Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 2 The Souma S.l.u.ts 1

"Once again, I am extremely sorry."

Kneeling on the mattress, Nik pledged solemnly. The droplets of water remained on the edges of his dark hair after the bath that happened to catch Megumi off-guard for a moment before she slammed the tip of her bokken on the floor.

"Once more, a little louder."

Megumi commanded. An Ashura construct purely made of the malicious aura that emanated out of her body laughed menacingly as Nik raised his voice once more.

"Honestly, I am extremely sorry for the previous circ.u.mstances. But I never felt bad having you!"

His clear voice resounded within Megumi's room as her expression changed. Her wrist twisted expertly while the bokken swung forth, it's tip right in front of his pitch-black eyes.

"You do understand that... what you did was a crime, right?"

Staring at the thick tip of the bokken, Nik took a deep breath before trying to explain. The fun part was already over and even though he had a shady background, he wasn't an asshole who would force himself on a girl and give a smug reply like: Oh, come on, Babe! You liked it too, remember?

"Miss Megumi, circ.u.mstances were really harsh and I needed to fulfill the conditions to partner-up. You also saw that green panel, didn't you.

Once again, I apologise. But... I don't regret my actions. I would be a fool to give you up even if you fight me."

This time, Nik lowered his head further. Losing v.i.r.g.i.nity was just as emotional for a man as it was for a woman. Alas, he wasn't a v.i.r.g.i.n, but he understood how losing your first time in an unexpected manner could affect a person.

Each and every emotional being dreams about losing their v.i.r.g.i.nity in the best way they could think of. At least, this was true for human beings. Nik wasn't an exception.

He wished to marry a girl. Neither beautiful, nor smart. He just wished to embrace a woman with a genuine heart, no matter evil or pure. Alas, his situation only left him to embrace the evil and so he did. But never did he regret his actions.

For regret is the certificate of hypocrisy.

Hearing his words, Megumi's body shook. Her lips parted slightly while the bokken lowered gently. Her knees felt weak while she slumped on the ground.

"You don't regret it? Why... why?! You r.a.p.ed me! Goddammit! You just r.a.p.ed me and then, after you were done with me, you should have left.

Isn't that what you were supposed to do? To use a dirty girl like me and then leave her alone in your filth!"

The droplet of tears steadily fell down her cheeks as she sniveled while biting her lower lips.

"But no... you tidied up the living room, bathed me gently, without any lascivious intent and finally tucked me in after finding my nightsuit. Why would you go to such length?"

Trembling, she pointed at the short table in the middle of her bedroom and lowered her head.

"And now, now... you prepared tea and snacks for me. Even though the snacks were ready-made, they are nothing like Maa-kun's... and yet, why can't I accept that I want to hate you?!"

Megumi threw her bokken as she wept loudly. Her hands kept rubbing her eyes and yet, tears never stopped.

"I see... is this Maa-kun... he is someone you like, right?"

He whispered as Megumi nodded furiously while weeping. Her body kept shuddering and this pained Nik further.

"Miss Megumi... I am not going to apologise anymore. There is no need to because no matter what I say, the fact remains that I forced myself upon you.

I am not going to be delusional enough and say that you should leave the boy you like.

But I still hope that you finally find your answer after I leave. I have overstayed my welcome. And... one last thing.

If you are actually worried about... getting... huff... pregnant, then there is no need to. I have a special condition."

Speaking, Nik stood up and finally bowed politely.

"Thank you for the wonderful time, Miss Megumi. If you wish to find me, just think of me and I will appear in front of you."

Still crying, Megumi did not pay any focus to his words while Nik smiled sadly before jumping out of the window.

What he did was wrong. His actions were terrible and he understood that Megumi needed a little alone time to adjust.

After all, pushing someone who is already emotionally unstable is the least favourable action to be performed in such a condition.

And so, just like this, Nik went out to find his second partner.

At this moment, no penalty was imposed on him for the failure of the main quest for it was his first travel. But finding girls to partner-up with remained his top priority for he was useless without a formidable number of women behind him.

