Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 24 Small Price To Pay




With a stare that could practically create an annoying sound within Nik's consciousness, Kurumi kept her pout while walking with frustration apparent in her gait.


Gazing to his left, Nik smiled helplessly at Kurumi as she immediately averted her gaze and twisted her head sideways.

"You know... I was actually sleeping when Souko suddenly came onto me..."

"Sure... you were definitely sleeping while f.u.c.k.i.n.g her for two hours straight, too, right?"

Kurumi muttered while Nik shrugged.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g is such a crude word... I prefer the phrase bringing heavenly pleasure for two hours."

Rolling her eyes, Kurumi simply harrumphed and looked away before stealthily sneaking a peek at Nik's face.


Nik suddenly spoke up, making Kurumi shout a strange sound as she got startled. Embarrassed, a crimson hue touched her cheeks as she nodded meekly.

"Of course... in a span of 9 hours, your eyes turned violet and even your body feels kind of different, not to mention..."

As she whispered, her gaze fell on Nik's crotch.

"Well... now, I don't think there is any other way to make you realise that I wasn't lying yesterday, right?"

Nik questioned while Kurumi sighed sadly.

"So after a week..m you'll probably leave us, right?"

Kurumi spoke up, clearly distressed.

"Why would I?"

Nik looked down. At the change of his bloodline, Nik found his physique slightly burlier and he now looked a bit taller than Kurumi as compared to yesterday.

His violet hues locked with Kurumi's honey-gold pupils as Nik smiled gently.

"Leaving you guys is the last thing I wish to do. So don't worry, I'll be here."

At the outrageous charm his face displayed, Kurumi pouted while blushing.

"Figuratively or literally?"

She finally questioned which invoked a mild chuckle from her non-human mate.


Hearing his promise, even though Kurumi felt that she shouldn't believe his words too easily, Kurumi still felt a bit better as her hands wrapped around Nik's arm while she nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder.

"Yeah, you smell better, too."

Nodding at Kurumi's words, Nik smiled.

"Your eldest sister felt the same."

Just like this, the couple made their way towards the school while another duo walked with the school as their destination.

Gazing sidewards, Manabu looked at the lively Megumi who walked while skipping slightly.

'Strange... no accidents occurred today...'

In reality, to slightly make her Maa-kun more interested in herself, Megumi started to perform slightly air-headed action such as revealing her panties 'accidentally' or bending over and pressing her b.r.e.a.s.ts at his back on some occasions. But of course, as of yesterday, with her feelings sorted out by a bit, she did feel a little refreshed.

No longer did she feel compelled to take upon herself to seduce her Maa-kun neither did she feel guilty for moving over her feelings of crush held towards him. After all, Megumi herself liked Manabu while the latter showed no visible interest towards her. Not to mention the fact that she hadn't even actually entered into a committed relationship with him.

Since there were no real feelings, there shouldn't be any guilt. But sadness, Megumi felt plenty. Excitement and exhilaration of what the future might hold for her made Megumi so excited that she soon forgot all about her sadness and even started striking her bokken in the middle of the night, which led her to recall the recent event of losing her v.i.r.g.i.nity, making her feel even more excited.

Until this morning.

'Souko... Souma... another souma? There are already four of them. What the hell is Nik even thinking! Didn't Kurumi say that her eldest sis was...'

Just before her thoughts completely manifested, she recalled how Nik actually defended Kurumi when being accused of debauched actions. After thinking a bit clearly, Megumi also felt that Nik's explanation yesterday was quite reasonable. As if wishing to make one last comparison... Megumi looked at Manabu and suddenly asked out.

"Hey, Maa-kun... what do you think about... women who sleep with a lot of men?"

She barely whispered as Manabu's face showed a wonderful expression interlaced with bright crimson while almost losing his footing.

"Eh? Megumi! What are you even asking?! This This..."

As he stuttered, Megumi shook her head and continued.

"Calm down Maa-kun... haven't we already taken our s.e.x-ed classes? We should at least feel a bit comfortable when talking about mature stuff or this conversation would just feel plain awkward."

At her sudden glare, Manabu's eyelids twitched as he looked sideways before whispering himself.

"Well... if the act is done as a means of trade to survive... then I can understand... but not otherwise."

Frowning, Megumi tilted her head while they continued walking.

"What do you mean?"

Taking a deep breath while touching the lock of hair that reached his forehead, Manabu spoke a bit clearer.

"I meant... the concept of prostitution is fine by me... but those women who sleep with men casually without any care of their dignity... that I do not like."

Nodding, Megumi pursued.

"How do you define a woman's dignity?"

Startled, Manabu looked and frowned.

"Woman's dignity?"

Megumi nodded while her hand unconsciously clenched on the lower tip of her packaged bokken.

"Yes, how do you measure a woman's dignity? Or, who defines a woman's dignity?

Or, is there some kind of laws that states that casual relationship is harmful to woman's dignity?"

At her sensible words, even Manabu was forced to admit his blunder.

Looking down, Manabu couldn't help but whisper.

"I think... it's the society that decides such things."

"I see..."

Megumi whispered as they walked silently.


"So... take care. I'll be waiting for you in the afternoon."

Whispering gently, Nik caressed Kurumi's cheeks gently before taking her chin in between his thumb and index finger. Tilting her face up, Nik softly kissed her lips before smiling while gazing into her enamoured honey-gold eyes.

"Alright, off you go."

Whispering, Nik planted a soft kiss on her forehead as the yelps of girls rang across the entire entrance area of the school while boys felt a heavy pressure on their heart.

"Bye, Nik."

Grinning as small dimples formed on either side of her cheeks, Kurumi skipped away happily even when no girl was that willing to come across her after yesterday's events.


A cold snort sounded out as Megumi made her way past Nik while aggressively making him realise her presence.

As Megumi crossed Nik, her eyes flashed a momentary surprise for Nik's changes were too apparent. But she didn't dare show any association with the boy in front of the whole school and quickly made her way past Nik.

"H-hello, Nik."

Behind her followed Manabu, who stuttered at his appearance while nodding politely.

Smiling, as Nik took every girl's heart away, he too, nodded politely.

"Oh, hello there, Manabu. Good luck with your day."

"Ah! Thanks."

As Manabu nodded before leaving, Nik found a blonde boy glaring at him from the school entrance. Finally, with an amused smile, Nik decided to throw the bone towards the dog.

Extending his hands, Nik beckoned at Gunta while curling his index finger, surprising everyone around him while Gunta's eyes almost cracked in rage as she gritted his teeth and made his way outside the school.

Almost at the same time, a loud shout attracted everyone's attention.

"Master! I heard what happened! Let me take care of it!"

The black hulk, Rick, mysteriously appeared behind Nik and looked at Gunta maliciously while the boys felt compelled once more to see the show.

Even when they were severely scolded by their parents for skipping the school yesterday, they didn't have much of a choice. To witness such a fight would definitely be a sight to relish. So what if they skip school? It's merely a small price to pay to witness a great battle.