Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 37 Emergence

"Hmmm... good... just rip them up... zzzz... yeah... zzzz their guts look tasty... huhu."

Well, this isn't the worst thing to hear when one wakes up, but Nik did not like hearing such ominous things out of such beautiful lips first thing in the morning. But... since he needed to pursue at least ten women while fighting this time along, he needed to step-up his pace.

His hands were already holding Pavka's soft body while her face was incredibly close to his face. Her dazzling golden hair cascaded down her cheeks as she looked incomparably innocent, despite the mind-numbing words she spoke during her sleep.

Bringing her petite body closer, Nik seriously appraised her soft waist while his hand drifted towards her small, yet, round and plump butt that went along her overall figure quite nicely.

"Teacher, you need to wake up."

Whispering, Nik tried to wake her up by rubbing her waist as Pavka scrunched her nose cutely as her lips descended into a cute pout.

"Hnnng! Five more minutes... the guts look sooo~ good!"

Smiling, Nik disregarded her love for guts and gently lowered his lips, immediately taking Pavka's delicious lips while invading her mouth, making her eyes snap open and disappearing almost instantly.

"What are you doing?! Idiot!!"

The moment she disappeared, her figure appeared behind Nik as she immediately smacked the back of his head, making him sit up and look at her innocently.

"Eh? Teacher, you didn't like it?"

Blushing, Pavka immediately tilted her face and crossed her hands above her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"That's not the point! You only do these things to the person you like!!"

As Pavka muttered, Nik was once again surprised by her actions.

'Even after living so long... she couldn't be a...'

"Teacher... have you not"

"Shut up!"

With that, Pavka disappeared while Nik shook his head and sighed. Since Pavka had the ability to attack but still held her hand showed that Nik's future in taking a v.i.r.g.i.n spirit was incomparably bright.

'Maybe... she could introduce me more spirits... with that, I can even partner-up with ten spirits!'

He let his own illicit thoughts grow as he imagined the scene of ten fair-skinned girls with a beautiful and soft body that was as light as air begging for him.

The best part was... they weren't girls! These were legal lolis that are almost thousands of years old.

'But... it does feel quite weird in a strange way...'

Nik thought internally as he made his way towards the bathhouse for the soldiers and washed up before reaching the mess to fill himself up only to find a messenger bringing 'her' Highness' summons.


"Your highness."

Nik knelt on one knee touching the floor with his left fist, his head low as he waited for Azula to speak up. But the lingering scent that revolved around Azula made Nik realise that she must have had quite a wild night.

"Nik, how would you like to join my team?"

She asked with a smile while Nik remained silent for a moment.

"If your highness thinks of me worthy enough to accompany you in your endeavours. Then I am the most blessed being in the world!"


A cute voice that went completely unnoticed by Azula struck near Nik as Pavka immediately quietened down after her outburst and disappeared once again, leaving Nik speechless.

"Ho~ I forgot about the proficiency of your speech after seeing you fight yesterday."

As she spoke, her thighs tightened unconsciously while Nik's voice resounded in the empty chambers.

"I am but a firefly when compared to her highness."

"Good. Then it's decided, we will leave for the fire nation tomorrow. In our voyage, we shall introduce you to what the Fire Nation royalty is all about."

She declared while standing up and walking in front of Nik. Smilingly, she spoke up.

"Stand up, Nik. You are my person from now on. So, what I ask, you must comply. No matter what. Understood?"

Standing up, Nik frowned as he saw the slightly maniacal look in her eyes, but he still nodded.

"Yes, your highness."

Thinking for a moment, Azula spoke once again.

"My commands would be absolute. If I say to go right, even if my father, the king orders you to go left, you must still go right!

Is that clear?"

Smiling, Nik lowered his head and spoke while slowly sniffing the enticing aroma that leaked out of Azula's body.

"As the future lord, only your commands can move this body, your highness."


"Say that to me, too! Say only your commands shall move my body right now!"

Pavka hissed while revolving around Nik in a swift pace while he sighed in distress and immediately grabbed Pavka's waist, bringing her closer and planting a swift pack on her lips before she could vanish into the distance.

"Teacher, you haven't even taught me anything yet. All you do is use my body for your own motives... isn't that unfair?"

Nik entered his room and spread his arm in frustration while Pavka, who was already close to crying spoke up.

"But... aren't I the teacher? In my memories, a teacher is someone who uses their female disciple's body as they like, right?

Since I am a girl, I am entitled to use your body, too."

She muttered with indignation while Nik was speechless once again.

"Teacher... where did you see that?"

Looking up, Pavka replied.

"Well, I was interested in this masked serial killer who had three female students. He would teach them various things at night by using his nether region while the girls would scream out we are enlightened, teacher.

Isn't this how we teachers are supposed to teach?"

Pavka tilted her head as she found Nik's complicated expression quite disturbing.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

At her worried expression, Nik smiled and shook his head.

"No, Teacher. In fact, there are many ways to teach. If I were a teacher of few girls, my course of action would have been the same. But, it is only at night should you teach in such manner.

During the daytime, you should teach your student by helping him control the element."


Pavka nodded in understanding but this time, Nik couldn't help but question her.

"Teacher... why are you so surprised by a kiss but not by the act of s.e.x?"

Shrugging, Pavka replied.

"Well, I only saw a few couples kissing each other. But never did I see any teacher kissing their students."

"Not even the one you mentioned?"

"No, in fact, his disciples begged to get kissed, but he only utilised his private part on their mouth, instead of his lips... s-so..."

Pavka looked down with her ears turning red when she suddenly snapped up.

"Alright, let's start teaching you!"


Southern Water Tribe

"Did you see that, Uncle?"

A youth whose straight back resembled a spear immediately shouted while pointing at the ray of light that erupted out of nowhere while a sense of pressure suddenly enveloped each and every fire soldier's heart.

Behind the youth stood a wizened man with short stature and grey beard. Nodding, the old man smiled.

"Yes, Zuko. But, I don't need to remind you that the each and every Avatar that was born possessed higher destiny than others.

If you wish to capture the avatar, you should do so after planning your steps carefully. Turning back, the old man looked at the blue-haired youth with a natural smile on his face and nodded at the youth.

"It is good that we got to know Mr Brian. His skills will definitely allow you to achieve your goals, Zuko."

Bowing, the youth named Brian shook his head.

"It's no trouble. In fact, I am quite interested in seeing this Avatar with my own eyes."