Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 20 Okusan's Dilemma

"Ara~ Nik, you really didn't have to do this at all~"

"Sure, I didn't have to. But I needed to."

Replied a younger voice replied in tandem as a soft chuckle escaped the full, alluring lips of the beauty.

The cab driver felt his heart itch, but god forbid if he actually looked at such a scandalous scene through his back mirror.

Mitsuko's head gently fell on Nik's shoulder while she wrapped her hands around his hand with a loving expression. Looking down, he couldn't help but kiss the top of her head, making her smile even warmly.

"Hey! You two! I am here, too, you know!"

A girl, that looked dangerously similar to the woman with the motherly charm pouted as her raven-haired twintails shook in frustration while she wrapped her hands around Nik's left arm.

Ordinarily, a third person would look at this scene and figure out that the daughter wanted her father's attention as she sweetly kissed her mother.

But two things didn't feel right to the driver.

The man sitting in the middle was too young to be the father of the young daughter. Heck, they practically looked similar in age. And why would a daughter immediately steal her father's lips?


Sweet Alabama, a mind-numbing scandal was occurring right at the back seat of his cab and yet, he still felt envious of the guy who could have it all.

Since the cab driver was quite an egoistic man, he could never think that such a young boy had skills or body necessary to make these two heavenly beautifies infatuate over him. So he simply contributed that the two women were quite rich and hired the boy to work as a tool of relief, or, the boy was rich and hired the duo.

Sadly, it wasn't the case at all.

As Nik and Kurumi engaged in a passionate kiss, Mitsuko, surprisingly, gave her blessings without any envy and softly kissed Nik's collarbone while striking his already raging c.o.c.k through his pants.

'Jesus, forgive me, for I have sinned.'

As the couple engaged in the shameless display of carnal affection, the cab driver kept chanting the prayers he could recall to keep himself from distracting.

Soon, with a sigh of relief, the cab driver stopped the cab at the destination while he didn't even dare ask for change for he had already seen too much. Nevertheless, the beautiful woman that could make him feel warm just by the arch of her smile allowed him to keep the change as a tip while both the girls finally left the youth's side and the youth, too, didn't take long before shuffling to the left side and leaving.

Opening the trunk of the car, the cab driver placed the baggage on the ground as the youth nodded politely at the driver before the cab drove off.


"Here we are..."

Mitsuko took a deep breath before Kurumi spoke up.

"But mom... you still haven't told us the reason for such a sudden move!"

Pouting, she picked one of the smaller pieces of baggage.

"Let Souko return. I have already texted her to come to Okusan's place directly. After all, we have already packed everything."

"... fine!"

Kurumi sighed and slumped her shoulders before walking up the flight of stairs, leaving Mitsuko and Nik alone.

"You should go up, too. I'll bring all your stuff up."

As Nik spoke, he suddenly found out Mitsuko's hands cupping his cheeks before bringing him to a loving kiss. There wasn't a shred of carnal passion, neither the kiss felt stale due to slight reservations. Somehow, the kiss just felt right.

Gazing at Mitsuko's shimmering golden eyes, Nik couldn't help but feel a bit amused.

"What was that for, Mama-san?"

Shrugging, Mitsuko rolled her eyes and placed her left index finger on the corner of her lips before smiling brightly.

"Somehow... I feel that I am going through my honeymoon once again. But this one feels even better."

Placing the huge bag down, Nik smiled and brought Mitsuko closer through her waist. His neck extended and slowly fell on her shoulders as Nik whispered while feeling Mitsuko's hand slithering up his back.

"Once again, thank you, Mitsuko."

"Me, too. Thank you for being here, Nik."

As their loving embrace was broken by the shout of an envious Kurumi, Mitsuko finally walked up while twisting her buttocks seductively while Nik simply groaned in frustration as he felt the numerous bags restricting his movements.

God, how much he wanted to plough Mama-san again!



Okusan immediately shook her head as the four cups of tea remained untouched. While Kurumi once again resumed her position to Nik's left while reluctantly leaving the right position for her mother, Okusan felt slightly angry due to having to take a seat on the opposite couch.

"Ara~ Kuouko-san, where is your passion for being a host? I always admired you for your need for satisfying your tenants. Of course, you could have taken it up a notch, but seeing Nik so satisfied, I feel that you are definitely a tough woman who knows her way around younger men."

Listening to Mitsuko's words, a vein throbbed on Okusan's temple as she immediately made a horrible expression.

"Oh, no you don't! I am not keeping you all for free! Heck, I shouldn't be keeping you guys at all. Do you even know how much my name would ruin if you keep bringing men to my apartments?!"

It was at this time, Kurumi suddenly felt something while the other two on the same side of the couch couldn't help but feel strange. They immediately thought of checking something before Nik had a brilliant smile on his face while Kurumi and Mitsuko gave him a sidelong glance.

Feeling something herself, Okusan immediately decided to check the most mysterious thing she could think of and definitely, she found the source of the strange sensation.

[Main: Nik Faran


Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma

Kyouko Okita

Sayako Souma]

Before Okusan could glare at Nik, Mitsuko spoke up.

"Well, Kyouko-san, now, you only have to worry about Souko and believe me, she doesn't like to bring men to house that much.

She is more of a... how should I say... a public place lover."

At Mitsuko's words, Kurumi couldn't help but sigh at her Eldest sister's antics.

Finally, after a long period of coaxing and praising the buxom beauty, one of a kind, Okusan finally nodded with a sigh. But now, another problem emerged.

The sleeping arrangements.

But before they could discuss further, Nik's room was clicked open as the scantily dressed Sayako emerged with disheveled hair. Walking out all the while yawning, Sayako didn't care for anyone as she even ignored her younger sibling, her mischievously smiling Mother and the furiously blushing Okusan before finding her target.

With slightly moist inner thighs that were revealed for all to relish the sight of while her twin peaks remained the jiggling glory they were, Sayako claimed the most wanted position in the house and let her beautiful, round and shapely butt fall on Nik's slightly aroused crotch.

Before the speechless Nik could even speak anything, Sayako's lips fondly seized Nik's before whispering with a smile.

"Looking forward to more satisfaction, Mr Partner."

Winking, Sayako gave one final kiss to his cheeks before getting up and going back to the bathroom to freshen up.

"Hey! Why would you even come out in such an outfit if you only had to run back into your room?!"

Kyouko immediately growled, to which, Sayako only gave a flirtatious wink and then left the living room in complete silence until Mitsuko gently clapped her hands and smiled.

"Kyouko-san, I apologise for my daughter's rude behaviour. She is going through a rebellious phase."

"Rebellious phase, my sweet ass!"

Okusan shouted while standing up grumpily.

"Well~ At least, the negotiations were successful."

Mitsuko wondered out loud while Kurumi and Nik couldn't help but think.

'What negotiations?'