Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 3 The Souma S.l.u.ts 2

The scent slowly grew intense as Nik's steps lead him to Mitsuko's living room and there they sat.

The youngest one, Kurumi, sat with her legs folded on a single-seater couch with her fingers dexterously typing on her smartphone. The red-headed, Souma Souko laid on her front with her back completely exposed as she gulped on a can of beer. The second-eldest, the beautiful blonde that had otherworldly features, happened to be looking towards Nik's direction as she smiled.

All of them remained oblivious to the fact that they were barely dressed and Sayako, the blonde that took attention wherever she was, looked especially enticing with her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts in the view.

But still, coming to the conclusion that the whole family was a s.l.u.t was quite different from actually seeing one.

"You must be mom's guest, right? I am Souma Sayako, you can simply address me as Sayako."

Pulling the strands of her golden hair back, Sayako smiled beautifully before looking at the other two.

"I apologise for my siblings' rude behaviour. Well, try and make yourself a little comfortable. I am quite busy, too. So, I will join later."

Her violet eyes shimmered as she turned her back and finally, the beautiful pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts were removed from his vision. And yet, Nik remained stunned.

'That casual expression while having her whole body exposed... not to mention her moist thighs....

What kind of world is this?'

He questioned in his heart. Sure, infidelity took place in his world, too. But women from his civilisation, other than the trained harlots of the redlight district, showed moderation even when they dipped in the pool of carnal excitement that shook their spine named cheating.

'This is clearly... wow.'

Entering a rare moment of speechlessness, Nik appreciated the sight of almost bare maidens indulging in their own task. The youngest socialised through the means of modern communication while the eldest lost herself to the heavenly beverage brewed from the ancient times Alcohol. Only the second eldest showed a bit of moderation. Her eyes clear as they trailed the words on the thick book while jotting down the points that seemed to be important.

'Um... can I get a glass of water?'

Finally, the youngest one looked up.

"Ah! Sorry! I got to busy with my friend!"

Her head snapped up as she placed her smartphone on the hand rest of the couch and immediately jumped up from her lazy position. Grinning cheekily, she tip-toed towards Nik.

"I am Souma Kurumi. You look a little older than me, so you can call me Kurumi. Nice to meet you!"

"Yeah, nice to meet you, too. Kurumi, I am Nik Faran, just call me Nik. Mitsuko-san invited me until she finds a place for me."

As he mentioned his name, Souko's and Sayako's ears twitched a bit before they resumed their activities while they weren't surprised that a cute boy was invited over by their mother once again. After all, there was a shortage of cute guys that were still free from their clutches.

"He~ You aren't from here? Do you plan to travel around?"

Kurumi's voice trailed off as she ran towards the kitchen to get him a glass of water while Nik slowly made his way to the kitchen.

"Yup. I am around for ten days. After that, I'll be moving once again."

Smiling, he accepted the glass of water while Kurumi looked over him albeit curiously.

"Where did you come from, Nik?"

Under Kurumi's lead, Nik sat on the adjacent couch and spoke while carefully thinking. According to the strict rules of the system, he wasn't allowed to mention it to anybody else aside from his own partners due to the strange inheritance of the Incubus Society.

"I am from... well, I come from quite a poor area. Even though basic necessities are met, each and every person has to work quite hard.

Since I am alone in this world and earned a fortune, I thought of leaving the place to find a good place to settle down."

As he spoke, Sayako's brain constantly analysed his words while she felt even more satisfied with the conditions that followed the boy. He was alone in a place filled with hardship, that means, he definitely has some physical energy to spare. Second, he is still calm despite seeing her and Souko in such lewd clothes.

This only meant that even if he wasn't experienced in orgy parties, he definitely is experienced in s.e.x and is open enough to accept the facts placed in front of him. Facts being the scantily clothed daughters of a mature, yet, whorish mother.

