Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 32 Fire Princess Of Arrogance

"Oi... look, he is still at it."

A burly man whispered as the group of gruff-looking, tan-skinned men gaze at the sweat-covered body that belonged to a short-haired youth with glimmering violet eyes. Even though his face was too good-looking to belong to the Earth Kingdom citizen, his rippling muscles and well-defined back made the other traitors reaffirm their thoughts about the boy.

"He just crossed 200... at one go."

With a trained motion, Nik committed yet another push-up as his body grew even more excited. Aside from utilising his extraordinary stamina for s.e.x.u.a.l releases, he never actually committed to physical exercise.

'This is too good... to feel your muscles cheer in relief feels too good.'

Nik laughed internally as he continued his push-ups. The sweat glistening his muscles failed to distract him, the slightly numb sensation of his triceps and pectorals only increased the pleasure.

"Oh... he is definitely a good seed. But, his bending abilities remains pitiable."

Covered in the official armour of the Fire Nation, the Lieutenant Jaain Guo muttered as he looked at the training camp.

"Honestly, enticing the youths with food to betray your own Kingdom... laughable. Princess really has a knack of winning a war."

Jaain Guo muttered while clasping his hands behind his back while continuing observing the limits of the youth that had successfully piqued his interest.

"His body is well-defined... in terms of physical strength, only that monstrous June may be able to match up to him.

It would be nice to have someone like June in our own ranks."

Muttering, the lieutenant continued his observations without any change in his expression while the group of other Earth national youngsters felt distressed by the maniacal smile that touched Nik's lips.

"Heh~ Another June? You think his professionalism may compare to her's?

When did you get so dull?

Jaain Guo."

A mocking whisper woke the middle-aged lieutenant out of his concentrated gaze. A shiver ran down his span as he instantly kneeled only to pay his respects loudly.

"Don't you dare shout."

Yet again, Guo was forced to think through his actions and he immediately whispered.

"Welcome, your royal highness, Princess."

In front of him stood a teen with luxurious black hair tied into a bun with a piece of flaming motif placed on her hair bun. Two thick locks of her hair fell on either side of her face while her youthful figure remained covered in merciless armour with a golden flame imprint across a black tunic that extended to flaming red sleeves.

Her pitch-black boots tapped on the ground as the Fire Nation's princess: Azula, looked at Guo and smiled.

"So? You really think he is that impressive?"

She whispered while pointing at the still exercising Nik.

"I dare not praise anyone other than her royal Princess."

He immediately bowed while Azula rolled her eyes and motioned him to stand.

"Now, think clearly and answer. Is he impressive or not?"

She spoke while gazing at Nik, who finally stopped after his 250th push-up.

"Your highness?"

Jaain Guo gulped as he still hesitated to praise someone else in front of Azula.

With her lips twitching in anger, Azula coldly declared.

"Whatever. I'll deal with you later. Now, watch and learn, this is how you determine someone's worth, my loyal servant."

Azula smirked as she immediately jumped into the air with her boots covered in dazzling flames while instantly landing in front of the slightly exhausted Nik.

Two pair of eyes, one golden, one violet matched each other's before a brilliant smile appeared on both of their faces.

"Uh, he"

Nik's greeting was cut short as a fist covered in fiery red flames immediately impacted his abdomen, making him flying through the air.

"In the presence of Azula, the Princess of Fire Nation, you don't get to look up. You can only lower your head, kneel and beg for forgiveness for your pathetic existence."

A gentle voice escaped her full, pink lips as the surrounding youth immediately looked down in fear. They were all too aware of the demonic princess of the Fire Nation.

'A Princess... that explains.'

Sighing, Nik rubbed his warm stomach and slowly placed his knees on the ground. Raising your head in front of an arrogant Princess in the world where elements bend at the whims of human would only equal to committing suicide.

"Your... Royal Highness."

Nik greeted officially.

Smiling, Azula immediately looked at Jaain Guo and shouted loudly.

"See? Guo! This is how you affirm a dog's worth, through his loyalty!"

Laughing loudly, Azula sneered at Nik's direction while speaking out.

"Speak, servant. What is your name? What is your purpose in joining the group of traitors?

Why did you turn your back on the Kingdom that gave birth to you and raised you?"

Her words pierced the heart of each and every youth present as their body visibly flinched.

Still keeping his head low, Nik continued.

"I go by the name of Nik, your highness. My objective, though laughable and outrageous, still remains..."

Taking a deep breath, Nik slightly controlled his facial expression to look particularly grim while holding his laugh. His head snapped up and he once again matched Azula's gaze.

"... to slay the Avatar!"


A wave if silenced stupor spread with Nik as its centre as all of the people present questioned their own senses if they had just heard a joke.

But still, not forgetting their decorum, the Earth Kingdom's traitorous youths remained silent in Azula's presence while the latter looked at Nik with a maniacal grin on her face.

"You? Kill the Avatar? How dare you mock the Royal Bloodline of the Fire Nation in such a bold manner!

I'll kill you myself!"

Azula shot towards Nik with a grin while Nik himself felt quite surprised.

Through the general information given to Nik by the system, he understood that the Avatar and the Fire Nation had a deep bond of hatred, but he still wasn't informed of the reason and who actually was the Avatar.

Out of the four factions, Avatar definitely did not belong to the Fire Nation or such hatred might not be possible.

'Is she a fan of Avatar?'

As Nik thought, he now easily sidestepped the punch, but suddenly, the flames extended almost instantly as Nik's pupils constricted.

Ducking, Nik immediately jumped back while kneeling almost instantly.

"My deepest apologies for such a rude behaviour, your Royal Highness.

But Avatar is a pretentious sc.u.m while the Fire Nation is obviously the righteous one in comparison."

His words shocked all the people present once again as Azula finally frowned and stopped her attack.


Nik took a breath and prayed to his fortune. If this doesn't work, then he was ready to find Avatar after escaping this place.

"While the Avatar was supposed to be the so-called protector, for his own gain, never showed his face and lived a life of cowardice. Meanwhile, the Fire Nation remained kind enough.

Though the prior actions of unifying the world have brought bloodshed and chaos, all of this is necessary to attain a better world. Under the Fire Nation's rule, the people of other Nations will definitely thrive."

His passionate speech caused Azula's eyes to glitter brightly as her lips quivered.

"Dog... no, Nik. Good. Guo! I am taking him with me!"

Jaain Guo paled once again as a grin belonging to true sc.u.m reached Nik's lips as his head remained bowed.