Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 26 The Frivolous Mother 1

"Gunta-chan! What are you doing here?!"

A beautiful brunette with light-brown, almost orangish hair colour answered the door as her bespectacled face showed clear signs of surprise. Her short hair reached the nape of her neck while her dark eyes suddenly measured the youth accompanying her son.

'Gunta-chan's friend? Didn't he mingle around with those two reckless kids? And... why isn't he at school?'

No matter how much of a bully Gunta came to be, he was a smart kid with the right scores to always avoid scolding from his mother and teachers after screwing with other kids. Of course, his lackeys were not gifted with his intellect.

On the other hand, Nik's face failed to hide clear signs of surprise plastered on his face.

Looking down at slightly dazed Gunta, Nik carefully noted his facial features before classifying him as ordinary while once again gazing at the woman in front of him.

"Are you... perhaps, Gunta's caretaker? Can I meet his mother?"

Nik analysed her body covered in a blue sweater and dark pants. A perfect figure, comparable to Mitsuko's. Even her round glasses made her look damn cute while her plump lips and charming eyes competed with Sayako's facial charms.

A rare talent.

"Ah! I am sorry, but I am Gunta-chan's mother! What's going on?"

She spoke while looking at Gunta, who showed no response even after his mother waved her hands in front of his face.

Sighing, Nik smiled.

"I see, then you are Mrs Asaji. Your son, Gunta Asaji has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and I brought him here to counsel both of you for his future situation."

Nik presented while placing his hand of Gunta's shoulder.

"Right, Gunta?"

Nik smiled to which, Gunta only nodded without any expression.

"Ah! Please, come right this way!"

Mrs Asaji immediately brought Nik to the living room while sitting alongside her son, right in front of Nik.

"First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Nik Faran and have just shifted to the city.

Currently, I am living in an apartment near the Silver Muscle gym."

Nodding, Gunta's mother finally introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you, Faran-san. I am Kaya Asaji, Gunta-chan's mother. Please, tell me, how can I help you?"

Waving his hands with a smile, Nik continued.

"Please, call me Nik. To understand the situation better, you should hear it from Gunta himself."

At Nik's words, Kaya looked at her son with worry rippling in her gaze as Gunta nodded at Nik's command and finally opened his mouth, revealing his monotone voice.

"Not satisfied by Kurumi Souma suddenly entering into a relationship with Nik Faran, I tried to verbally demoralise her in the school by abusing her in front of her class.

Finding out the situation, Nik brought me to converse peacefully and settle the matter. But I continued my actions and aggrieved him further. Making him take extreme action against me."

As Gunta continued, Kaya's eyes grew wider while her lips trembled slightly.

"What? Come again?"

Sighing, Nik shook his head and snapped his fingers.

Clarity grew within Gunta's gaze as he realised how easily he admitted his mistakes. His face grew ugly while he looked at his mother's quivering expression.

"I always indulged you due to your lack of father's love! But never did I think that you would be so shameless!

Abusing a girl, picking fights! When will you stop?!"

As Kaya's voice grew louder, Nik suddenly chuckled.

At his sudden rude behaviour, Kaya couldn't help but look at Nik with a frown. She was already in a bad mood and even though Nik clearly surpassed any man she has ever seen in the departments of looks, she had greater priorities, like setting her son straight.

"Oh, I am sorry. I didn't realise the problem was such a simple one.

I finally understand. Gunta's brash behaviour and revolting attitude stem from the psychological need of setting himself different to attain the attention of his ideal, whoever he may be.

Then, the answer to such a problem is also quite simple."

Nik smiled as he activated Pheromone Illusion to induce the l.u.s.t of a living being within the range of the skill. Seeing the visible effect on the mother-son duo, Nik continued leisurely.

"Why don't I assume the role of a father? Under my guidance, Gunta will finally turn into a good boy."

As Nik spoke, his eyes seemed to glow dazzlingly while he stood up and made his way across the table that obstructed him from embracing Kaya.

Suddenly, Nik had a thought and then looked at Gunta before he grew dazed once again.

"As I said, it would be quite unfair if I torture you by using your mother. After all, you only offended me verbally.

You don't need to know that your mother's affection belongs to me. Sleep, my adoptive son, for I shall protect you from any harm that may befall upon you."

As Nik whispered, Gunta's eyelids grew heavier while Kaya's face started turning even more flushed as her heated gaze grew upon Nik.

"This house stinks too much... though, you did your best in keeping your son safe, behind his back, many men have already visited this house."

Smiling, Nik looked down at the clearly aroused Kaya.

"Fret not, from now on, as Gunta's adoptive father, I shall take care of his mother and place my utmost attention on you, Kaya."

"What what is going on?! You did something, didn't you?"

In between her pants, Kaya glared at Nik while the latter shrugged carelessly.

"Of course, other than me, do you find any other stranger?"

As he spoke, he slowly bent and placed his hands under Kaya's thighs and back, picking her up from the couch as she defenceless body felt too soft to touch.

"Stop! You, you are Gunta's friend, right? You don't have to do this?!"

"Kaya, while it may be true that Father and Son have a relationship of that befitting two friends, unfortunately, Gunta isn't mature enough to understand me. So you'll have to be my friend till then.

Now, let's take you to the venue of the commemoration of our friendship.

Tell me, where's your bedroom?"

At Nik's question, Kaya bit her lips while looking down, not daring to meet Nik's charming face as his words only served to make her feel hotter.

"Oh? I see..."

Nik nodded at her silence.

"You wish to be my friend in front of your son, right? So that he can understand me even more quickly.

A wonderful decision, Kaya-mama."

As Kaya's head snapped up in surprise, her full lips were instantly taken by Nik's lips. Her hands that gentle remained on his chest immediately clutched on his shirt while she closed her eyes, feeling the roguish tongue ravaging her insides without her consent, once again, the thought only made her body feel even hotter.

"Hah~ please! Not here!"

Feeling Nik's hand below her back slowly creeping towards her chest, Kaya immediately protested only to feel her body getting placed on the couch. Opening her eyes, she looked at the peacefully sleeping Gunta and then looked at the god that made her body feel akin to a melting rod in a furnace.

"It's quite difficult to please your body while holding you."

At her surprisingly questioning gaze, Nik shrugged and then immediately pushed her down the couch and placed his lips on her pink lips once again. He had already removed her glasses to avoid any chance of injury and let his hands roam over her sweater, outrageously touching and squeezing her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts that held nothing other than the sweater covering them, evident by the dual nubbins poking out.

"Ohhh... haaaa!"

M.o.a.ns and gasps leaked alongside her delicious saliva while Nik's burning crouch rubbed against her smooth stomach, making Kaya fall into the spiral of emotions containing expectations and even embarrassment at the act being committed in front of the child she took care of.

"Kaya, so? This isn't enough to cover up for the mistakes your son committed. You'll have to compensate for the emotional damage caused without holding back."

By now, Nik was only controlling the skill to keep control over Gunta's mind. Meanwhile, the delicious mother beneath him was making decisions for herself. Nik only helped her and guided her towards the right path.

As Kaya's m.o.a.ns interlaced into her saliva while Nik's hands made Kaya's body relax and hotter at the same time, Nik finally concluded that it was the time for the next step.

To finally become Gunta's father, he must become Kaya's man. As a being aspiring to be a great father to outlive the shadow his own father had become, Nik mentally swore that he would never give up on Gunta... of course, Kaya remained included as a package deal.


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