Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 40 Back To Back Enlightenment 2

"Ohhh! Nik, right there!"

Pavka couldn't get enough of it. This sensation called physical pleasure truly ruined her. Her heart craved for more and surprisingly, she actually felt a bit tired 'spiritually' after such a long time.

Nik made her feel as if she was a living being filled with flesh and blood. And even then, she knew that if she was slashed at, instead of beautiful crimson blood, only her Elemental energy would disperse. But she will remain immortal.

As long as the pure lightning remains in this world, she will remain alive.

Her hands desperately clenched on the pillow while she bit the latter to muffle her groans. Admittedly, she had seen humans engaging in acts of pleasure without there notice. In fact, it wasn't that she was extremely interested in peeking. It was just that nobody could see her, aside from the fellow element Spirits.

Even if the Avatar could see her, that spiritual entity combined into flesh couldn't physically touch her for that spirit 'wasn't' a spirit in the purest sense.

But here she was, with all her knowledge overturned, getting her butthole filled to the brim as a hard, warm c.o.c.k plunged into her moist, fragrant back cave without any regards for her own body.

Not that she didn't like it. But there was a strange sense of possession that made her consciousness thump each time Nik pounded his c.o.c.k into her ass while diligently kissing her neck and rubbing her pink clit.

The sun was almost setting as Nik could easily reach Pavka's face while banging her anus from behind as her muffled squeals went along with the squelching sounds of his e.r.o.t.i.c-juice lacquered c.o.c.k going into her back hole.

Meanwhile, her pristine p.u.s.s.y already marked with Nik's demonic seed as it still dripped with a special alchemic product of a spiritual juice interlaced with devilish spunk.

"You feel good... extremely so!"

Nik whispered as the feeling of her small, yet, round and plump butt hitting against his c.o.c.k felt extremely pleasurable and unlike her p.u.s.s.y, her anus felt way hotter and tighter than anything he had ever felt, and even then, Pavka remained a perfectly accommodating woman who could easily take Nik even with her short stature.

It was like she was made for s.e.x only to be punished for her unbounded potential in pleasing a c.o.c.k. A perfectly malleable p.u.s.s.y that could be molded into her lover's shape while a butthole that was tastier than any gourmet while hotter and tighter than any hole a man could ever enter.

Spirits are better than human, Nik understood this now, and also understood why the talent he had was a massive boon.

But even then, he wasn't a machine only to satisfy his c.o.c.k.

He was as emotional as any other person, it was just that Nik was raised to be a little twisted, that is all.

"You know... Pavka. I am incapable of loving anyone, I am a broken person who can only find his salvation in the bosom of many.

But I do treasure my woman."

He spoke as he gripped her butt while his large fingers dug into her skin, her butt was like a combination of a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts, soft and perky, filling the hand while being able to be massaged e.r.o.t.i.cally.

"I treasure you and every woman I have taken. The manner in which I take them doesn't matter. Force, treachery, passion, complacency and even battles... but... Pavka, when I saw your body, your eyes, your flower...

I lost it.

For a moment, I lost my ability to treasure those who are dear to me.

I lost myself and forgot the smile of the beautiful woman who bears my seed.

And I can't let that happen. Those girls are sharing me, this is completely selfish of me. So, the last thing I can do is to give each of them a place within my heart.

But you are too perfect, almost hogging my entire heart. I can't have that.

So, I'll defile you, bring you down the holy pedestal, make you mine and give you a space within my heart.

I must, for now, you are mine!"

Nik continued speaking as he kept pumping his c.o.c.k disregarding the virile c.u.m that flowed into her anus while making her stomach bulge further. Her golden hair felt a bit dull due to hours of pounding while her face had a dazed look with her violet eyes rolled up in extreme pleasure while her tongue lolling out, demanding Nik's lips, but this time, he gritted his teeth and continued pounding as Pavka's legs involuntarily bucked as her p.u.s.s.y squirted another orgasm for umpteenth time while slumping back on the bed.

Though her form couldn't be witnessed by anyone other than spirit-kind and Nik, he felt a bit relieved after filling her up as he finally took his member out and slumped beside her.

"As your teacher..."

Pavka responded within ragged breathing while clenching her raised butt, not letting any drop waste, she slowly tilted her head towards Nik and smiled brilliantly.

"... if I can help my student by getting defiled, if I can support your burden, your emotions just like how my body accommodates you... there is nothing more I would wish to do."

She wasn't lying. Living for such a long time, only now did she finally feel an objective, a wish, brewing within herself. Though, this objective brewed out of Nik's corrupt seed, it still grew within her regardless, making her slowly nudge Nik's shoulder before wrapping her arms around Nik and finally sleeping with a peaceful expression.

Seeing her, Nik couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"You are too cruel... teacher. If you such things and look so beautiful, how can I happily find other women and screw them?"

He whispered while grazing her cheek softly and kissing her forehead.

"In the end... it's upto me to steel my heart. Though our next meeting would take quite a long time, just like others, I won't forget you.

Only that way, I can keep getting better than my past self. To remember and cherish."

Nik slowly drifted to sleep only to wake up to a knock during the middle of the night.


Cleaning up, Nik left the blissfully sleeping Pavka alone. After all, nobody could see her current, c.u.m-soaked, enticing form and entered into a robe before opening the door slightly.

Gazing at the golden eyes and plump lips that arched into a bright grin, Azula whispered.

"Nik? Aren't you going to ask me in?"

Looking back, Nik looked at the softly purring Pavka before turning towards the door and smiled.

"Please, your highness, if it pleases you, do enter."

He stepped aside while Azula pushed open the door when suddenly, a heavy, manly musk assaulted her nose, making her dizzy for a moment.

Frowning, she looked around only to see an innocent Nik looking back at her, of course, Nik immediately smiled internally and lowered his head.