Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 39 Back To Back Enlightenment 1

"Hey! Hmngh! Slowly, idiot!"

Pavka groaned in the frustrating state of pleasure and distress as her clothes, which were never touched by any living creature, were being removed brazenly by her own student.

Nik didn't give her much chance to protest as she lips slowly gave under her mouth getting played by Nik while her soft, surprisingly sweet tongue remained coiled by his tongue. The top of her fleshy tongue got scr.a.p.ed of its juices again and again as Nik simply didn't wish to leave any of her treasured salivae within her mouth.

He wanted it all!

Her golden hair grew disheveled while her black arm sleeves were removed, exposing her fair skin while Nik unbuttoned her black, sleeveless vest and lowered her baggy pants, finally revealing the exquisite body hidden under the cruel clothes that hid her from Nik's vision.

"Teacher, you are extremely beautiful, if I must say."

Nik smiled and gently cupped her soft cheeks as her slightly immature face and glistening eyes enticed his heart to extreme limits, initiating another kiss as his muscular body easily covered her entire body.

Her smooth stomach and a pair of modest bust with soft pink cherry n.i.p.p.l.es that showcased her innocence, not to mention her slick slit that slowly grew wetter as Nik was finally able to smell Pavka's scent. Unlike the usual musky scent that could rile any male, she actually released a flowery fragrance, making Nik wonder how she would actually taste.

Her own saliva happened to be surprisingly sweet, even her scent was quite unique, so Nik could only expect an entirely new taste from her nectar.

Soon, his hands reached down her b.r.e.a.s.ts and gently teased her erect n.i.p.p.l.es. Slowly destroying their v.i.r.g.i.n status through his e.r.o.t.i.c touches while he released [Pheromone Illusion] and started to bring Pavka's desire to another level.

Usually, Pavka could shrug its effect while simply stating how sweet and fragrant Nik smelled. But now, she couldn't state the same thing.

In fact, she couldn't speak with her numb tongue at all. All she could do was slowly grow a bit passionate as her own petite hand started tracing Nik's muscle while her abdomen was assaulted by a warm, throbbing rod that was way bigger than the enlightening stick of that murderer in the clothes of a priest.

"Fuaa! Nik... do it there, too!"

Finally, Pavka broke the kiss as she blushed while looking downwards at her own clenching thighs and wet inner portion of her slender thighs.

"Yes, teacher."

Kissing Pavka's on her bright red cheeks, Nik slowly descended and let his hands tend to her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts. Massaging and kneading them only lead to her thighs twitching.

Finally, he brought his hands downwards after he was finished appreciating her scent and the image of her beautiful pink slit and slowly spread her thighs apart while finally bringing his nose closer and inhaling a bountiful breath, making Pavka blush even more.

"Idiot! Don't do this!"

Suddenly, Nik felt a strange thing. Looking at the pink hole puckered up beneath Pavka's snatch, he could actually smell a fragrance equal to her gushing nectar and that's when it finally hit him.

'She is a spirit... she doesn't eat then this means that she doesn't excrete either...'

His eyes glowed brightly as he looked at the sweet treasure named Pavka. His l.u.s.t soared without any limitations as he immediately brought his face even lower and pulled her thighs up slightly, sticking his tongue into her anus without any inhibitions.

For a moment, Pavka felt her whole body shudder as a fleshy entity entered through her backdoor without any warnings as she felt completely relieved.

Her thighs clenched once again and her anal muscles tightened, wrapping Nil's tongue while her body shuddered while Nik immediately took the hint.

He wasn't willing to waste a new taste. Decisively, he retreated from her back door and placed his lips upon her pink slit and tasted the gushing nectar while slowly forcing his tongue within her pure slit, slowly lapping his tongue within her soft and fleshy interior.

'Quite fleshy for a spirit...'

Nik observed while he used his fingers to stretch her anus as illicit m.o.a.ns escaped Pavka's lips. Her hands immediately gripped onto Nik's head, but with little strength she had, Nik could only smirk internally as he continued licking her interior, scraping her flesh while enjoying the sensation of her convulsing walls.

Her body, her face, her interiors, everything about her was fleshy and soft. She was an existence that really couldn't be imagined if Nik didn't have his strange talent.

Only now did he feel fortunate to have such a talent.

Soon, Nik felt her convulsions growing at a rapid pace while he removed his face and gazed at Pavka's ruined face.

"...hnngh? Nik?"

She looked at Nik with a dazed expression as the wonderful trail of drool actually made his heart thump. Since it was still evening, golden rays of sunlight glistened all the juices that covered her face, her b.r.e.a.s.ts and even her inner thighs, making her feel nothing short of a transcending angel.

