Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 25 Cost

A large group of boys garbed in their school uniform moved towards the empty plot near the school. Leading the group of rowdy and boisterous boys was a tall and handsome youth with short black hair and shimmering violet eyes.

As the group finally reached the empty plot that Nik had scouted out during his exploration of the neighborhood yesterday, he stood in the middle of the ground surrounded by large hollow concrete poles stacked at the surroundings.

Jumping on one of the stacks, Nik acted nothing like the gentle and caring individual he was in front of Mitsuko and others. In fact, with a slightly disturbing grin, he sat on the pole and looked at the gathered group.

His eyes landed on the blonde youth with a cold expression as he finally sighed.

"Dude... can you not disturb my girlfriend anymore? She is not interested in you, so, why should you lose your face in front of the whole school..."

Those who expected a great fight fell into despair. They skipped school... AGAIN! But where was the fight? Where was the scene of the enemy of the entire school getting pummeled to the ground? Where was the scene of the angry Rick ripping Gunta apart for harming his master?

The shock came even harder for Rick, who was somewhat privy to Nik's apparent strength.

Even Gunta fell stunned at Nik's words before a loud, almost roar of laughter escaped his mouth. Tears streaked down his cheeks as he kept laughing without any control of his emotions.

"F.u.c.k! And here I thought that you at least had a strap on! But... aren't you just a p.u.s.s.y?!"

Gunta's brash words rang across the empty ground as he continued leisurely.

"Let me tell you this! Once I beat the living hell out of you! I'll get Kurumi! I'll treasure her and protect her! Unlike you!"

The surrounding crowd cheered at his words while the neighbours finally started to feel fed up from all the noise. But they stayed their hand, after all, they all were once brash and young, right?

Hearing his words, Nik sighed and stood up.

"Your name is Gunta, right? Gunta Asaji? Even though you have spoken based on your emotions and don't feel that much hatred for me... even then, you'll have to pay the price of your words.

A cost so unbearable that you might not want to live anymore. But remember, that life is all about losing and gaining stuff.

So, while you will lose someone important to you on this day, don't forget that you'll eventually meet someone who will fill the void in your heart."

"What the f.u.c.k are you saying! F.u.c.k! I am just gonna"

Before he could finish, Gunta felt troubled speaking up, so did the others. Right in front of their eyes, Nik, who kept his gentle smile actually picked one of the concrete poles with one of his hand and raised it higher and higher.

"Shh, don't interrupt me, Gunta. As social convention dictates, I tried reasoning even when you verbally abused my girlfriend.

Now, you dare hold such tone in front of me?

Honestly, I don't feel any sense of satisfaction if I crush you. Neither have your sins surpassed your lifeline... so, as the price of all your actions towards me, though verbal, I'll be taking your mother."

As Nik spoke, he still casually held the concrete pillar more than thrice of his own size and jumped down, causing a small shock to spread across the ground.

"It this even real..."

One of them muttered, to which, Nik placed down the heavy pillar for all to feel. Meanwhile, Gunta felt the ground sliding from the bottom of his feet as he found his footing dwindling.

If Kurumi could invoke a feeling of fear stemming out of his emotions for the former, then Nik invoked the feeling of absolute dread that stemmed out of his very instincts.

But still, Gunta couldn't stay silent if his own mother was getting dragged into the mess he created. Not after seeing the supernatural strength the opposition suddenly showed.

With gritted teeth, Gunta practically growled akin to a cornered animal.

"What do you mean by that?!!"

"Meaning? I mean that I will do everything you said. I have already crushed you. Your strength, no matter how it looks, doesn't match mine at all. Now that you are defeated, I don't have to beat you senseless.

I only have to treasure your mother and protect your mother, since you, clearly, don't have the qualifications to do so."

Everyone felt a bang exploding inside their consciousness as Gunta fell on the ground, his vision in a disarray.

"What... what?!"

He shouted while looking up at particular malignant Nik, whose head seemed to eclipse the rising sun behind him as all that was visible remained a pair of malevolent violet eyes that seemed to mock his entire existence.

"What? Did you think that I look beautiful so I have to be gentle? That I wear plain clothes so I must be a good person, that's how you judged me, right?"

"Guess what, you shouldn't judge a person based on his appearance. Now, I will make sure that you learn a valuable lesson."

"Pheromone Illusion."

As Nik whispered, a clearly addictive scent escaped from his pore and immediately entered the bodies of the students around him through their own pores. Even Rick was affected.

Soon, they fell into a deep illusion that actually showed whatever they saw right now was simply a hallucination. But, even though this act should have been impossible since it isn't easy to control multiple consciousnesses at once, Nik felt quite natural at it.

[Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 1):

A skill that uses the pheromones suppressed within the bloodline of the Incubus Descendant to elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 1

Carnal Desires: Lvl 1

Illusion: Lvl 1]

With his violet eyes glowing dazzlingly, Nik smiled at Gunta particularly happily.

"Now, Gunta, take me to your mother, won't you?"

In fact, Nik did not actually plan to really consummate his meeting with Gunta through his mother. After all, there remained a risk that she won't be that beautiful, considering Gunta's appearance. But before laying his eyes on her, Nik didn't dare conclude anything.

So, two people left a group of dazed students before making their way towards the eastern part of the town.


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