Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 42 Bloodied Ritual

There once was a family, a happy one. A strong father, a loving mother, an honest brother and a prodigious daughter.

The prodigy would receive her father's affection, her uncle's smile, her grandfather's patient teachings and her brother's admiration. Everything was set in stone. Only the talented and strong would survive to gain.

The sister did vow that she would protect her family from harm's way. But her wishes truly stemmed from her gentle mother. Neither was she anything like her ferocious father nor her imposing grandfather.

Her mother was like a breath of spring in the capital of fire. Calm, enduring and always smiling.

But only to her brother.

She wished to be like her mother, idolized her and wanted nothing more to gain a bit of affection from her. Sure, she was strong, a prodigy. Sure, she could defeat her own brother while bathing in the praises of her family. But was it so wrong?

Was it the only reason that she had to be the only one to suffer her mother's judgemental gazes and occasional glares?


She won, didn't she?

Why couldn't her mother just praise her a bit? Why couldn't she love her own daughter for who she is?

Why did such discrimination rise even within the ranks of blood relationship. To be loved, did she needed to be weak like her elder brother?

From a young age, the talented daughter understood that the only one capable of loving her was her mother itself. Her father wasn't capable of such emotion, her grandfather wasn't interested in sharing his affection and her uncle wasn't there for her during the times of war.

There was only her mother, who only avoided her, berated her and never loved her.

Her dreams slowly twisted in the spiral of ego-boosting praises and comments and the awe from the mongrels destined to be stepped upon with a smile.

No longer did she feel the need to protect. The fire within her wished to burn and destroy. That was it.

She didn't need love. Her fire forged her heart anew. Tougher than steel, sharper than the cruelest of spears. Her body only trained for greatness.

But... never to be loved.


"Di did you like it? Hnngh! My taste?!!"

With her lips sealed while her e.r.o.t.i.c juices flowing from Nik's mouth into her's, Azula whispered as Nik's finger gently stretched her innards while expertly teasing her modest bosom.

"I loved it, my lady."

Nik whispered as he lowered his head to take her neck while Azula's passionate m.o.a.ns and tight embrace grew even intense.

"Say it more! Say it that you love it!"

Azula m.o.a.ned crazily while her hands crept downwards towards his butt, immediately finding the prized possession that enticed her a few days ago.

"How about I show it?"

Nik whispered while he let the underside of his c.o.c.k get as lubed as possible by her moist p.u.s.s.y while rubbing against her extremely hot entrance with his warm c.o.c.k as his soaked fingers came up and immediately entered Azula's open mouth, making her taste her own love nectar once again.

Her lips immediately closed while sucking the entirety of his index and middle finger while her slowly adapting tongue coiled around his fingers in hopes of sucking everything they had to offer.


Nik spoke while looking at Azula's dazed face. Waiting out the right moment won't make this less painful. It wasn't that without a barely placed seal it would be less painful. It was all about the size and preparations. Azula's innards were quite warm and loose even before her spasmed orgasms. Now, even the cruel princess had a hospitable snatch.

Adjusting the tip, Nik started pushing through when Azula's eyes snapped open while she immediately bit on Nik's fingers.

Blood seeped from the second section of his index finger, almost immediately, aside from the intoxicating nectar, an iron-lime liquid with extreme sweetness entered within her mouth making her eyes widen in pleasure while she felt her body going numb as the pain she felt receded on its own.

Of course, all of this happened without Nik's knowledge. Not hearing much whimpers, Nik steeled his heart and ignored the pain before pushing his shaft halfway that marked the emergence of a pinkish-glow that immediately heightened Azula's sensuality, making her suck on Nik's finger with a casual, almost s.l.u.tty look while her hazy golden eyes gazed at Nik with a desperate need to get her burning p.u.s.s.y filled.


Squealing through her full mouth, she felt Nil's c.o.c.k bulge for a moment within her as Nik moved his h.i.p.s, further along, scraping her insides while finally touching the mythical walls that her fingers failed to discover.

Her face flushed instantly as her innards grew hotter and hotter, as if wanting to melt Nik within her and hold him tightly forever. Her snatch clamped down hard while Nik's tip softly kissed her inner gates before retreating while disregarding the cruel squeeze of her arrogant p.u.s.s.y, bringing her innards to realms of carnal pleasure she wasn't even aware of.

And then, he glided his c.o.c.k into her once again, a soft grunt escaped his lips while Nik slowly pulled his fingers out and took her full lips. Though, the taste of his own blood did unnerve him for a moment, Azula's gentle squeeze broke him out of his thoughts as their night continued.


With Azula's body laid on her right side while her top leg picked up, Nik furiously thrusted his c.o.c.k deep into her w.o.m.b from behind while his tongue entangled with Azula's into a fiery kiss. No longer did her abnormally hot p.u.s.s.y increase the tension of his member. In fact, the continuous pounding made it more enjoyable.

Her sweaty body was solely entrusted his expert hands as she was played in the ways she had never dreamt of. The slight bulge above her crotch area and the thin tricking off-white liquid pointed out that the poor princess' w.o.m.b was packed with his devilish spunk, but alas, it didn't stop there.

Just like that, Azula's mind soon drifted off to a strange world before she accepted a strange request while orgasming oh so delightfully while ruining the entire bed with the nectar combination of Nik's love and her reaction.


There once was a princess, full of cruelty and arrogance. Her missing mother already dead to her, her father's throne the only goal within her mind.

The weakness of her brother failed to move her heart, the cries of the rage of her enemies filled her broken consciousness with pleasure.

Broken she was, something finally made its way towards her.

A fortunate encounter, the princess couldn't tell. But it wasn't unfortunate.

As she entered the fated room with the intention of using the body of her dreams, unknowingly, she had submitted herself.

Her heart, her body and her source of affection to the man with a body that even the gods would envy.

For the person that gets her attention is destined to be the source of other's envy. After all, the most talented princess was swept away in a tsunami of c.u.m that filled her w.o.m.b tight, f.u.c.k.i.e.d her body senseless and still, was virile enough to disregard her tired body and continue f.u.c.k.i.n.g her oh so ruthlessly.