"It's almost unfair..."

For a moment, Nik smiled sadly as he gently scooped Pavka in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead as he leaned back on the bed and placed Pavka on his laps, her thighs separated by his bulging monster that pressed against her soft entrance.

As Nik's lips softly kissed Pavka's ear, she couldn't help but whisper while unconsciously moving her h.i.p.s back and forth, grounding her slit against the c.o.c.k that was extremely horrifying to look at.

"What's so unfair?"

As his lips descended towards the nape of her neck, Nik wrapped his arms around her n.a.k.e.d form tightly, moving his h.i.p.s while eliciting soft grunts from Pavka's lips.

"Everything that defines you is unfair. Your beauty that made me momentarily forget about many important people, your ravishing eyes that only need to gaze upon me, your delicious lips that can charm the heart of any gourmet master.

Your speech, your pouts, your h.i.p.s, your fragrance... everything is too perfect that it saddens me.

Sorry, Teacher. But I'll be defiling you right here, right now. For... perfection is one thing that I mustn't let anyone close to me attain."

As he whispered, his hands slowly descended as his thumbs stretched her fleshy entrance before putting his index finger and middle finger inside her tight p.u.s.s.y and immediately started spreading her insides.

"Hnngh! Aaahhh!"

Her m.o.a.ns slowly grew soft as she raised her head, seeking Nik's lips before her heart, if she had any, felt calm. Her body shuddered at his touch, begging for more while his fingers achieved her wishes, striking at the spots that demanded his attention, rubbing her jewel when needed and playing with her mouth when required.

"Hah~ hah~ then what about you... having a perfect alignment with me and my alignment... teasing me perfectly, making my... conscious succ.u.mb to your actions.

Aren't you perfectly doing this! If this isn't perfection, then what is?"

Gently licking her left earlobe, Nik softly whispered.

"Perfection is the peak of a living being's corrupt thoughts. You think that my fingers are perfect for you haven't tasted my rod.

You think my alignment with lightning is perfect because I haven't even tried accessing my alignment with other elements.

For your sake and my selfish desires... bear with me, Pavka. Let me teach you just one thing. After that, I'll learn from you the rest."

Removing his fingers, Nik used his left to hand to adjust her lithe body while gripping his c.o.c.k with the right one to adjust the tip, finally pushing in.


Nik's eyes widened in surprise as his rod literally got sucked into her v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y without any obstructions and surprisingly, the innards quickly molded according to his shape and size, becoming a perfect glove to cover his bulging rod.

Touching the soft bulge on her smooth tummy, Pavka let out a relieved sigh as she softly traced the round bulge.

A pinkish light erupted from his rod when the small amount of pain Pavka felt quickly subsided while giving a boost to the sensuality of her snatch, making it overflow with e.r.o.t.i.c juices that covered Nik's c.o.c.k.

'A p.u.s.s.y that can actually be molded...'

Nik's thoughts grew darker...

"Even now... I'll be sure..."

Nik whispered before wrapping his arms around her smooth waist that extended to her curving h.i.p.s while her soft and plump butt cheeks rubbed against the base of his crotch.

Moving his h.i.p.s up and down while keeping Pavka in the same position, loud m.o.a.ns and grunts of pleasure immediately leaked out of her lips as Nik couldn't help but feel extremely satisfied himself.

Ploughing into her soft snatch that perfectly accommodated him made it easy to move and her gentle yet firm squeeze really made it extremely pleasurable for him, too.

"Oooh~ Nik! Not- Hnngh! Not so rough!!!"

She whispered while trying to disrupt her illicit m.o.a.ns only to fail spectacularly as her h.i.p.s couldn't help but buck each time Nik's balls ferociously smacked against her entrance. The bed was already ruined with continuous pumps as juices overflowed out of her full body with the bulge on her stomach being pumped up with consecutive pounds.

"Nik! Oh! Nik, I'm"

Unable to complete her sentence, the action of her p.u.s.s.y clamping on his c.o.c.k while her entire body shuddering made Nik realise why Pavka started groaning in such desperation. Taking her lips while placing his hands on her neck to support the loving kiss, Nik also felt himself reaching his limits.

Defying the tightening p.u.s.s.y that squeezed hard on him, his rod grew a little bigger in preparation of the waterworks and in a few consecutive pumps, they both groaned into each other's mouths and erupted with orgasms.

Pavka's body spasmed with extreme pleasure, something she felt for the first time in her life while Nik couldn't help but keep his rod inside her warm p.u.s.s.y.

'Not yet... she is still too perfect...'

Nik gritted his teeth.