"Eh? You got any good stories to share? By the way, I am Souma Souko! Call me Souko-san if you want to."

The red-headed beauty in the e.r.o.t.i.c gauze finally sat up as her twin peaks jiggled for all to witness, of course, nobody raised their brows at her actions.

"Yes, pleasured to make your acquaintance, Souko-san.

If you want to hear some fun stories, I actually have a lot of them."

"For real? Share 'em!"

Souko shouted while raising her can of beer once again while Kurumi sighed in embarrassment for her elder sister.

"Onee-chan, show some decency!"

Chuckling at Kurumi's frustration, Souko narrowed her eyes while she finally placed her beer can on the glass table placed in between the couches. Standing up, her figure was finally exposed to Nik.

Tall, curvaceous and slightly voluptuous. A beautiful woman whose charm, especially, in such a lingerie, could affect all.

"Eh? Kurumi, what do you mean be decency? Nik, don't you think I am decent already?"

She slowly walked while letting her hands run through her waist and h.i.p.s before she slowly descended and let her plump, ripe butt fall on Nik's laps.

Her legs placed on his thighs sideways while her arms loosely hung around his neck that gulped a little while one of her fingers trailed his chiseled jawline.

"Or do you want me to be even more... decent?"

Souko's soft whisper lit a blaze within Nik's heart. With twitching lips, he looked at Kurumi before nodding.

"Kurumi, Souko-san is indeed quite decent."

Not expecting such a response, Sayako finally couldn't hold in as a soft 'pfft' could be heard while her slender back trembled slightly.

"Uuuu! I am going to my room!"

With her cheeks flushed, she immediately stood up as her rather s.e.xy b.r.e.a.s.ts trembled while stomping her foot.

"Is something wrong?"

At this moment, Mitsuko finally entered the room and placed her left index finger on her lips while tilting her head sideways.

"Nothing! Have fun and bye!"

She stormed out of the room while Mitsuko seemed to be chuckling fondly.

"Ah~ so young. How wonderful!"

Looking back, she smiled at Nik.

"So, Nik-kun, what would you like? Hot or cold?"


With his hair getting played by slightly flushed Souko, Nik looked at her with apparent confusion.

"Mitsuko-san, do you mean a hot or cold beverage?"

Clinging onto the neckline of her top, she smiled once again.

"No... I meant, would you like the hot mother or the cool daughters?"

Sayoko looked up while Souko also stopped, waiting for Nik's response. It could be said that the family really scored a good one this time. In their eyes, Nik was cute, and those who touched him, like Souko and Mitsuko, would know that he also had a tough body.

Not only that, he didn't seem to get fl.u.s.tered by their appearance, a quality that is extremely hard to find, in their eyes that is.

Smiling, Nik simply didn't choose.



"All of them are full of shamelessness! Of course, I am the most decent out of them!!! Hmph!"

Hugging her stuffed, pink piggy doll, Kurumi buried her head inside the soft piggy that was the first gift she ever received from her suitor. In fact, even when compared to her own siblings and mother, Kurumi had her own charm that did not falter. But still, many, almost all of the men chose her mother and elder sisters.

At first, Nik looked extremely cute, honest even! But he just had to side with the drunk witch, didn't he?! Nuzzling her cheeks with the soft fur, she looked around the dark and empty room and sighed woefully.

"By now... they must be having fun, huh! They always do like this. Always wait for me to come down. Why can't they bring the party up? Why am I the one to always hurt my self-respect?"

She muttered as memories of past slowly resurfaced. Her first time happened to be rather disheartening when compared to her other escapades. Even then, her own elders are treated as proper women as they know how to assert their dominance while she remained treated as a tool to satiate the l.u.s.t.

Pure and simple.

Honestly, rough treatment remained one of the best ways to engage with a man. But how about treating her as a woman for a change? How about picking her up and tucking her into the bed instead of leaving her c.u.m-soaked body on the cold floors?