Ordinarily, he would need to adapt to the social conventions of this world for he was still a weakling and it was a weakling's fate to bow its head and bend its spine.

He didn't need any direction, Nik, wearing his own clothes that slightly reeked of his scent alongside Megumi's musky one walked with his hand behind his head.

A girl would definitely find him... they always did.

So, Nik continued to walk aimlessly. Taking a left, he found himself surrounded by slightly lavish constructions.

'Sure, why not. Middle-aged rich women are needier...'

With a shrug, he continued. The basic stat for a normal a.d.u.l.t human being reached the height of 1, the same could be said for their luck. Usually, such an ethereal force is hard to quantify, and yet, the Isekai System easily evaluated for its host.

"Ara? You are not from here, are you?"

Suddenly, a mature whiff happened to entice his nostrils as he gulped at the woman who just walked outside the left house. Before appreciating the woman, Nik did give her house a moment of thought.

Even though he emerged from a different civilisation, the architectural taste of both the civilisations happened to be quite similar. A lavish, marbled house that showcased a large veranda while pitch-black, carved railings covered the edges of this modern beauty, just like how her black top covered her generous bust while her pair of denims left little to the imagination.

A pair of glasses adorned her mature, yet, surprisingly alluring face as her short raven hair dazzled under the evening glow. A small beauty mark near the corner of her lips made her all the more desirable.

But certainly, a familiar stench seemed to be lingering around her. Actually, even if Nik was stripped off of his recently gained inheritance, one thing could never be taken away from him.

His talent to differentiate women.

'This feels like... the stench of unfaithfulness.'

Smiling, Nik performed a polite bow disregarding her previous private actions and nodded.

"Hello, miss. I am Nik Faran, I just arrived here and am still looking for a place to rest in."

Placing her left hand on her cheek while keeping her elbow supported by her right arm wrapped under her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts, she smiled gently and spoke softly.

"Ah? You really aren't from here? I was just guessing!

Lucky me!"

"It's not a problem, miss."

Shaking his head, Nik smiled and then looked at the house she came out from.

"Is this your house, miss?"

"Where are my manners? I am sorry, Nik-kun, my name is Souma Mitsuko, you can call me Mitsuko-san."

Smiling, her hand slowly landed on his shoulder as her face glowed even brighter.

"Why don't you visit us in, Nik-kun. If you don't have a place to crash, I can call a friend and ask for help. Till then, you can take a seat in my house.

How about it?"

Mitsuko's, honey-gold eyes seemed to glow for a bit as her palm felt Nik's tr.a.p.ezius.

"Alright, I appreciate the help, Mitsuko-san."

"You don't say."

She smiled and shook her head before leading her back into the house. It was quite strange that even after getting all dressed up, she was willing to return back.

No, in reality, it wasn't that hard to figure out.


"Are you ready? Tonight's going to be fun! Dad's out for another trip, we finally have the place for ourself."

A red, n.i.p.p.l.e-cutout brassiere attached to a silky, see-through gown extended forth, showing her n.a.k.e.d body in the most alluring manner while she laid on the couch, her tongue licking her lips to drain the remaining drops of beer on her succulent, pink lips.

"Onee-chan! You need to stay a bit sane, right?"

An irritated voice brought Souma Souko, the red-haired beauty to sigh in annoyance before she looked at the twin-tailed girl that had the same hair colour are their mother.

"Kurumi, when you grow up, you will understand that sometimes, drinking beer is more satisfying than drinking c.u.m!"

She cheered loudly before opening another can while Kurumi, who also had her mother's honey-gold eyes blushed furiously. Though, she was as much a s.l.u.t as her mother and sisters, she couldn't help but feel ashamed.

Even now, her whole body felt as if it was being heated under a cruel forge. The tiny top that barely covered her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es looked absolutely ravishing while her unbuttoned denim hotpants added a rare tomboyish charm to the young lady.

"You two, can you keep down. I need to study for tomorrow. I got a major exam."

An equally ravishing blonde sat on the dining table, dressed in a beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t-cut lingerie whose cream colour went well along with her crotchless violet panties. Her figure, slightly angular facial features and the deep violet eyes made her father wonder when did their ancestors get mixed up with western population. She was Souma Sayako, the sister who fell in between the eldest and the youngest.

