Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 23 An Irresistible Shaft



Woken up to the strange yet pleasant sensation, Nik immediately witnessed a bobbing red head accompanied with the 'shlucking' sound of viscous saliva while the undeniable warmth that wrapped his c.o.c.k to the base could send shiver down any male's spine... but strangely, other than the slight feeling of relief, Nik didn't have much physical reaction other than the erect donger that was being tended to.

"Is this a new custom in the household?"

Nik whispered. Identifying the stealth blowjob mistress wasn't a heavenly detective's job for the flaming red hair only belonged to Souko. Hearing his whispers, Souko finally stopped choking and relishing the c.o.c.k that felt greater than the words of almighty and slowly sucked while bringing her face up.


While the interior of her mouth couldn't compare to Mitsuko's, the look on her face definitely attracted Nik's rapt attention.

Her soft lips stuck to his c.o.c.k as she her cheeks sunk in, creating an added layer of pressure while her narrowed eyes and slightly flared nostrils made Nik throb once again.


With a strange sound, Souko finally freed her mouth from the morning treat and smiled at Nik.

"Last night's incident took better of me... so, Sayako said that if I want to know what's going on, I will have to satisfy you."

As she whispered, her cheeks snuggled against his p.e.n.i.s lathered in her delicious saliva while letting her index finger trail one of the veins popping out of the underside of his shaft.

"But... your c.o.c.k feels quite different? Not only has it gotten slightly larger... it smells and tastes good."

She spoke before giving the side of the shaft another lick and then matched Nik's gaze while licking her lips seductively.

"Not to mention your violet eyes... s.e.xier than Sayako's, I must say."

Frowning, Nik couldn't help but utter.



Souko nodded as she placed her hands on Nik's chest while slowly pushing him back on the couch.

"But... now, it isn't about curiosity. It's all about satisfaction. So lay down and enjoy. I don't do this for others so casually."

As Souko spoke, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tight, black skirt up. Apparently, she actually slept with her office clothes on.

Lowering her stockings, Souko immediately used her soft hands to guide the huge rod against her wet snatch, lowering her h.i.p.s slightly to rub her entrance with his huge, round head, Souko smiled while using her other hand to cop a feel of her own b.r.e.a.s.ts while lowering her waist in a gentle, yet, unimpeded motion.

As Nik's c.o.c.k slowly stretched her entrance to the extremities Souko found unbelievable, she couldn't help but gasp as half of the c.o.c.k was all it took to completely fill her up.

Noticing that such a gentle approach might be more troublesome, Nik finally took the matter to his own hands. Just like how he snapped and spoke the truth swiftly, he decided to make Souko realise the truth that no matter how seductively she starts, it won't matter if his full length doesn't taste her relishing interior.

Taking ahold of her waist, Nik raised his own h.i.p.s while using his, now extraordinary, strength to exert his tip further, pushing Souko to the unimaginable hells of carnal pleasure as a sweet m.o.a.n escaped her gasping throat followed by a loud, beastly growl.


Souko's h.i.p.s shook back and forth as she immediately bit on her own finger to keep her sanity while her perfect face morphed into the slowly drooling mess with an unfocused gaze.

Right now, her half-clothed body and the breathtaking expression immediately made Nik's heart itch, making him push the final depth in one go.


If the others hadn't woken up before, they surely would wake up now.

But Nik cared no further. With his full length embedded inside her moist, tight cave that squeezed around his c.o.c.k, reluctance of losing Nik's c.o.c.k evident in the intensity of squeeze as Souko's butthole clenched while she instinctively placed her left hand on Nik's chest before assuming a crouching position on the couch.

Not waiting further, Souko actually moved on her own. Her own p.u.s.s.y juice leaking in enough quantity to make the experience pleasurable while Souko squeezed on Nik only after her butt cheeks kissed his crotch with a slapping sound.

In such a position, it would've been hard to reach Souko's face and kiss her lips that couldn't keep hold of her succulent tongue, after all, his spine might have been affected negatively.

