Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 28 A Warm Date 1

"Ohh! You finally return? How was this new woman? Kaya Asaji, was it?"

Sweat drenched, evidently returning back from the gym, Kyouko looked at Nik's goofy smile and snorted coldly.

"Yes, a fine taste befitting a fine woman."

Nik nodded while playing around with the remote control. Even though his civilisation was quite similar to this world's, the people of his previous world never actually stayed inside their home to watch a single digital screen.


Cursing, Kyouko decided to walk away and cool her steam with a nice long bath only to get her wrist taken by Nik, getting pulled by Nik over his lips, her round, shapely buttocks right in front of his face. The black tights caused Nik to squeeze her perky ass, making Kyouko yelp!

"Hey! What's the big idea?! I told you, not sugar till date! And let me bath!"

Shaking his head, Nik used both of his hand to spread her meaty, plump butt as his hands couldn't help but squeeze and pinch even tighter. Her ass was a drug that his hands got addicted to.

"You know, Kyouko, I learnt a new position today. Kaya called it the full nelson Wanna do it?"

Hissing, Kyouko controlled her breathing as to not leak any m.o.a.ns and finally frowned and muttered.

"Sure, you can do it! But didn't we agree on a date? Are you not even going to entertain this much of my wish?"

Still handling her butt exquisitely, Nik smiled and looked at Kyouko, whose back and smooth neck were revealed due to her pink hair tied up.

"You certainly have more to say, right?" Nik questioned before continuing.

"Don't hold back, lay it out."

Kyouko shook her head and sighed.

"Mitsuko... she asked for a baby and you gave it to her... that's a big responsibility Nik. Being a father... Are you really up for it? Don't you feel scared that your actions, in nine months, would affect an innocent life?

Sure, we are broken women that don't mind sharing a capable man... but is this what you want from your child?"

Narrowing, Nik finally stopped massaging her butt and sighed. Helping her sit up, of course, on his lap, Nik gently embraced her from the back.


"And..." Kyouko took a deep breath before placing her hands above Nik, who gently wrapped his arms around her stomach.

"And... one day, if you found out that your baby girl or baby boy grew up to be like us? Can you really accept it?"

"Didn't I accept you?"

Nik voiced to which, Kyouko only shook her head.

"It's not the same. I don't know the feeling, but I definitely know that if my actions turned my own daughter... or my own son into, what I categorise as the worst decisions of my youth... then I don't know how to feel in such situation.

Society doesn't accept a widow visited by drunk men, right? You are different. You are closer to us than to society. But that doesn't mean your kids would be like you, or me or Mitsuko and others.

Let me ask you this... if Mitsuko was your daughter, assuming that you two do not have any kind of s.e.x.u.a.l relationship even considering both of your characteristics... could you ever accept such a daughter?"

As Kuouko's voice shivered, Nik softly laid his lips on the nape of her neck before replying, almost snapping.

"In a heartbeat."


Kyouko finally turned her head sideways only to gaze at a smiling Nik.

"If Mitsuko were to be my daughter and indulged in such actions, I would still accept her. My mother... used to say A Harlot's popular reputation is thousands of times better than a knight's glory, that is carved by the blood of living beings so, not only would I accept Mitsuko, I would also teach that the men she has been using aren't enough to satisfy her.

With that, I will find my daughter the perfect candidate. And if such a candidate doesn't exist, then I'll sacrifice my relationship with my daughter to completely satisfy her."

At first, Kyouko did feel a bit better after hearing Nik's words. After hearing that Mitsuko was already pregnant while her own w.o.m.b remained barren with no life to birth, she felt incomparably depressed. But, when she heard Nik's latter sentence, she couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Shameless! Both of you!"

Since she was still looking at Nik, Kyouko failed to look out for the sudden strike on her cheek. A soft kiss before a mild voice escaped through a gentle chuckle.

"Shameless, yes, we are."

Mitsuko, not wearing anything other than a short apron that completely revealed her assets, smiled at Kyouko with delight and amus.e.m.e.nt showing within her eyes.

"Eh? You are here?"

At her response, Mitsuko couldn't help but smile brilliantly.

"Did you forget that I live here, too, Roomy?"


Nik laughed as he finally let go of the embarrassed Kyouko.

"Shame on both of you! Teasing a troubled woman!"

Clenching her jaws, Kyouko shouted while pointing at the snickering duo.

Ignoring Kuouko's shout, Mitsuko bent down and lapped up Nik's lips and tongue into hers while Kyouko almost cursed out as she saw her wet and sloppy p.u.s.s.y pressed against her face.

But Kyouko couldn't deny that Mitsuko didn't look like a mother of three daughters...

'I must know the secret to her bu no, ass no, body.'

As Kyouka confirmed her thoughts, Mitsuko finally stood up while Nik looked at Kyouko.

"So? Get ready!"

"Get ready?"

Kyouko questioned.

"Yep! For a date! I am still understanding the premise of the date, but I think that small preparations are enough for the first try."

Nik nodded while Kyouko sighed.

"But... it's still morning. Who goes on a date in the morning?"

"Will you get ready? Date is just about food, right?"

At his words, Kyouko snorted and then finally, Mitsuko smiled and held Kuouko's hand.

"Let me help you with your preparations. Nik, you should wash up and get ready yourself."

Smilingly, Mitsuko looked back before suddenly speaking out.

"Oh yeah, be sure to bring... Kaya-san whenever you feel like it. I would like to make acquaintance with her."

Nodding naturally, Nik stood up while Mitsuko led a strangely anxious Kyouko to her own bedroom.



The door clicked open as Nik stood up, his violet gaze fell on Kyouko, garbed in a beautiful, frilled sky-blue sundress. The darkened neckline reached down her collarbone while exposing the beginning of her milky white b.r.e.a.s.ts as the rest of the skirt flowed down naturally. Her fidgeting figure didn't go well with her mature and ripe body, but those anxious green eyes finally pulled a smile from Nik's lips.

"You look beautiful, Kyouko."

"Y-you, too."

With the front of his black hair slightly fashioned up while his body finally covered in a slightly youthful t-shirt that went well with his toned physique. The cuts of his muscles exposed on his forearms were a sight to behold.

Walking forward, Nik slowly extended his hands towards Kyouko as she felt slightly nervous.

Hesitation formed from her past experiences almost overcame her thoughts as she suddenly felt a slight push behind her back only to find a gently smiling Mitsuko looking at her.

Gathering her courage, Kyouko nodded appreciatively at Mitsuko and finally looked back to Nik.

A brilliant smile escaped her own lips.

"Let's go."

With that, she took Nik's hand, who in return, looked at Mitsuko and gave her a nod while speaking.

"We'll return safely."

Shrugging, Mitsuko chuckled.

"Sure you will."