Even her body was more developed when compared to the eldest of them all, Souko.

Their poor father never uncovered the fact that their mother, Souma Mitsuko never actually bore any of them through his own s.e.m.e.n. Souko belonged to the top martial-artist that happened to meet Mitsuko's eyes while Sayoko turned out to be the hard work of the foreign colleague of her father's company that stayed in their house for two night.

Meanwhile, even Mitsuko was slightly bewildered by Kurumi. Due to almost similar features, Mitsuko could never uncover the secret lover that left Kurumi into her oven.

"Ah! Sorry, Sayoko. Do well in your exam! By the way... isn't Genta your teacher?

I heard from a colleague that he has a Russian's physique. Lucky you."

Souko immediately started indulging herself in her own carnal escapades while Kurumi turned on her cellphone and started chatting with her friends.

"I am back, kids. We have a visitor."

"Eh? She returned so quickly?" Kurumi exclaimed while Sayoko raised her eyebrows with an amused smile hanging over her slightly paler lips.

"A visitor? Single? He must be rather... unique. I hope he is enduring enough... or tomorrow's exam might not go so well."

Meanwhile, Souko cheered with her beer can high in the air.

"Let's get the party started."


"How is it?"

Mitsuko asked softly, almost whispering as Nik's gaze fell on the entrance of the room when his sense of smell tingled due to the scent present in the air. It wasn't any artificial product, in fact, the scent felt natural, primal even. Not to mention the fact that the entrance of the house looked extremely classy.

Cream painted walls that lead up to the staircase while the wall on the left was filled multiple frames of family photos that refreshed Mitsuko's memories.

'Ah! I remember that guy once again. He was so.... mghhhhh!'

Through her glasses, Mitsuko's gaze fell on Nik's butt as she recalled how she was filled to the brim by the local martial artist on her honeymoon. It was absolutely the best. The way that red beast pounded the living oblivion out of her got Mitsuko riled up once again.

On the other hand, Nik caught the sight of a painting that displayed a scenic view of the ocean. The frame itself looked quite expensive, not to mention the painting itself.

'Oh... so this is the combination of hardworking father and cheating mother...'

But deep down, Nik felt that he still hadn't grasped the entire situation. The scent emanating through the hallway pointed out that this house has seen better days in the form of orgies. To Nik, it was obvious.

But, the question was...

'Where are the other women?'

'Probably upstairs.'

Sighing, he looked at the photo with Mitsuko embracing a black-haired, kind-looking middle-aged man while three beauties of different ethnicities stood beside both of them as they showed a big, happy smile.

"Mitsuko-san, are these two your sisters?"

Nik pointed at Souka's and Sayako's figure. They both looked too different to be Mitsuko's daughters.

"Ara~ How sweet of you, Nik-kun. But I am not that young. Hehe~"

She chuckled while she introduced the girls in the photo.

"That's my eldest daughter, Souka. Sayako is the most intelligent out of them while my youngest daughter looks just like me. Her name is Kurumi."

"Heh~ Mitsuko-san really doesn't look like the type of person to go through childbirth three times already.

So, your daughters are still here?"

Nodding, Mitsuko narrowed her eyes and spoke gently.

"Yes, they all are here. Now, you should go and chat with my daughters while I give my friend a call for your stay, alright?"

"Thank you, once again, Mitsuko-san."

It was at this moment, a loud cheer erupted from the living room while Nik suddenly came to a conclusion that gave rise to apprehension as well as expectations.

'Heavy odour all around the house... daughters birthed clearly from different males and finally... the daughters are still here.

You couldn't mean'

"You should go. I'll follow in a minute."

Giving Nik a gentle push, Mitsuko made her way to the landline placed near the umbrella stand and dialled a number while Nik made his way into the Souma's living room steadily.


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Characters Introduced:

Souma Mitsuko mother.

Souma Souko Eldest Daughter

Souma Sayoko Second Eldest

Souma Kurumi Youngest.