Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 36 Actions

"Can you give me some alone time, teacher. I want to rest."

Nik sighed as he waved his bandaged hand in front of a distressed Pavka. After thinking for a bit, she finally nodded and vanished into thin air before Nik slumped back on the bed.

After the battle, Azula actually cauterized his wound by using her flames. But this time, instead of blue, she used red flames. As painful as the process might have been, it was something needed to be done while within fifteen minutes, a whole troop of fire nation soldiers arrived.

As it turns out, Azula simply leaked her own whereabouts to attract the attention seekers and captured them for the information. While she did face an unexpected situation which caused her to delay in taking action, the final result, fortunately, remained foreseeable.

"Let's start..."

Nik sat back up once again and immediately, a white medallion appeared in his unwounded left hand.

'A treasure medallion... almost like drops in a game. Open the medallion and I'll get a few goodies, huh...'


He whispered as the medallion floated while rotating in front of him and immediately, in a burst of white light, a clump of clay fell on his hands. The light green clump flashed white briefly before Nik could see the information of the item he got from the medallion.

[Earthen Crystal Clay (White)

Description: Alchemy material.]

"Oh... this is interesting. And here I thought that I might actually get armour on my first try... Inferno's spirit... if you still linger, pray for me.

I need a pair of gauntlets!"

He whispered before another medallion appeared in his hands.

"Huff, alright. Gauntlets... gloves, anything!"

Nik muttered while gazing at the medallion seriously as the metal disk slowly rose into the air and rotated gently while expelling a brilliant light.

Slowly, a beautifully carved sword landed on his hands while Nik sighed in a depressed manner.

"So much for asking for gauntlets..."

With that, he checked out the sword itself.

[Earth Slasher (White): 8

A sword crafted by Non Bai Se, one of the master craftsmen of the era. While his legacy is said to have lost in the world of growing technology, his finest works remain a treasure to behold.

Blade: 5]

Sighing, he placed the black-handled sword back into his storage and laid down in preparation of sleep. After a few minutes, in a purple flash, Pavka appeared and immediately feel to Nik's side while closing her eyes happily.

Even though the spirits did not need to sleep, they still relished the act of sleeping as it allows them to conserve their mental strength.

But unlike the teacher-student duo, a person... a woman couldn't sleep no matter what she did or how she did it.


"Hnngh! What's happening to me?!"

Azula's frustrated voice interlaced with m.o.a.ns leaked out of her clenched jaws as she curled her body while hugging the body pillow while actively rubbing her moist entrance that only started growing its pubes.

Her fingers soon found the treasured jewel that gave more electrifying sensation to her touches, making her feel more comfortable while her hot breaths leaked.

'Should I try... putting in?'

As a royal princess, she has been taught about the difference between men and women from a young age. Although, at that time, she couldn't care much as all her body needed was her father's praise while she showcased her growth.

His cold eyes while strict praises were enough for her heart that already hated everything in this world, aside from her own father. Even then, the concept of love was not found within her. Only respect for strength.

Speaking of strength...

'Nik... was too savage...'

As Azula's thoughts drifted towards this afternoon's events, her fingers grew more dexterous. When she recalled his bloodied fist, her m.o.a.ns spared no effort to conceal itself while his ferocious expression increased the itch growing within her body that didn't seem to be getting scratched using her fingers.

Quite easily, her fingers entered her pink slit as she could feel her own walls clamping down on her fingers tightly.

Finally, she recalled the shape of Nik through his underpants while the sight of his sweat-filled body remained a luxurious sight that only belonged to her.

One finger... two fingers...

With years of martial-arts and fire-bending training, it wasn't a surprise that she didn't have the seal that marked a v.i.r.g.i.n's title. Soon, the third finger, her ring finger, slid into her warm snatch while she bit on her body pillow to suppress her m.o.a.ns.

Her butt couldn't help but tremble as her body remained to be seen through her gauze attire that covered her body.

Her eyes grew more and more disturbing while she finally felt something click as a relieving orgasm escaped her snatch, finally making her slump back on her bed with a dazed look on her face while her glistening golden eyes kept their focus on the ceiling.

"It's because of him... I never felt like this before meeting him..."

She whispered while her left hand latched across her right b.r.e.a.s.t while covering and pressing her left modest b.r.e.a.s.t while she slowly played with her own beautiful soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es. Her right hand, meanwhile, went inside the nether cave for another round of fingering the frustration out of her body.


"The Wind Faction?"

A burly man growled in dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, the blonde boy shrugged.

"You may not know this, but the Avatar never died when the Wind Monasteries fell to the Fire Nation's attack. Right now, he should be near the southern water tribe.

But we cannot go there. Since we all are in a temporary alliance with me as a leader, I can easily select the wind faction for all of us without actually meeting the Avatar for a single reason.

As an Avatar, we don't need to meet with him, but try and declare our decision to the nature. And believe me... the fire nation might have the odds for now... but that won't be for long."

Before the man could reply any longer, the dark-haired woman sporting sky-blue eyes immediately cut him short and snorted.

"If you have so much trouble, why don't you try and use force instead of all this talking.

Surely, you must have thought so, but still held your hand. That only means you are not comparable to Veera. So, instead of wasting our time, I suggest that we plan our next course of action.

Since we are all tasked with protecting the Avatar's life, it is better that we start cooperating now or we all will face heavy penalties.

So, Veera, where do you think Avatar can be contacted?"

The girl's tone grew considerably soft as she looked at the blonde youth named Veera, the member of the Absolute who nodded plainly.

"The Avatar is blessed with the spirit of the order. His destiny is clear and even in records, he only dies due to natural causes after the war.

If we are asked to protect his life, this means that one of the hosts that left... or every other host aside from our temporary party must have received the task of killing the avatar.

The best course of action will be to hunt down other hosts while we make our way towards one of the destined comrade of the Avatar. That person is located inside the Earth Kingdom.

From there, we will spread ourselves to locate other hosts.

Is that alright?"

Veera looked at others as they nodded without refusal. His plans were reasonable and he had the added knowledge of the record.

After discussing the terms, Veera left after getting pulled by the black-haired woman before amorous m.o.a.ns soon escaped from behind the large rock.

"At least, have some decency to find a room."

A middle-aged man sighed and stood up while the burly man clenched his fist in frustration. Similarly, two other women of the team sighed and left the area. By now, they were all too aware of the behaviour of their leader and his mistress.