep breath. Her violet gaze fell on Nik and she smiled brilliantly.

"Alright, now, this body belongs to you. Show me what you can do."


Nik spoke while sitting on the bed. Her actions demonstrated that the only Nik would be the active partner this time.

"Sayako, I couldn't help but notice that you actually soaped your butt... could it be that you want it there?"

Nik asked as he gently spread her legs, looking at her moistening entrance and the small, puckered up hole that almost hid beneath her soft butt.

"I prepared for every possible experience. It's up to you."

Sayako smiled gently, which made it slightly harder for Nik to see through her desires. It could be said that no women could be easily satisfied until her mind, or rather, her consciousness feels satisfied. Now, just like Sayako proclaimed, this task becomes even harder when Sayako isn't willing to share her preference and only increased the tension by actively speaking that she is extremely frustrated.

It was at this moment, Nik suddenly realised what he needed to do.

'The exam couldn't frustrate her. After all, she gestured herself that it was quite easy for her. This only means...'

As Nik looked at the darkened eye bags under her eyes, a lightbulb sparked to life within his mind as he smiled.

Lowering his body, Nik let his face enter the region between Sayako's thighs as he softly kissed her slick and wet entrance. Instead of the arousing, musky scent, what entered his nose was an alluring flowery scent that made her taste all the more savouring.

As soon as the kiss landed, a sigh of relief escaped Sayako's lips which gradually parted at Nik's actions.

Instead of immediately digging in for a meal, Nik instead chose to let his hand rub and massage her entrance using his thumb. Her labia parted, giving way to a pink, fleshy monster that slowly soaked in its own savory nectar while Nik finally started rubbing the cute little c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s that started demanding attention while he let his other hand descend towards the pink hole that puckered inwards.

Soon, soft and enamored m.o.a.ns leaked past Sayako's lips as she felt Nik's middle finger digging into her anus, something she felt quite relieved about because it would be an embarrassment to have her butt played with, without efficiently cleaning it up.

Meanwhile, the roguish thumb kept pressing her clit before she soon experienced soft and gentle licks that stimulated her entrance alongside the treasured, western jewel.

After a few minutes of gentle, yet, satisfying licks, Nik brought his other hand down and finally started massaging the base of her soft and perky butt while his left middle finger completely entered her hole. Finally, Sayako couldn't keep her hands to the side of her waist and immediately found her palms pushing Nik's face further into her thighs.

The muscles of her anus clenched tightly around his middle finger, causing an itch to spread within Nik's heart. But sadly, it wasn't about satisfying himself, but the beautiful woman in front of him who willingly asked to get satisfied.

His tongue stretched forth and entered the moist dungeon that could definitely hold his dragon and reclaim its true destiny. His fleshy tongue gently lapped up all the juices flowing across the convulsing walls and made it's way deeper. Sadly, Nik was biologically a human and there were limits to the maximum length of his tongue.

Now, he had to make do without the dragon, but the act of Sayako clutching his hair allowed Nik to understand that his stuff was definitely working. As he continued, he didn't even show any moment where he would try and use his shaft to please her.

Instead, he continued massaging her bottom and licking her cave, identifying the weak spots which would make Sayako expertly wrap her, wider than normal p.u.s.s.y, around his tongue tightly, constricting his movements only to loosen up after getting his middle finger pressing at her anal weak spots.

Meanwhile, Sayako's face had already turned into a drooling mess. Sayako's jaws failed to keet her rambunctious tongue inside her mouth while her violet eyes showed signs of drifting away to a treasured realm.

Finally, her expression changed and her body slightly arched up. Taking the hints, Nik immediately pushed his index finger within her clenched butt, stimulating her butthole further while immediately placing his lips on her entrance as a pressured squirt erupted from her already soaked cave only to get devoured by Nik at a rapid pace.

Finally, after emptying her contents, Nik felt her butthole loosen ever so slightly and then, he looked up.

Sayako's eyes closed while her drool leaked out of the blissfully arched lips as her soft breathing echoed within the room.

Smiling, Nik slowly stood up and gently took his fingers out of her butthole. Covering her s.e.xy and sweat covered body in a thin blanket, Nik adjusted her body so that Sayako could sleep peacefully and then softly left the room without making much noise.


The moment Nik walked out, he almost lost his balance due to the liquid splashed on the floor. Looking down, Nik found the trail of liquid connected to Okusan's room. As he mentally connected the clues, Nik's lips twitched while he decided to ignore her actions.

Since the setting sun gave way to a beautiful evening, Nik realised that even when he promised to meet Mitsuko right here, he had nothing else to do and he might just help her in shifting her stuff. After all, since morning, she was definitely feeling weak and moreover, Nik couldn't help but place his attention on Mitsuko again and again for she was going to become the mother of his first child.

With slightly giddy expression, he completely ignored if he actually got Sayako's approval or not, and simply sent a partnership invite since he had absolute confidence in his actions.

Sayako's condition was actually Nik had faced quite a few times himself. In fact, when the body is extremely tired and sleep-deprived, it does not need a good f.u.c.k, but a good rest. So, Nik thought, what better way to go to sleep then after having a relieving orgasm?

Sure, this may get categorised into the part where he used s.e.x.u.a.l acts to comfort a female body, but biologically, the act of orgasm is different for males and females.

While females have the capacity of multiple orgasmic reactions, males, on the other hand, would find it painful to keep c.u.m.m.i.n.g multiple times and would even feel sore.

So, inherently, there are different ways to put a s.e.x.u.a.lly experienced body into a good resting state.

Looking towards the direction of Okusan's room once again, Nik shrugged and went outside once again.


"Hah~ Hah! He didn't see me, right?"

Okusan fell on her butt as her entire body throbbed while delicious juices leaked out of her tight and meaty p.u.s.s.y. Her finger gave one final thrust as she showed a relieved expression before growing envious of how gently Sayako got treated by Nik.

As it turned out, she was actually peaking at the duo while her trusty plastic boy did the rest of actions for her. While Kyouko felt that she had to keep her pride by not giving into her temptations before actually going out on a date, she still couldn't resist her physical needs.

After all, Nik's thrusts were remembered by her lewd body as she couldn't help but imagine Nik sitting on top of her once again and pounding her into oblivion.

"Sigh... even plastic-kun is having a hard time..."

Okusan looked at the completely wet, blue-colored dildo and sighed out loud.