Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 33 Pavaka Bolt Of Cuteness

"They feel different. Unlike the touch of ordinary Earth citizen's muscles when I burn them... your muscles are too elastic. What is wrong with this, Nik?

Do you not truly originate from the Earth Kingdom?"

Azula spoke while she lazily rested her head on her hand while keeping her head up through the use of armrest as her left leg curled above her right leg.

In front of her knelt Nik with his body bare. His muscular leg exposed and his striking upper body remained a hidden treat to Azula's eyes.

Of course, as a Princess, she felt quite complicated if she should have stripped her most recent follower of his undergarment. Though, the size piques her curiosity once again, she curbed her illicit thoughts and gazed at Nik coldly.

"Replying to her royal highness, my mother originated from the Water Nation. Back in my village, it was said that I inherited my mother's heritage, more so than my father's.

"Oh? A despicable combination of water and earth. In other words, you are nothing more than mud.

A filth that stains my royal chamber. Is that right?"

Her golden eyes narrowed further while Nik replied calmly.

"My deepest apologies. I shall remove myself from your sight."

Before Nik could move, Azula coldly snorted.



Her strange metallic boots struck the ground as she stood up from her seat, slowly walking towards Nik and then circling around him.

"Nik... have you ever thought that you are destined for something greater?"

Her soft whispers echoed as she continued circling around him.

"Your highness, to be able to serve you, I have already achieved greatness. My destiny demands nothing else, my loyalty needs no other superior."


Azula commented while Nik retained his silence. Sweet talking is actually the special skill that he gained after comforting his troubled customers through his words alone. Azula remained yet another target of his glib tongue. While he just used his tongue to praise her, with all the humiliation he received, he definitely planned to use his tongue for stuff other than sweet commentary.

With her extended arm gently trailing the muscles of his back, Azula let out a small smile.

"Be grateful, dirt. Your usefulness in my eyes remains close to nothing. But still, your rare physical talent may one day, come in handy.

Pick up your clothes and wear them in front of me. Let your spirit rejoice. Henceforth, you are one of my men."

"My sincerest appreciation, your highness. My body won't disappoint you."

Nik spoke as he picked his clothes that were within the reach of his arms when suddenly, his butt became the focus of Azula's attention as he bent to pick his clothes.

A momentary blush crept up Azula's face as she immediately shook her head and went back to her seat.

"Alright, you are dismissed. We leave in the afternoon.

You are to fill your stomach and bring my carriage."

"My deepest gratitude, your highness."

Nik bowed and turned his heels while keeping his head lowered. In fact, the moment he bent, he slightly released his skill to entice Azula in his own ways. He still didn't dare openly use his mind control ability after looking at such a disappointing effect of the skill.

Though his physical body vastly outmatched Azula's, he could use her to gain a foothold as the other hosts that joined the Golduck from the Absolute Guild already had the advantage of restricted information that high-ranking hosts could gain information.


"She's a real bitch, isn't she?"

As Nik walked with an impassive expression, a soft giggle entered his ears as he looked back at the floating figure and nodded while turning his heels and walking once again.


Nik's steps came to a halt.

Looking back, he found a golden-haired girl with bright purple, translucent wings while a pitch-black dress covered her strangely enticing body. Purple eyes that glimmered ferociously, the girl kept an innocent expression and didn't feel strange until Nik's words left his mouth.

"A fairy?"

Her purple eyes constricted before her mouth hung in astonishment.

Directing an index-finger towards herself, she slowly spoke out.

"You can see me?"

To which, Nik nodded as his lips twitched.

"My lady... of course, I can see you. Are you supposed to be... a spirit?"

Placing her hands on her h.i.p.s, the girl immediately floated around Nik before placing her hand on his body.

"I can touch you?"

She spoke with shock while Nik couldn't help but sigh and naturally place his hand on her waist. Even though she was a head shorter, with her floating around, Nik could easily bring her body closer... extremely close.

In the girl's eyes, Nik's purple eyes seemed to be glowing brightly as he smiled right in front of her face.

"Of course, you can touch me. Aren't I touching, you too?"

His words snapped the girl out of her reverie and she immediately flapped her thin, translucent wings as a beautiful trail of glowing violet dust was left in her wake.

"It seems that some outsiders can be considered as talents. To actually come into physical contact with an elemental spirit...

Fine! I am Pavka, one of the 9 purity elements symbolising lightning. Human, what's your name? And, what's your objective in this world?"

Hearing her words, Nik couldn't help but frown. According to System, no entity should ever doubt any host as the system itself provide a reasonable background for all the hosts.

But... there seems to be an exception.

Nik nodded and introduced himself.

"I am Nik Faran. My objectives do not mean... any harm to you guys... probably. Look, I am new here and don't know anything.

So don't look me with that suspicious gaze, alright?"

Regarding Nik with a sidelong glance, while playing with her shoulder-length, blonde hair, Pavka felt a bit troubled.

"Then, how can you see me?"

She pursued to which, Nik shrugged.

"I can see, touch and even make other spirits, ghosts and supernatural entities feel a bit more human-like. Of course, my body does not come into contact with any male entities, due to preference issues."

Deepening her frown, Pavka couldn't help but mutter something within her mouth as she immediately extended her index-finger towards Nik's direction, a bolt of purple lightning collected in front of her finger as Nik's lips twitched before he immediately took off.

"Eh? I just wanted to check his affinity? Why would he run?"

Confused, Pavka tilted her head sideways as she followed Nik while innocent face once again.

"The rest should be monitoring other outsiders... but none of them reported the event of getting identified. Should I report this?"

Deep in her thoughts, she immediately phased through a Fire Nation soldier, who immediately shivered and looked around in panic.

Gazing at such a scene, Pavka nodded in relief.

"It looks like, only this Nik is strange."