But still, Kurumi knew herself more than anything.

She was a s.l.u.t. Although, many people find this notion extremely disgusting, Kurumi felt that it wasn't strange. Humans need water and food to survive. S.l.u.ts were similar to humans except for the addition of having s.e.x to survive.

A day without a c.o.c.k inside her own juicy p.u.s.s.y would leave her sleepless and frustrated. So she had to curb her ego and go down. To take a warm, throbbing c.o.c.k inside her mouth before tasting it fully and then finally getting pierced in between her own prideful flower that could catch any man she wanted to tame.

But she simply wasn't the assertive material.

Sighing, she slowly thought about Nik.

"He must be having fun, too, right?"

Pouting, she closed her eyes while her fingers slowly slid in between her unhooked hotpants. Sliding her particularly thin panties, she slowly rubbed her own fleshy vulva as Kurumi imagined the door getting opened by Nik, his expression sincere.

The speed of her hand grew swift, the rubbing turned the heater inside her body on as a nefarious heat slowly grew within her.

Walking towards her, he would gently hold her hand out, her wet, soaking, lewd hand and warmly lick her fingers, relishing in her own taste the way she did. Smiling, he would reach out for her cheeks and whisper softly: Kurumi, I want you.

Imagining till here, Kurumi slipped her fingers inside her flower, immediately experiencing her own warm walls that slowly wrapped around her fingers tightly, grinding and pulling her fingers further.

"Your mother, I will f.u.c.k her later. Your sisters can wait, too. Right now, I only want you."

Imagining, Kurumi thought that these words sounded rather pleasing to her ears as her breathing grew hotter and rougher. Her blushes deepened and her soft, supple skin showed a tinge of pink, healthy colour.


"Can you at least lower your voice?"

With one of her hand deep inside her own p.u.s.s.y, while her other one holding the pen and jotting down the important points, Sayako spoke with irritation clear within her tone. If she didn't have to complete her studies, she would be the first one to seal Nik's lips, instead of Souko.

Sitting in the same position, Nik's tongue engaged with Souko's fleshy beast that raged a battle within her mouth as Souko's hand cupped his chin and jaws to support his face while Nik's left hand remained on her waist. Meanwhile, with his right arm pressed on the armrest with her own butt, Mitsuko gently unravelled his neck while her hand trailed down towards his chest.

Her h.i.p.s kept on grinding against his forearm as the slightly rough fabric of the denims failed to seal off all the moisture that oozed out of her experienced member.

Sighing inside Souko's warm fleshy hole, Nik grew slightly aggressive. He needed to kiss others, too. But before that, he also wanted Kurumi to join in for the fun. After all, if he got lucky, he could get four more partners on the second half of the first day.

"Mmmgh! Whoa! Are those real?!"

Mitsuko's hand accidentally went a little south before her hands felt up Nik's abs.

Nodding while kissing, he finally put a little energy into his right hand while he moved his left hand from the back of her waist.

Breaking the kiss that was rather passionate, he immediately looked at Mitsuko and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, but I'll go get Kurumi, too."

"Eh? Kurumi? But why? Are we not enough?"

Souko immediately complained in a drinking stupor while Mitsuko's hands moved further towards the south, this time, intentionally. Feeling the packaged bulge, her honey-gold eyes widened in surprise while Sayako looked towards Nik with interest. Her hands had already stopped treating her flower passionately.

"No, no, you are definitely enough, Souko-san. But I would feel bad if I left out Kurumi. Either way, Mitsuko-san, excuse my rudeness."

Placing her hand on her wide h.i.p.s, Nik actually picked her up in such an extremely awkward position before placing her on the couch. If his cute image wasn't stunning enough, his sudden show of strength did build up myriads of expectations but his sudden departure to the stairs left the mother-daughter duo cold.


At Sayako's burst of laughter, both the maidens immediately glared at the youngest of the trio while sighing inwardly.