Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 29 A Warm Date 2

"Do we really need to do this?"

Kyouko lowered her head in embarrassment as her eyes could actually see her own bosom tremble with each step, intensifying the shame she felt. Not to mention the gazes sent towards their direction and the bold action of holding hands in public.

Squeezing her hand gently, Nik looked sideways. Just a day before, he was still slightly shorter than Kyouko, but after the sudden bloodline ritual, he grew a bit, making him slightly taller than Kyouko.

"Fine, I'll leave your hand. If that's what you want."

Smiling, Nik let his grip loose only to find Kyouko gripping his hand tightly. His widening smile didn't remain unregistered as Kyouko sighed with distress.

"At least act accordingly. You know, I have the right to say such things. Other than my... well, aside from you, only one person was allowed to take my hand."

Whispering, Kyouko walked a bit quicker, hiding a gentle curve on her lips as she felt Nik's hand squeezing her right hand once again.

Suddenly, she turned and looked at Nik with expectations embedded within her gaze.

"So? Where are we going?"

Gazing at Kyouko's turning figure while sunlight shone over her face, Nik couldn't help but feel a little gratified.

"Well, I don't have that much of a surprise planned. I found this interesting place yesterday. Let me take you there."

Along the way, Nik made a few stops to taste the local dishes and snack foods while chatting and learning more about this world. In fact, he didn't have a very special date in his mind, and admittedly, he really went along Kyouko just to have his way with her later.

But in some moments of the date, he forgot about his own nefarious thoughts. His heart felt satisfied when he gazed upon Kyouko gently brushing her locks behind her hair while blowing at hot skewers. He felt happy when she pouted as he would definitely be pinching and groping her butt when no gazes trailed over them.

At some moments, he would actually pick her up while dashing across the street while relishing the yelps of surprise while Okusan would definitely smile when the rushing wind grazed past her cheeks.

Somehow, during their date, they started to finally appreciate each other. Not each other's beauty, but each other's personality. Even Kyouko started expecting Nik's regular groping while she would boldly respond by pulling him into a nearby valley, then checking if there was anyone present inside the valley before engaging in a passionate kiss. Their tongues would intertwine, their chest would press against each other, but that was it.

Nik, to his own surprise, kept his word and didn't even try to initiate or coax Kyouko into having s.e.x with her in public. Though exciting, Nik felt that it would not only ruin Kyouko's mood after the deed, but even his own.

Meanwhile, Kyouko admittedly felt that it wouldn't be bad to actually give her body to Nik in public. In fact, the thought excited her deeply. But after many passionate kisses, Kyouko actually felt thankful that Nik held his hand.

Left during noontime, the couple still didn't have a single thought of returning home even when the evening glow touched their skin and hair.

Walking hand-in-hand, Nik led to various places while Kyouko followed everywhere with a smile until she finally admitted her own tiredness, making Nik smile before picking her up and dashing towards the final destination of the date.


"We got too late..."

Okusan muttered as she rested her back on the ground by placing her hands back and supporting her body through her shoulders. The open field remained covered by trees. In fact, it was quite surprising how much Nik found about this place within the span of a day.

Even Kyouko didn't know about that many stands that sold local snacks.

Humming in approval, Nik simply closed his eyes and enjoyed Kyouko's lap pillow. In fact, Nik wanted to watch the sparse stars in the evening sky, but the underside of Kyouko's b.r.e.a.s.ts wasn't a sight that could be sacrificed for mere twinkling Celestial bodies millions of lightyears away.

"But Nik, thank you for such a wonderful date and... thank you for not..."

A flush reached Kyouko's cheeks as she felt embarrassed at how easily she let her own desire take control of her even after she repeated the phrase No date, no sugar.

"Don't mention it... I am glad, that you enjoyed your time with me, honestly."

Okusan smiled as she slowly laid down on the ground, finally giving Nik access to the evening sky while her b.r.e.a.s.ts, that weren't covered in undergarment due to the characteristics of a sundress, gently pressed downwards, as if they were jellies.

"What about you, Nik? Did you enjoy your time with me?"

Okusan asked while she looked at the sparsely covered sky as her thoughts remained unknown.

"So much that I want to do it again."

Nik replied, to which Okusan let out a relieved smile.

"I am glad."

"Hey, Kyouko... do you think about him?"

Nik suddenly asked. He had heard a bit about Kyouko's husband from Souko. In fact, Mitsuko and Kyouko knew each other from their school life.

Sighing, Kyouko fell silent before her lips parted.

"Not only him... everyone. Whether a man stayed with me for a night, a month or even pledged to walk alongside me for the rest of my life.

In the end, I can only remember them."

"I see..."

Nik didn't comment, in fact, he couldn't. But he couldn't remain silent, too.

As he reorganised his thoughts to speak something comforting, Kyouko spoke out.

"What do you think of me, Nik? What would you do, if I say that I did think of my husband at some parts of our date? What would you say if I told you that aside from physique, your smile, your actions and your ability to keep your word matches my late husband to a horrifying degree?"

Distinguishing the tremor in her words, Nik fell silent once again. Could he actually lie to her just to comfort her? Could he lie to himself?

Sure, once a sc.u.m, always a sc.u.m. His actions allowed him to understand that he wasn't a good guy.

