Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 41 Princess With Daddy Issues

"I never actually praised you for your earlier actions."

Swaying her h.i.p.s seductively, Azula took a seat, coincidentally, right next to Pavka.


Nik tilted his head in confusion.

Smiling, Azula gently grazed the left lock of her hair behind her ear and then narrowed her eyes.

"The courage and brutality you showed while slaying those imbeciles.

With savageness that could overshadow a salamander's ferocity, you really don't look like the calm earth or gentle water. It's quite a pity that you aren't born of fire."

Saying so, Azula stood up and walked near Nik, placing her hand on his chest while drawing on his left pec.

"The piercing eyes that held no emotion felt strangely familiar. A beautiful man that could evoke desires, a wonderful scent that could subdue a woman and an extremely well-endowed figure created to please women."

Letting her hands softly graze his neck, Azula slowly stood on her toes and let her face get closer to Nik's. Their heavy, hot breathing collided against each other's lips while Azula actually smiled when Nik matched her gaze.

"Truly a pity. Were you a fire, your heat could make my cold nights filled with a fiery passion that is needed to make a woman like myself happy.

But being a mud... a filth, you are destined to be my servant. To be used and commanded. To please but not to dream. To fill but not to feel.

That is why, it's a pity."

Azula's soft whispers grazed past Nik's cheeks as her arms slowly hung around Nik while keeping her eye contact.

"Nik, I order you. Regardless of your future safety, please me now. Fill me and make me crave for you. Let me understand what it is like to be a woman.

If you do so, then maybe, I can let you be my consort, if not a Husband."

With an enchanting smile touching his lips, his Pheromone Illusion running to its extreme, Nik's head descended and immediately took Azula's full, plump lips while his arms slowly took their place on her h.i.p.s.

The cloth that covered the duo's body was thin enough to show Azula's erect n.i.p.p.l.es meanwhile, Nik's c.o.c.k forced the knot of the robe to open on its own while they engaged in a fiery kiss.

Her mouth was hot, just like her entire body. Extremely hot! Her tongue, her saliva, everything felt extremely different, but sensual nonetheless.

"I retract my previous assumption. You are hot, everything about you is."

Azula spoke while striking Nik's cheek as she held his hand and brought him on the bed while pushing him down. Once again, to Nik's fortune, he laid beside Pavka, instead of, 'on' her.

"Seeing your miserable status, I doubt you ever enjoyed a woman's treasure, not to mention a royal treasure.


Take honour from the fact that I, the future fire lord, the future slayer of dragons, lost my v.i.r.g.i.n flower to you."

As she straddled on Nik's waist while pressing her meaty butt over his c.o.c.k, Azula immediately disrobed him with as if tearing his clothes while her eyes unknowingly glittered when her gaze landed on his muscles.

"Everything about you is absurd."

She whispered as her back bent forward while her nails slowly traced his left pec before using her index finger to rub the tip of his chest.

"Hoh~ Quite a reaction. Considering your partner, it is only natural."

As she whispered, her lips grew close to Nik's silent one, what Azula assumed to be an expression of discomfort and nervousness.

"Now that you have tasted my northern lips, it is time you enjoy my southern ones."

Azula smiled lasciviously as she stood up and lifted her h.i.p.s before raising her knees over his abs and changing her position.

Creeping forth, she immediately adjusted her h.i.p.s right above his face while supported her body with her hands on his chest.

"Nik, time to dig in."

Taking a whiff of the sensual musky scent, that was quite brutish when compared to Pavka's aroma, but enticing all the more, Nik gulped as he nodded. He was afraid that he might show his true nature if he opened his mouth to speak.


Azula slowly lowered her h.i.p.s, the tension in her body and muscles showed her inexperience and own anxiety over the fact of losing her first time to a servant.

'But... can a royal prince exceed this servant's physique?'

This question followed by the realisation that Nik might just be the best toy to satisfy her own raunchious cunt, Azula bit her lip as a whimper escaped her throat due to Nik's hot breathing assaulting her entrance.

'Here I go.'

Reaffirming her determination, Azula finally loosened her waist and brought her h.i.p.s down in a gentle curve, making her meaty and perky butt sit on Nik's face while the latter did not need any more thoughts to immediately use his hands and latch on her butt cheeks while invading her moist interior with a roguish tongue.


Azula's head snapped up while her thighs tightened around his head unconsciously. Her hands could only find their solace in a self-embrace that wrapped around her stomach.

"W-wait! You"

A quiver spread across her body as Azula lost her ability to think for a moment. Rebellious thoughts that swirled within her mindscape vanished into a pleasing utopia that shook her entire body while her h.i.p.s unconscious ground against Nik's nose.

She came

While Nik continued eating her p.u.s.s.y while lapping all the juice greedily. After waking up from an intense session, he did feel quite thirsty, thankfully, the best source of nutritional nectar presented herself in front of him.

Now, he wasn't taking any of her dominatrix bull!

His tongue touched the spots that her fingers were afraid to, his hand massaged her butt in a way that her own personal therapist wouldn't. His conscious action of gently teasing her entrance while licking only livened her body.

Her extremely hot p.u.s.s.y wrapped around Nik while her alignment with fire and lightning gave her body a strange attribute.

Not only was her drink quite numbing, her interior walls felt as if he was eating an extremely strange, hot, jelly.

But such a difference couldn't stop Nik.

Her continuously struggling body remained in place by Nik's strong arms as he directly released his pheromones inside her snatch. Her p.u.s.s.y instantly overflowed with the amount of juices that Azula herself wasn't aware of while her pride and expression as a royalty only ruined further along the act.

"Ohhhh! Hmm~ no... hah~ this isn't what I~!"

Azula's own hands started to rebel against her while they consciously teased her n.i.p.p.l.es and massaged her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Meanwhile, her hazy golden eyes could only gaze at the primordial tower placed right in front of her. A behemoth that now only filled her heart with fear and her p.u.s.s.y with expectations. Though, the strange feeling of expectations was new to her, she did recall feeling such fear once in her entire life.


"Huff! Huff!"

Azula's little body retreated as all her eyes could see was a ring of flame around her body. Fire so ferociously that even jer recently mastered blue flames couldn't match.

Even though the opponent's flames were bright orange, the intensity of them only pointed out to the domineering nature of her opponent while his extreme mastery over regular flames, stupidly strong enough to overpower her blue ones.

There he stood, a burly man with piercing golden eyes. Long beard flowing down his chin as he looked at Azula coldly, disregarding her status as his own blood daughter.

Opening his mouth, the man spoke with mockery laced within his voice.

"Good, courageous enough to challenge me to right of throne in such a tender age while being able to master the blue flames. Really, I do wonder if your mother was right.

If somehow, your elder brother was simply a bastard.

For today's error, your life will not be reaped.

Once I rule the world, I will grant my only living offspring's wish you.

I shall grant you the throne of the fire nation.

Now, begone."


'Yes, that imposing stand definitely points out the domineering personality of the person. But what is this strange expectation?'

Azula wondered when she was forced out of her recollection of past with a soul-shaking orgasm that finally sucked the strength out of her body.

With his eyes glimmering, Nik couldn't help but lick his lips.

"I hope you are ready for a life full of servitude, Azula."