Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 43 Energy Conversion

Azula's shivering body slumped with her lower lips drooling his c.u.m as Nik felt a permanent connection with the destroyed princess.

Taking a deep breath, Nik gently laid Azula next to Pavka and enjoyed the sight of two different species getting soaked in his c.u.m. He could be said to be the only link between the spirits and the humans through the use of his c.o.c.k.

'But that aside... there is something strange about my blood. Not to mention this extreme feeling...'

As Nik tasted his own blood, he suddenly felt an enhanced version of Pheromone Illusion but of course, it failed to affect him while its effect on Azula was quite obvious.

And besides that, Nik felt a current of cool sensation spreading across his body through his crotch area while Nik couldn't help but open his stats.

Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Intern)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 2

CHM: 6

LUK: 2]

Frowning at the obvious addition of the new stat, Nik softly commanded the system to show the description of the new stat before a new notification window popped in front of him.

[ENG: Host Energy.

The system allows the host to use pure, untainted energy that can be converted into different kinds of energy.

Energies discovered: Elemental Energy.

1 Host Energy = 3 Elemental Energy.]

While Nik understood the fact that he actually needed to come into contact with a form of energy before converting it into a force recognisable as pure and untainted by the system to finally activate the ENG stat. But the question arose, how?

He has been in the world of elementals for quite some time, but even then, he couldn't get a shred of energy. He gained it today, he felt it today. And the only thing that differed from his usual routine was...

Tilting his head sideways, Nik looked at Pavka's and Azula's blissful expression before musing silently.

"Could it be... show talent."


Name: Carnal Concept

Description: Allows the host to mate with not only humans, but other sentient beings found across the multiverse.]

"Strange... it only describes as the ability to come into physical contact with other beings that could not be touched or felt otherwise. But this talent did not explain the reason for the sudden acquisition of Energy."

Muttering, Nik looked around for quite a long time to discover anything strange about the room before sitting on the floor with his shoulder slumped in defeat.

"Things are getting troublesome..."

Boon or curse, anything that wasn't under Nik's control felt troublesome to him. And such a sudden change entered into the category of things that he did not understand and therefore, could not control.

Sitting cross-legged, he tried envisioning the energy within his body flowing out of his palms and when he actually moved the strange energy with a mere thought of his, Nik immediately regarded the energy converting into elemental energy before a warm wisp of orange flame erupted from his open palm.

The dark room brightened up by Nik's sudden ability to create fire as his lower face lit up in an orange shade and his violeteheart limmered before he immediately closed the gates that connected the energy to the flame.

Looking at his stats, he found that his ENG wasn't consumed even a single bit, but the slight decrease in overall energy was still easy to notice. All of this came as an extremely strange sensation to Nik, but in the life of ever-changing worlds, if Nik couldn't even adapt to such a small unknown change, it would speak much of his foreseeable demise.

With a faint expectation in his heart, Nik once again revolved the energy flowing within him, but this time, instead of envisioning a wisp of flame, he tried producing electricity.


3 hours later

As the zap of violet lightning that covered his fist vanished into thin air with a shrill cry, Nik calmly concluded his research.

"First of all, it takes an entire hour to recover a single point of ENG. Not to mention that I can only produce fire or lightning which also includes blue flames and blue lightning, the attributes Azula showed on many occasions.

Trying to control the air around me fails spectacularly while the water and earth fail to heed my command despite expending ENG.

There's no doubt, something within my body is changed, hidden or still remains unregistered even by the system which speaks much about the mysteriousness of my body.

Conclusion... no matter how demonic it sounds... does involve the fact that I gained this energy from having s.e.x with Azula and Pavka.

But how is the energy gained?

I didn't feel a shred of energy from my sessions with Mitsuko even after gaining my bloodline, this means that my bloodline isn't strange. This only leaves the talent as a suspect.

There is still a need to know the mechanism of the entire system on which this siphoning of energy is based upon. It was clear that this energy only appeared inside of him when he consummated his relationship with Azula and Pavka.

But energy cannot be produced out of nothing. He wasn't foolish enough to think that this ability of his was a merry one where he can have endless s.e.x and gain endless energy formed out of nothing.

This energy needed to be converted out of something and the implications of 'that' something admittedly terrified him a bit.

Biting his lips, Nik tried to connect with his founder to no avail. It was as if all the connections with the society had been forcibly suppressed by a mysterious force. When he looked back at Azula's and Pavka's face, no longer did he feel so satisfied and proud.

With his mind preoccupied with various thoughts and measures to prevent such a strange process of gaining energy, Nik's night was fraught with countless groans of irritation that would only fuel his insomnia, quite opposite to the content look on the girls' faces.

But in the meantime, Nik did come up with various more outcomes and conclusions.

1 minute of norma fire consumed a single unit of his ENG, but strangely, the act of fire-bending wasn't converted into a skill, another 'something', that needed his attention. Meanwhile, the usage of blue flames would conversely consume two of his units in a mere span of five seconds.

The same was for the blue Lightning and violet Lightning named Purity Lightning.

1 minute for 1 unit while 5 seconds for 2 units. And just like that, the night came to an end to give a glorious rise to the blazing sun which made Nik realise the fact that he hadn't gotten an ounce of rest after his session. The realisation brought a wave of exhaustion, making him slump on the ground itself as he slumbered into a deep sleep.


In a vast desert with no life available to the expansive vision of a strange silver-haired girl with pale white eyes that seemed to reflect the dessert itself, a barely audible sigh escaped her lips as she looked up, gazing at the blinding sun without a shred of emotion in her eyes.

"It's almost upon us... the creator of flames, the god of the sun shall vanish for a brief moment to return even more gloriously. But... is that glory truly needed by the world.

My eyes fail to see ahead. Fate blocks my vision, an existence or multiple existences threaten the plane and yet... the fate agrees and compromise with them.

Truly a coward that act might in front of puny and puny in front of mighty."

As she spoke, the surrounding sand quickly stuck together and morphed into a crystal clear glass-like sheet before descending into the said glass and vanishing from the area.


The Earth Kingdom, State of Gaoling

"Are you sure that the Avatar would really arrive here?"

A grey-haired middle-aged man asked for the sake of confirmation. Looking back at his temporary partner, the teen nodded.

"I have a talent that allows me to gain bits and pieces of the happening of the record. While I cannot confirm the timing, I surely know that one of the Avatar's companion originates from this location."

Nodding his head, the middle-aged man couldn't help but sigh.

"But... to kill Avatar, there must definitely be some hosts assigned to protect the Avatar. If we..."

"Don't worry."

The youth dissuaded him before smiling.

"As I said, I don't come here without a trump card. All we need to find out about is the true identity of the said companion."