Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 30 Transfer

"Oh~ You guys sure look quite satisfied."

Souko cheered at Nik's arrival as the blushing maiden Okusan had become clearly showed that she was defiled by their nefarious man, again and again, the stand of grass stuck on her head gave clear evidence to how successful their date went.

If that wasn't a clear indication, then getting her b.r.e.a.s.ts exposed out of her sundress and played with in front of their eyes now clarified that Okusan had finally fallen to Nik's demonic hands.

"Alright! I wanted to share a piece of news with you all and also describe what I actually do."

As Nik finally gave Okusan's b.r.e.a.s.t their last squeeze, he picked her up and sat in between Sayako and Souko while gently placing Okusan on his laps. Mitsuko and Kurumi joined in the opposite couch as their eyes revealed their curiosity.

In fact, out of all of the ladies present, only Souko presented a calm front as she slightly leaned towards Nik. She still retained the aftertaste of their morning session and surprisingly, she could easily stop her own s.e.x.u.a.l advances towards her own juniors.

Truly, she didn't know that the feeling of satisfaction could be so great.

Of course, out of them, only one remained a bit frustrated.

Sayako Souma.

Not being able to taste Nik even once while he actually orgasmed her to a refreshing sleep really struck her pride. So, once again, she started acc.u.mulating her frustration. Of course, this time, instead of strangers, she would have used her special playthings to relieve herself, but that felt quite sad as out of her family, only she remained 'untainted'.

In fact, this evening, Kurumi even had the nerve of making fun of her while her own Mother chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt.


As Nik let Okusan get comfortable on his laps, he placed his hands on the duo Souma siblings waist and brought them closer. After he was finally covered with beautiful ladies except for his back, Nik took a deep breath and spoke out.

"As you all know, I am not from this world. I have explained the basics to Souko. Out of my seven partners, only two remain oblivious of this fact.

Either way, you should know that I will be 'disappearing' in two days, credits to the system."

As Nik spoke till here, a flash of disappointment passed by the face of each and everyone, except Souko, who still remained nonchalant.

"After I travel... and complete my mission, I will return in three days minimum, or seven days maximum."

His next statement caused all of them to raise their eyes brows in surprise.

"This means"

Mitsuko tried speaking up, but surprisingly, she suddenly felt emotional while Nik smiled.

"Yeah. This means, I left my home planet. Either way, now comes the main part of the discussion."

As Nik turned serious, his voice suddenly appeared within the consciousness of the girls present inside the living room.

"If you can hear me, then nod your head."

Mitsuko's and others' eyes widened in surprise as they immediately looked at Nik together. Even Okusan had jumped up in surprise while she finally couldn't keep the remaining spunk embedded deep within her. A trail of viscous and creamy liquid slid down her thighs as the girls' attention was successfully taken by the embarrassed and blushing Okusan.

To make matters worse, Nik's voice appeared within them once again.

"We did it for almost two hours... nonstop!"


Okusan immediately shouted while internally, she felt scared by the hungry look within the eyes of the Souma family as their gaze trailed across her thighs again and again.

"I-I am going to freshen up! You can talk to me while I bath!"

She immediately ran off, leaving a trail of a liquid birthed by the mixture of her own sweet nectar and Nil's devilish spunk.

"What a waste..."

Sayako sighed while her family agreed with nods.

"Either way, now, try calling 'Rules' inside your mind."

As Nik spoke, the five inside the Okusan apartment did as asked and a holographic screen appeared in front of them, describing the rules of the system to the girls.

As they continued to read, their expression got heavy while a trace of worry flashed within their eyes.

"Nik... even though we don't have many restrictions as your partner... but you..."

Kurumi opened up as she bit her lip. The implications of the rules were clear.

"Don't worry. Yes, the process of completing the task is a continuous one. Failure may even turn out to be my demise... but, as my partners, you get to live a better life."

"This isn't what we want."

Mitsuko suddenly spoke, almost snapping as the look of rage appeared in her expression for the first time.

"What kind of sick joke is this?! Travel to other worlds and commit atrocities in the name of something you haven't even seen.

And even then, failure leads to an untimely death! Are you really even willing to bear responsibility after all your promises?!"

Mitsuko's shout finally made others realise once again that she was pregnant.

Her lips quivered when suddenly, a light sobbing sound reached out of Okusan's room.

The surroundings got even heavier as Nik took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"I cannot understand what would be going through all of you... I really don't..."

Nik whispered as he looked at Mitsuko in the eyes. This time, his whispers were communicated through telepathy once again so that he could console Okusan as well.

"But... to achieve my dreams, I already went through a painful and horrible death. I don't ever plan to commit actions without a plan... more so, now. When I have too much to lose.

All of you... even though I haven't spent much time with you all, made me realise that living a lonely life sucks... dying alone sucks even more.

We can never escape death, at least, not now.