But that was before, when he could still be considered a normal human being. Such consideration didn't reflect in his actions as he raised his upper body to take Souko's lips while placing his other hand on the base of her h.i.p.s, near the dimples of the h.i.p.s.

Whenever Souko raised her h.i.p.s, Nik would use his own hand to slam her butt down, enveloping his c.o.c.k to the extreme while pushing her inner walls deeper and deeper, making Souko slowly lose the main objective she came here for.

Only the thought of completely devouring Nik remained only to find her own self losing. Her innards convulsed alongside the rapid throbs of Nik's c.o.c.ks before Souko failed to hold it in anymore.

Even with her shrieks and m.o.a.ns controlled to the bare minimum, a loud m.o.a.n escaped into Nik's lips alongside her delicious saliva while he still expertly played with her tongue.

His left hand on her plump and round ass while his right hand on her exposed b.r.e.a.s.t, enjoying the bouncing b.r.e.a.s.t to its utmost.

As Nik's c.o.c.k glided and struck Souko's weaker points, her p.u.s.s.y convulsed one last time before squeezing extremely tightly while a pressurised squirt attacked Nik's c.o.c.k, only for him to grunt in continued pleasure while counter-attacking with a spray of his own, devil-spunk. Hot, virile s.e.m.e.n painted Souko's innards anew as she felt her body lose strength.

"Hah~ Oh my gahd! Nik! Aanngghhh!"

Souko's m.o.a.ns escaped once more as she felt Nik's c.o.c.k within her twitch to life once again.

"Let's continue!"

Nik didn't delay in sending the partner invite which was duly accepted while Nik changed the position with pressing Souko on the couch and taking her from the back. Even after letting out a huge load deep within her warm cave, Nik still felt quite alive, something, which was quite a refreshing feeling for him.


As hours of continued m.o.a.ns escaped Souko's untiring lips, Okusan felt slightly scared.

"He... is still going on? It's already 7 in the morning."

Beside Okusan laid Mitsuko, completely n.a.k.e.d, as her ravishing body remained covered in a thin sheet of blanket that perfectly exhibited her curvacious yet slender body.

"It is amazing, I must say... but, even when I hear such tantalizing m.o.a.ns, I wish to vomit... pregnancy really doesn't suit me."

Mitsuko muttered while Okusan glared at her.

"Then woman, you shouldn't have gotten pregnant at your age! What were you even thinking?!!"

Shrugging, Mitsuko simply replied.

"Like I said yesterday. Something happens on their own. And even though I feel slightly uncomfortable, it doesn't change the fact that I truly feel satisfied.

Of course... you can feel it, too, if you ask nicely."

Smiling, Mitsuko sat up while getting dangerously close to the blushing Okusan.

"Eh? Don't do anything weird!"

"Hehe~ You are as cute as ever..."

Mitsuko smiled and touched Okusan's lips before lying on the bed.

"Either way, I am sleeping. Nik is even dedicated enough to make Souko sing such sweet sounds. I'll sleep better this way."

"But... how can I go to the gym?"

Okusan complained.

"Get ready and go?"

Mitsuko spoke without opening her eyes. Rolling her own eyes in response, Okusan hissed.

"But they are doing it in the living room!"

"Well, I think, Kurumi and Sayako are already getting ready. So you have a better chance of going now, rather than later."

As Mitsuko spoke, it was indeed true that Kurumi and Sayako were getting ready for their day while completely ignoring Souko's illicit m.o.a.ns and grunts alongside the tantalizing sound of flesh hitting against each other.

Yes, they felt quite wet and hot, but by now, they had this much of basic control to wait for their elder sibling to finish her matters up before serving themselves.

But today, Souko kept on getting her meal for almost two hours.

"She will definitely call in sick..."

Sayako sighed while Kurumi pouted as she pointed at the strange screen visible to both of them.

"She also partnered-up."

"Not surprising. In fact, not partnering-up with Nik after taking his c.o.c.k with would be strange. Not to mention, I haven't Souko m.o.a.n in such a careless manner in my entire life."


Kurumi sighed in a distressed manner.


3 days, six partners.