Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 44 The Fire Capital

The crackling sound of flames extended towards the empty chamber as the shadow of an enigmatic figure fell upon the curtain covering a massive column of fire.

Kneeling in front of the shadowy figure, Azula looked down with a calm expression, no lingering feeling of the need to achieve that particular seat or even scant praise to boost her ego.

"What about Ba Sing Se?"

A deep and commanding voice emerged from the other side of the curtain as Azula reported her progress dutifully.

"Traitors are being captured and trained on a daily basis while the inner working of the city is being gradually understood. To truly make better spies out of those traitors, we would require a few months before the operation can continue."

"I see."

The man behind the curtain thought out loud before continuing.

"Azula, one of the failure's men reported that the first contact with the Avatar has been established.

For now, leave the siege operation to your underlings. Avatar's head needs to decorate this chamber. A failure cannot hope to achieve it."

While Azula's eyes gleamed at the thought of taking Avatar's head herself, her heart strangely remained calm when she was compared to her elder sibling failure.

"I shall do what's need to be done, Lord."

She whispered as the Fire Lord, her father, grunted in approval before Azula was dismissed. The Palace, for the most parts, is usually empty. Even the throne chambers were empty with a single Fire Lord taking his seat there accompanied with his column of fire all day long.

Walking down the empty hallway, Azula bit her lips as a pleased smile remained plastered on her face while her steadily shivering body made its way towards her private chambers.

Feeling the plastic rod within her body as the hot liquid within her w.o.m.b continuously pressured the rod to push and finally leak put freely, Azula couldn't help but groan in frustration and pleasure.

'It's going to leak out! Shit!'

Her h.i.p.s suddenly spasmed as she tried to wrap her interior around the rod that sealed the c.u.m of damnation into her w.o.m.b, making her take a deep breath before continuing forward.



Her metallic boots struck against the hard floor before the maids standing on either side of the entrance of her chamber bowed in reverence as Azula brushed them off without any change in her gait.

It was only after she had entered her chamber, made her way towards the bedroom before she fell to her knees, her body shivering in pleasure while her lips leaking hot and heavy breathing while her golden eyes stared at the opposing purple ones.

A loosely dressed individual waited on the bed. A silk-like, red coloured rob hung around his body without getting tied around his waist as his abs and the inner portion of his pecs remained exposed.

With twitching lips, Azula slowly regained her composure as she smiled with a bit haughtiness evident in her expression. Getting up slowly, she casually patted her perky butt that got manhandled by Nik a few hours ago and shrugged.

"Oh, if it isn't my loyal partner, Nik. How is the life in Fire Capital faring?"

After her first destructive session with Nik, he soon found out that unlike all his previous sessions with women, Azula seemed to have been affected 'permanently'. Her demeanor around him would calm down while her natural arrogance would recede and morph into a pet's submission.

Even then, her expression would keep on defying her physical actions which piqued Nik's curiosity. With the strange issue of the sudden influx of system-neutral energy more or less investigated, Azula's condition was carefully considered as Nik came to a definitive answer.

His own blood.

This was yet another distinction between his regular session with others. None of them ever ingested his blood, the source of his skill Pheromone Illusion. While the current working of things still eludes Nik, he was fairly certain that the reason he was so easily promoted from filth/Nik to Partner as their status demanded was due to some sort of permanent side-effect of ingesting his blood.

This further needed some more consideration, but not at the moment.

"She looks kinda cute when she tries to hide her embarrassment..."

Invisible to Azula, Pavka snuggled against Nik's chest while purring softly. After their own session, Nik found out that Pavka could feel some sort of energy getting siphoned from her source during the act. Of course, due to her heightened sensuality, she couldn't make much of it back then, but her thoughts did Nik to confirm the process of this energy gathering.

After partnering-up with Pavka, he did initiate another session, but other than some sort of incredible synchronisation of spirit, the duo did not feel any change in the energy flowing within them.

This made Nik conclude an important concept.

Those who are not partnered up with him could get their affinity and elemental energy siphoned to further his own body.

Today's morning session with Azula where they both felt extremely connected instead of siphoning off energy further verified some parts of his conclusion.

Of course, the further questions of heightened synchronisation was once again up in the air.

"Princess, without you, Fire Capital doesn't hold any charm."

Standing up, much to Pavka's disgruntled yelp, Nik moved closer to Azula and let his hand rest on her developed h.i.p.s, enjoying the warm sensation of her body as Azula inadvertently averted her gaze with reddened cheeks.

Never did Nik feel that such a dominatrix could ever produce an enticing expression like the one in front of him.

"You seem to be holding it in pretty well, Princess..."

Bringing his lips closer to her ear, letting his warm breath assault her neck, he continued.

"It's almost as if you are not willing to part from it."

Snorting at his comment, Azula smiled.

"Surely you are jesting. I can have as much as I want.

It's just the idea of wasting it bothers me a bit."

Chuckling at her comments, Nik pulled her closer as his hands shifted from her h.i.p.s to her butt which immediately assaulted both of her holes through her baggy fiery pants, immediately making Azula hold onto Nik's shoulder.

"Surely I can help with the refill, Princess."