But, there are things I cannot avoid. It may be selfish to ask this of you all... but believe in me. Believe that I will return. If not for you all, then at least, I have to return and become a great father for my kid."

As their eyelids drooped in defeat while warm tears touched Mitsuko's cheeks, who could only embrace her youngest daughter to lighten the burden her heart was getting crushed under, Sayako suddenly sighed loudly.

"Is there anything else you would like to share? If you are hiding anything, now is the time to share."

The Souma family looked at her and then back at Nik as he nodded.

"Yes, what I wanted to discuss was actually a strange thing about this world. As you now understand, there are two types of world transfer Limited Rank and Open World. As a Rank 1, I will only get transferred and commanded to a quest within the ranks of Rank 1 host.

So, that means, this world also falls under Rank 1, where, monsters like me that defy human logic may enter someday.

Should that happen in my absence, you need to immediately think of me, seriously with unnerving concentration so that I can understand that you are in trouble.

Is that alright with you guys?"

Even though distressed, the girls nodded while Okusan's sobbing grew lighter and lighter.

"What are your plans for the next two days?"

Souko spoke up as Nik suddenly smiled.

"Of course, tonight, I must satiate the honor student named Sayako Souma. If she remains unsatisfied, her studies might get affected. Now, we can't have that, right?"

His words made the trio daughters roll their eyes while a mild giggle escaped Mitsuko. Even though she had something to say, she kept quiet for the moment.

With that said, Nik immediately picked Sayako and brought her to his bed while releasing his Pheromone Illusion to increase the carnal desire of everyone inside the apartment.

Sayako's clothes flew high in the air as she licked her lips and pulled Nik into a passionate kiss. This time around, her hands didn't remain unused. Touching each and every muscle of his body while pushing Nik on the bed, Sayako seductively raised her h.i.p.s and wiggled her butt in front of Nik.

Her soaked snatch dripped with p.u.s.s.y as droplets of crystal clear nectar touched his abdominal muscles.

But pleasantly surprised, Nik soon found out that Sayako wasn't even planning of pleasing her juicy cunt as she took his shaft and slowly adjusted its entrance against her butthole.


A satisfied cry emerged from Sayako's throat as Nik slowly raised his h.i.p.s and entered her butt gently.


Hot walls clamped up almost instantly his crotch touched her butt cheeks. Sayako's body trembled, yet, she still remained in her crouching position while Nik supported her by taking her hands. With a gaze filled with appreciation and l.u.s.t, Sayako immediately grinned as she raised her h.i.p.s and brought them down in one fall, a smacking sound resounded while Nik soon found four glittering pairs of eyes from the small gap of the door.

Smiling, he increased the intensity of his skill to its maximum as Sayako's body immediately trembled, her anus clenched as she rotated her h.i.p.s while she couldn't help but let out a satisfactory squirt on his abs.

Soon, a c.u.m-soaked Sayako fell on the body while Nik smilingly opened the door for the other hungry women.

He was a treat with a big heart, he was definitely willing to share his love with his own women.

Words needn't ruin the mood as Nik thoroughly struck each one of them. Soon, sweat-covered bodies fell right alongside Sayako's as their p.u.s.s.y leaked the elixir of nectar and spunk combined.

Of course, that day, Nik left the girls to their loving embrace while he himself shifted to the master bedroom and enjoyed a night's sleep.


In the coming two days, Nik duly visited Kaya to fill her up behind his disciple's back while he would also return to school after having his time with Kaya to pick Kurumi up while trying to communicate with Megumi.

Of course, she started avoiding him a bit after finding out that Gunta's mother herself had fallen to his fold.

Of course, her embarrassed blushes were enough to satisfy Nik as she still didn't know he was going to leave for a few days in this world.

Kaya was finally informed about his true situation and introduced to other women. To his surprise, once again, Mitsuko seemed to know Kaya from a 'party'. With three housewives finally introduced, Nik didn't have any worries that they might get bored as they could definitely meet up.

Finally, the day of his transfer arrived and all the women, except Megumi, appeared in Nik's room at 11:53 pm.

With a smile, Nik instructed them one last time that they need to call for him should any troubles arise while he did tell them not to expose the truth to Megumi. While Kurumi, Megumi's peer, was quite mature for her age when dealing in serious matters, the same couldn't be said for Megumi.

She was slightly brash and lively. So, Nik still couldn't comprehend Megumi's course of action when she really finds out the truth.

Before the time of transfer struck, Mitsuko suddenly bit her lip and spoke up.

"Nik! Do whatever you can to survive! Whatever!

If you want us to trust you, then you should trust us that we won't judge you... no matter what you do for your own survival!"

Despair interlaced with Mitsuko's voice as Okusan hugged Mitsuko from behind, hiding her face while nodding rapidly.

Smiling, Nik nodded with a smile and replied brilliantly.

"That goes without saying."

As he spoke, his figure suddenly disappeared from their gazes while the six women sighed in tandem.