Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 31 World Of Elemental Benders

Finding himself in the similar room with dark walls and minor furniture designed solely for resting, Nik couldn't help but sigh in defeat. In fact, he fell in love with the peaceful world alongside his women. But some things cannot be avoided, even if he wants to.

Gathering his thoughts, he finally gazed at the screen in front of his face.

[Commencing Transfer in 20 minutes. Since the host does not have required Rank, the world will be revealed after the transfer.

The Host 567893 aka Nik Faran has initiated clause 256-B, changing your base planet from Planet 6772 of Plane XVB to Planet 000111838 of Plane CHJ.

Initiation quest will be started once again.

System Origin: 0

Total partners gained 7

Total Stats: 31 (Excluding LUK)

Total Stats Obtained: 3]


Heaving a deep sigh, Nik gazed at the total stats acquired.

Due to his affiliation with the system, he could never earn status points from orthodox means of completing the mission. He had to enter into a partner relationship with various women. In the end, the total stat of his partners would be calculated and Nil would be awarded a total of 10% of the partners' total stats.

But once calculated, these stats can never be used again. This means that even if Mitsuko and others were to grow stronger, Nik wouldn't benefit from their growth at all.

But, he was satisfied using seven slots of his partner with those women. Since, each world only allows Nik a total of 10 partners, he would need to scout proper talents with good strength to actually get stronger from this point forth.

Gazing at the door that leads to the system interface filled with more hosts like himself, Nik immediately camouflaged his appearance and went out.

Status cannot be increased easily and need to be updated through the Hall of Glory. Since the after-effects would only lead to exhaustion, Nik didn't even think of increasing his status for now.

"Can you hear me? This is a one-time transmission requested from System, so you cannot reply. If you do hear me, then be sure to complete the affiliation quest in your next world. I have applied for a surprise for you.

Don't disappoint me kid, for better or worse, my expectations now lie on your shoulders."

Before Nik stepped out, a gruff voice belonging to Nirdai assaulted his consciousness before leaving as quickly as it came.

Rubbing his head, Nik's face grew a bit darker but he still continued and finally walked out of the system room to step into a market filled with people of various costumes and bodies.

This was the 'Market' of the system. Unlike orthodox systems that Nik fantasized about, this system did not have an inbuilt shop feature. In fact, people traded goods received from their adventures in a different world for other goods or System Origin the accepted currency inside the system.

Gazing at the various colour-graded weapons and artefacts, Nik sighed at his own poverty.

But still, he kept window shopping for the sake of reducing the tension building up in his body.

Soon, many of the hosts around him suddenly shuddered as Nik also saw a translucent screen forming in front of him.

[Prepare for Transfer 3... 2... 1...]

Suddenly, Nik felt a huge pressure smash above his head while his consciousness blurred and almost instantly, he found himself standing on barren land with a few other hosts looking around in curiosity.

At this time, the general information about the world entered each and every host's consciousness, making Nik understand the situation he was in. The quest screen formed up in front of his face while his talent was simultaneously unlocked.

When it comes to talents, only a few hosts can accommodate talents as they need specific requirements that cannot be measured or actively obtained.

Before he could say further, the few opening seconds of transfer passed away and Nik could finally move his body.

[Initiation Quest/ Main Quest: 1

Title: Nation

Out of the four Elemental powers that rule and control the world, choose one of the organisation as your base camp.

Options: Fire Nation, Wind Monastery, Water Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Time Limit: 3 Days

Rewards: 500 SO (System Origin)

Penalty: Death

Affiliation Quest:

Partner-up with ten women.

Rewards: Harem]


Name: Carnal Concept

Description: Allows the host to mate with not only humans, but other sentient beings found across the multiverse.

Extra Remark: F.u.c.k humans, spirits, legendary animals! F.u.c.k 'em all!]

Looking at the talent, Nik couldn't help but frown. Instead of a talent good for adventures across the worlds, he was stuck with quite a... frank one.

'But... this might just be useful.'

Nik muttered as one of the hosts around him finally spoke up.

"Does anybody wish to create a temporary alliance? We all can form a party and choose a single organisation.

In fact, I have actually read through the records of this world and I am quite knowledgeable about the main protagonist of the record. If you follow me, we can quickly clear the missions.

As a show of my sincerity, I am willing to tell you all our current location.

We are standing at one of the defeated cities under the rule of Earth Kingdom. In fact, I will also tell you that the Fire Nation is waging war against two factions simultaneously."

At his words, others grew more thoughtful. Even Nik felt slightly enticed.

"Why two? Is the third faction the ally of the Fire Nation?"

A dark-haired girl suddenly spoke up, while the short-haired, blonde boy shrugged and smiled.

"Free information session has already ended. If you wish to choose the faction that ends up victorious in the record, why not create a temporary party?"

Suddenly, one of them sneered and chuckled menacingly.

"You seem to know a lot of information! Instead of partying up, why shouldn't we just beat you and torture the information out of your mouth?"

With an unchanged smile, a deep blue flash appeared around his body as he was suddenly covered in a pristine crimson armour while a pair of dual swords that flashed deep blue once again appeared in his hands.

"You can try of course, but I don't think that as a Rank 1 amateur, you will have the funds and backing of my guild.

The Absolute."

Hearing his words, the expression of quite a few hosts changed while the girl who spoke up nodded.

"Fine, I am willing to form a party."

Gritting his teeth, the malicious man also nodded as the blonde youth looked at others with a smile.

"So? What about you guys?"

While hesitation flashed across their eyes, the youth smiled once again.

"Fear not. The members of Absolute are not slaughterers. You are free to choose. But, in the future, you shouldn't be expecting such kindness from me or my party."

Nodding, other people, including Nik quickly left the place in different directions.

While Nik was definitely enticed, staying near a group means larger chances of exposing his affiliation. And right now, the way Incubus Society has presented itself while even the founder of the association had stooped so low that he could only focus on Nik, he didn't wish to expose his affiliation and risk the chase of past enemies.


"Huff... next time... I will definitely bring rations... f.u.c.k my life..."

Panting, Nik cursed as he had already removed his shirt and tied it around his waist while his sweat-covered, muscular body was exposed for all to witness.

Sadly, in this barren and open land, no soul existed.

"If that golduck is honest... then finding the officials of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation are the greatest.

Out of this, I have to make a choice... The Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation... sigh."

Soon, Nik finally found a cl.u.s.ter of camps where a large number of people were entering in a straight line.


It didn't take long for Nik to enter the line. Not trying to make any stupid move, he didn't even bother asking what was going on. Firstly, even though he understood the basics of the language used in this world, he wasn't proficient, hence, he didn't wish to look different if his dialect did not match with the locals.

Secondly, he could see piles of ration placed on the campgrounds. He needed it. So, it didn't matter much.

As the line quickly moved, it was finally Nik's turn.

"Eh? Quite a lively one, aren't ya? Good! We need more volunteers like you! Can you bend Earth?"

Nik quietly shook his head while the red-armoured man nodded and asked his name.


"Nik? That sounds like a name from the western border. All alone?"

Nodding, the man smiled.

"Listen up, boys! Send him to army recruiting center alongside others gathered so far!"

The moment the man spoke, a screen appeared in front of him.

[Initiation/Main Quest (1) complete. Rewards transferred.

Initiation/Main Quest: 2

Title: Victory

Defeat the threat of the fire nation. Hunt down the current generation of the avatar and kill him.

Duration: 7months

Rewards: 7000 SO, 3 SP (Skill Points)

Penalty: Death]

Seeing the same penalty all over again, Nik couldn't help but feel distressed.