Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 38 Bon Voyage


A gasp leaked through Nik's lips as he looked at the metallic behemoths that ruled over the seas connecting the four factions together. A pitch-black ship configured based on the steam engine while the mere size of it could defeat the spirits of every enemy that gazed upon it.

"Just one of the many battlesh.i.p.s we own. It was a gift from father when I successfully defeated his commander in an Agni Kai."

Azula, strangely, felt quite smug when she heard Nik's gasp. If it were before, this hasp should have been the natural course of action or Nik would have been executed on the spot for not showing enough surprise towards the mechanical creations of the Fire Nation.

Of course, this change in behaviour didn't go unnoticed by Nik, who lowered his head and once again replied with a buttering remark, making Azula feel even more complacent. Of course, the complacency she felt made it easier for Nik's future.


The deck of the battleship usually remains empty as all the occupants of this behemoth were elite soldiers trained to wield the battleship. Of course, they won't have enough time to loiter around the deck, unlike, Nik, who was way too free.

From the camping region to the shore took almost half a day's worth of journey before they boarded the ship. And even then, it was estimated that it would take two days to reach the shore of the fire nation which would then be extended by a day's worth of travelling to reach the capital of the Fire Nation.

"But... this is a nice change of pace..."

Nik looked at the unending ocean while thinking about his family back home. Even though it's only been a few days, he still missed them.

"But... seven months to seven days... to those guys, maybe not even a single hour has passed since I left..."

Sighing, Nik looked to his side. Sitting on the railings, Pavka smiled at Nik as she looked at the ocean.

"So? Does your world has oceans as pleasing as this one?"

Nodding, Nik replied with a smile.

"There are so many things better than this world, teacher. Unlike this world, my homeworld does not wage war... at least, not now. And various means of entertainment makes it easier to live a life."

"No war?"

Pavka immediately exclaimed.

"Yes, presently, even though there is no perfect peace in my homeworld, I can also say that there isn't a war waging in right now."

"Must be nice..."

Pavka muttered before her eyes constricted as she looked at a certain direction.

Seeing her stiff gaze, Nik frowned and turned back before his eyes widened while his face paled almost instantly.

A few metres away from the ship floated a giant behemoth whose body reached towards the sky as the clouds covered most of its back.

Yellow eyes larger than five carriages combined gazed towards the direction of Pavka and Nik while the time itself seemed to stop.

"S-student... bow, this is a lion turtle..."

With a bit of fear and awe interlacing her words, Pavka immediately stood up and bowed towards the giant creature while Nik followed the suit only to hear a rumbling sound within his head.

"Order and Chaos has ruined the entirety of the world. One mustn't exist without the other, both are threatening.

The spirit of Avatar should not be slain, its protection is necessary even if the body rots.

Answer me, child of l.u.s.t, would you grant me my request?"

The rumbles and echoes shook both, Nik and Pavka while Pavka hurried words immediately transferred to Nik.

"Don't say anything to antagonize him! While I heard that the emerging Lion Spirit that bends the form of energy itself exist... the two lion turtles aren't the same!"

Nik didn't need Pavka's words to understand the threat and malicious intent in the eyes of the giant creature but that wasn't all. Aside from the hostility, the creature held a sliver of fear that induced him to take a gentler approach while there was also a sense of duty within its expression.

Gulping, Nik remained bowed as he softly whispered.

"The nature's will manifest in many shapes. O' Lion Turtle of the ancient myths, forgive my rudeness and placate your anger for my outrageous demand.

But I truly wish to know the will that resides within you."

Unknown, the sky had already darkened while the body of the ancient lion turtle only looked more dangerous. It's yellow eyes glowed and Pavka was almost sweating in fear.

"Appropriate demand. But, my identity shall be known if you are worthy.

Order and Chaos serve my desire, I am the direction that leads the world, it is my shown pathways that each individual must tread upon.

Now, otherworldly traveller, do I have your word that the spirit of Avatar shall not be harmed by your hands?"

'By my hands? Is this spirit actually contacting each and every host?'

Nik frowned while various assumptions swirled within his consciousness before he nodded.

"You have my word. The Avatar's neck shall be snapped by my hands, but his spirit shall remain untouched."

"I understand, child of l.u.s.t. Please, enjoy your journey. I hope that this world acted as a good host for you."


With the sky clearing up once again, Nik found his body covered in cold sweat while Pavka wasn't faring any better.

'Is this really a rank 1 world?! Too dangerous!'

While screaming internally, he looked at the Pavka's pale face before taking her hand and smiling.

"Teacher, are you alright?"

"How do you expect me to be alright? Don't you get it who that Lion Turtle Spirit represented?"

Pavka immediately lashed out uncharacteristically.

Shaking his head, Nik replied a bit grimly.

"Order and Chaos serve its desire, it is the direction that leads the world, its shown pathways are what each individual must tread upon.

... Aside from fate, no other term matches such a description."

Nodding, Pavka touched her chest with lingering fear. But suddenly, Nik picked her in a princess carry while taking her pink lips while completely hiding her face. If someone else were to see him, they would think that Nik had gone mad... but right now, even Pavka felt that he had gone mad.

"What are you doing?!"

'Oh, this is an improvement. She didn't run away. Might as well...'

Nik smiled as she gazed into her violet eyes that could match his own brilliant eyes.

"Did you forget, teacher, it's time for further 'teaching'. You know, where we use our nether regions!"

While Pavka was definitely confused before, now she really understands that s.e.x wasn't the path of enlightenment as those c.u.m-filled girls exclaimed to be.

But still, with a faint feeling of expectations, she simply let Nik take her away while her body was played under his roguish hands.


"Are we done?"

Azula spoke with irritation clear within her voice. But unlike others, the navy did not care much about the royal face except for the Fire Lord himself. Their ranks were set and their admiration only belonged to their superiors. With their faces covered in a skeletal mask, the captain nodded while pointing out the remaining bit of the journey.

"Finally... someday, I'll make the navy lick my boots!"

Azula spoke with frustration and walked towards her chamber.

Removing her tunic, she entered the warm bath as her hands instinctively grew towards her sweet spot when the image of a black-haired youth flashed within her consciousness.

Immediately shaking her head, Azula dried her hair and let them cascade down her shoulder while gently slipped into a thin, crimson robe that hugged her tight body perfectly.

Her golden eyes glowed brightly as a passionate arc touched her lips as she lied on her bed, waiting for the night to fill the bright sky so that she could finally feel that has been outside her grasp ever since.