Raping Megumi, taking advantage of Kaya... even though, the ending result came out satisfactory, the fact remains, that he did what he wished to without the care of others' thoughts.

This self-realization made Nik thank his fortune that even after his actions of taking so many women in a span of few days, Mitsuko, Kyouko and others didn't actually avoid him.

This also made him realise, that he couldn't lie. At least, not to himself.

"What would I say?"

Nik muttered while Kyouko felt a wave of anxiousness pass through her body.

Taking a deep breath, Nik finally spoke softly.

"I say... be my Okusan, Kyouko. Keep your late husband in your heart. Never forget about him. From the way you speak of him... he is definitely a good guy, but..."

Slowly sitting up, Nik found Kyouko covering her eyes with her arms as a crystal clear stream of tears flowed down. Biting her lips, she wept silently.

Placing his hand on her shuddering arm, Nik smiled softly.

"But don't feel guilty. Take his memories as a blessing and move forward with me. I'll be there for you. I'll make you forget about others, but make sure that your late husband, who watched over you and prayed for your health remains in your heart."

Looking at the slowly darkening sky, Nik recalled that this was his main world. That meant, he still had to successfully survive a new world. The dangers were clear and here he was, making empty promises to a woman he had only met for a few days.

"Okusan... even if I don't feel unhappy with your husband, I surely envy the man. So if something happened to me... only 'if'... then, can I ask you to remember me, t"

With a sudden push, Nik found his back touching the ground while his lips instantly connected with Okusan's. Her tongue slid into his mouth and actively sought out his tongue, her tear-filled eyes remained closed while her hands immediately pushed his t-shirt up and found her hands roaming across the buckle of his belt, immediately undoing his pants.

Though surprised, Nik didn't feel like stopping himself either.

"Muaaah! Don't you dare say that! Not in front of my face!"

She spoke hurriedly in between their kiss as she immediately cupped his cheeks and pressed for an even aggressive kiss.

"How could you even say that in front of my face?! Nik... how could you be so cruel?!"

Her glistening emerald eyes glowed brighter than any star in the dark sky. The coldness from the ground spread across his back, yet, his heart felt incomparably warm and passionate.

"I didn't mean"

As Okusan didn't even give Nik time to explain, she brought her hands down once again and immediately felt the only hot thing that the cold boy had to give her. She needed his warmth, and the rod in between her hands was the source of her desired warmth.

Sitting up on Nik's waist while straddling his sides through her knees and thighs, Okusan immediately removed her sundress, revealed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and a white thong that made her look incomparably pure.

With warm tears interlaced with the guilt of moving on while the happiness of finding a new partner, Okusan softly whispered as she positioned her already moistened snatch above the tip of his c.o.c.k, slowly grinding her entrance against his own exposed tip.

"Nik... take me... please."

Her whispers compelled Nik to take action... no, in fact, her whispers actually remained Nik's salvation as he almost concluded his own unfortunate death in the near future in his own mind. With a solemn expression, he nodded. His eyes seriously gazed at her body's contours and then burnt the sight of her crying face within his mind and heart.

Moving his hip up, completing Okusan's request and cries of help, his c.o.c.k reached deep within her snatch almost instantly. Even the slightly increased girth and length failed to find any stops.

Okusan's knees instantly felt weak as she could no longer maintain her crouching position, her hands immediately sought for support on Nik's chest as Nik finally pulled her into a loving embrace.

"I won't leave you... I won't ever think of leaving you."

His whispers dominated Okusan's sense of hearing. She didn't wish to hear the symphony of their flesh hitting each other. She didn't wish to focus on the pleasing massage Nik's hand provided to her butt. She only wished to feel his warmth filling her up and his whispers, comforting her heart.

"So be my Okusan. From now on, you are my Okusan!"

His words grew aggressive against his grunts while Okusan's heart only felt calmer and sweeter.

She finally felt it all at almost the same time. Nik's hard throbbing c.o.c.k pushing her innards further while she clamped on him, making the experience more pleasing for both of them. His thumb stretched her anus while she actively clenched her butt, her ass kept on getting spread while her mouth soon found her solace in Nik's warm mouth. No longer did his body feel cold.

No longer did she feel guilt.

No longer did she feel empty. While she enjoyed a little escapade after her bath, that couldn't even come close to how good she felt right now.

"Nik! Hnnghhhhh! Ohhhh! Nik! I'm gonna! I'm gonna!"

Her screams cut short by Nil's rapid pounding that served to bring her to the Heaven of Carnal Pleasure. No longer did she feel the need to remember those who left her willingly.

Taking the remaining bits of the memories of her late husband as the graceful blessings, Okusan finally came against Nik's deep-reaching rod while he, somehow, came alongside her. His spunk united with her nectar as Okusan's body shook. Her w.o.m.b felt warm, full and expanding by the sheer intensity of his climax.

But soon, she found that Nik wasn't even close to stopping. His seed was pushed forward to make space for ever-releasing spunk as Okusan couldn't help but m.o.a.n in pleasure.

As the night grew darker, their pale-skinned body illuminated under the gentle moonlight interlaced with each other, melting into a single entity.

Truly, this date was a memorable event for both of them even in the coming years.