Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 21 Whore Yes. Not A Whore Father.

"Ah~ That hit the spot!"

Drinking the whole can of beer before stomping it on the table while heaving a huge breath of relief due to downing the alcoholic content, Souko finally looked at the strangely tranquil table. On the head of the table, without actually contributing a single dime towards the construction of the house, Nik proved to be a worthy guy as Mitsuko took the spot to his right while Kyouko grudging settled for left.

Honestly, it didn't matter one bit who sat where. After all, aside from her own boisterous actions, Souko did not find anyone speaking too much at the dinner table. After all, Nik was 'waaayyyy' too busy inhaling the food while Sayako herself chewed the dishes prepared in a dignified manner.

Only Kurumi remained busy on her smartphone while slowly eating her dinner in a slightly dazed manner.

Such tranquility and peacefulness didn't sit well with the already drunk Souko, who sat completely opposite to Nik.

"Aah~ That hit the spot!"

Raising her voice, Souko, once again, committed her previous actions in tandem only to get royally ignored.

"Sigh... this is no fun~ We got booze, we got the delicious food... but..."

Souko's expression morphed into that of a pure sobriety while her focused gaze fell on Nik.

"But... where is the fun in the delicious meal if you don't have a woman's shapely rear to tend to in tandem, right, Nik?"

She called out, her expression dignified, her tone even more so.

"No, during eating, it is necessary to focus on food instead of anything else. Not to mention that this is the basic respect that is needed to be shown to the cook and the food itself.

So, I request, at least, on the dining table, we shouldn't profane the only action that nourishes our body. Even you, Kurumi, shouldn't focus on your smartphone."

Hearing the seriousness in his voice, not only Okusan, but even Mitsuko and others were quite surprised. But all the respect Nik had garnered was thrown off the window by his next words.

"Of course, after the meal, I am more than willing to tend to each one of your rears."

Smiling, he didn't register their strange gazes and started eating once again.


The dinner went uneventful. But the main discussion finally came up. Why would Mitsuko suddenly want a divorce? Except for Nik, not a single soul was privy to her current condition.

"Maybe, I should leave. This kind of thing should be discussed with the family."

Okusan suddenly spoke up only to get countered by Mitsuko.

"Please, you can stay. It's not that big of a deal."

Smiling, Mitsuko looked at her daughters, then Okusan before placing her hand on Nik's hand and taking a deep breath.

"All this time, for my bad decisions and spiteful actions, I have been nothing but a bad example. For this, I truly regret how I affected your lives, kids.

Sure, we don't actually feel constrained by the society's hypocritical thoughts regarding s.e.x.u.a.l relationsh.i.p.s, for that, I am proud of you."

Mitsuko looked at Souko, Sayako and then at Kurumi.

"I am pregnant."

At her words, a strange silence spread across the whole living room. The Souma daughters felt dazed while Okusan's jaw fell unconsciously.

"Forget about tending the rears... Nik has planned out to tend an entire herd..."

Souko couldn't help but chug down another can at her mother's sudden declaration.

"Um... please say something?"

Mitsuko pursued only to see Sayako, Kurumi and Okusan looking at Nik with a widened gaze.

"You? A father? Are you kidding me?"

The trio spoke in utmost unison while Souko shook her head at their words. At this moment, she could be considered the most sensible as she looked at Mitsuko and questioned.

"Mama, from what we understand, I, Sayako and Kurumi don't actually have our legal father's blood flowing within us. But that never made you divorce him.

So, why now? It couldn't be because of Nik, right?"

Frowning, Souko pointed at Nik.

Divorcing was still a huge change which even Souko wasn't willing to face. At her words, Mitsuko's face held a brilliant smile. Something that stunned the remaining trio who knew her very well. Instead of gentle and mature charm, her smile exuded a sense of cheerful youthfulness.

"That's right. It's because of Nik... and Kurumi, somehow. These kinds of things just happen. If you really want a sensible explanation of how I am currently feeling, then sorry, because I cannot explain it myself."

Mitsuko shrugged and then continued.

"Either way, those who have experienced Nik would understand what I mean, right?"

Gazing at Sayako, Kurumi and Okusan, Mitsuko questioned with bright eyes.

Not understanding her words, Souko looked at the trio sitting beside her. The thing that surprised her the most was the fact that even Sayako had the expression that released a sigh of defeat.

"Nik, are you really ready to be a father? I mean, we don't even know your origins. What is your family history? How much are you capable of earning?

These things matter."

Souko pursued once again while Nik nodded and then finally spoke up.

"Even when a single person is missing, I guess it doesn't harm to explain a bit about my origin."

As Nik spoke, his partners in the living room sat with their back straight and looked at him with rapt attention.

"I don't belong to this world. That is the truth, no matter how strange it sounds, I really do not originate from this planet. The strange screen that you guys have access to is the proof and the reason I said that I am travelling for ten days is that I only have ten days to stay here."


The five of them looked at him, shell-shocked.

While the four partners felt shocked due to the contents of Nik's explanation, Souko, on the other hand, felt shocked because she could see Nik's lips moving, but not a single word fell into her ear.

"What did you say? I couldn't hear anything!"

Seeing the changes in her siblings' and mother's expression, Souko couldn't help but feel slightly fearful.


The remaining looked at her while Nik nodded at the strange conclusion.

"This strange situation can also act as proof of my words. While you have officially connected with me, Souko hasn't, and thus, cannot hear the explanation about my origin."

Suddenly standing, Okusan shook her head and then whispered.

"This is too much for a day. I need some sleep."

Without waiting for anybody's response, she took off for her bedroom.

"I-... I need some time to process the whole situation, too..."

Sayako took a deep breath before making her way towards Nik's bedroom.

Almost immediately, Kurumi stood up and followed Sayako without saying anything while Souko looked at Mitsuko and Nik.

"Did you just whisper some curses when I couldn't hear you? Why such a strange reaction?"

She questioned only to see Mitsuko shake her head.

"Whatever, since Mama has already come to a decision, I'll follow her."

Souko shrugged and stood up while looking at the duo.

"I think, you both need to talk."


After a few minutes, Nik slumped back on the couch as he looked at Mitsuko with a bitter smile.

"I really blew it up, huh."

Sighing, Mitsuko gently stroked her own stomach.

"Not really... sometimes, instead of delaying the truth, you should simply speak it. It's like ripping a band-aid. Do it slowly, the pain gets worse. A swift rip is sometimes what you need."

Hearing Mitsuko, Nik shook his head.

"Well, you now know my truth... but as I told you yesterday, I'll be here for my child... our child."

Chuckling, Mitsuko shook her head.

"If what you say is true, and you really originate from another planet, then maybe, I should tell you that in this world, pregnancy takes a minimum of 9 months, not ten days."

"Of course, I know that. And that is what I am saying. I'll stay here... for better or worse... this is the least I can do for our child.

The moment you got pregnant, you should have known that the responsibility of the baby won't solely fall on your shoulders."

Looking at Nik with her worries rippling through her honey-gold eyes, Mitsuko couldn't help but bite her lips.

"But how..."

"Leave that to me. For now, you should rest. You need some."

Nik smiled while kissing Mitsuko's lips softly before gazing at her parting back.