Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 46 Mutt's Discussion

"Isn't this..."

The middle-aged librarian fell silent as he looked at the clearance motif in Nik's hand before looking at Nik, this time, with an appraising gaze. His eyes showed a bit of his apprehension through his glasses but overall, the librarian seems to have accepted the situation.

"I see. You must be one of Princess'..."

As he found a word to describe their delicate relation, a cold voice cut the man's thoughts in half as her words sent a spiral of horrific gossips crashing in the surroundings.

"Princess' new pet, right?"

The man gulped while Nik looked back to find a youthful figure with luscious black hair flowing through her shoulders and resting above her bosom while two buns of hair adorned the side of her head with her calm eyes regarding Nik without any expressive emotion.

Straight nose, beautiful eyes alongside a face could define her beauty. But the gloomy aura around her went well with her calm expression.

"M Miss Mai!"

The Librarian immediately greeted while Mai simply grunted a response as she kept gazing at Nik with her brownish eyes while Nik also regarded her calmly, much to Mai's surprise.

"Your training is still... pending?"

She questioned as the lack of respect for a superior in the dog's eyes managed to tick her off a bit. But she was never the one to express her emotions. That's how she was raised.

Nik's and Pavka's lips twitched simultaneously at her question.

"Whatever. I thought that it was a bit interesting to see a dog willing to stray from its master.

But seeing that your training isn't complete, you are only a trash in human's skin."

The Librarian sweated further while Nik took the praise naturally.

"Thank you for your kind words, Miss."

And that was it. Nik didn't really like dealing with obnoxious girls... at least, not in public. Of course, he would need to retaliate against this Mai, but that is a quest for another day. He still needed to fill in the basic gaps of knowledge through the library.


Mai frowned while the librarian dazedly handed the badge of golden flame back to Nik before he was stopped by Mai once again.



Nik turned back and asked. He wasn't that hurried to learn some basic information. If this Mai really wants to join him, that would be better, too.

"... What's your name?"

Mai questioned after a moment of thought to which, Nik replied his name with a polite bow before making his way towards the interior of the library.


[To read the language, the host must purchase the language.]

The contents of the book blurred, only the screen could be read in precision.

"Why am I able to converse?"

The text on the screen blurred before it stated once again.

[The part of having a conversation with the locals of the world is free in the first trial. Technically, this is your first trial.]

Nodding, Nik looked at Pavka, who had an incredulous expression as she, too, could read the contents of the system.

"Well, you heard the big boss, Teacher. Help me read all the stuff written here."

And with a stunned expression, Pavka nodded before floating down the book and started describing the detailed history of the 100-year war.


"Oh, if it isn't"

As a young man, a beautiful one, came up with open hands to welcome Mai, she immediately back-knuckled him with a glare while hissing.

"Shut it!"

As Mai bypassed the minister's son, who was covering his bloodied nose with his hands, Mai's suitors immediately gave way to the maiden as she made her way towards the main attraction of the gathering.

Fire Princess Azula.

As she grew closer to Azula, her unsteady and impatient gait slowly turned into a calm one while the glowing fury within her eyes hid naturally. She wasn't willing to show her emotions to Azula. Not after she was played in her hands when she naively disclosed her emotions for the greatest failure of the nation Zuko, Azula's elder brother.

While Mai's relationship with Azula has strained quite a bit, they both knew each other from their childhood and such a change was hard to keep the duo away from each other.

"Oh? How's it going, Mai? Moved over the pathetic mutt, yet?"

She commented when she saw Mai growing closer as the falter in her steps pleased Azula to quite an extent.

"Speaking of mutt, I ran into yours inside the library.

Quit lazying around while training your pets"


Azula flashed a confused expression which was immediately registered by the observing Mai as she picked a glass of herbal juice from the passing waiter while nodding calmly.

"Strange mix of bulky and lean body, violet eyes, black hair... good face for a mutt."

Narrowing her eyes, Azula slowly muttered.

"Perhaps, are you referring to Nik?"

This time, Mai was honestly surprised and her raised eyebrows suggested that such an event did manage to pierce through her mask of emotionlessness.

"Out of 27 pets, this is the first one that could make you remember his name. Must be a special one.

So? Should I congratulate you for 'growing' up?"

Mai casually sipped the herbal vine as she looked at Azula, who was clearly growing colder by the minute.

"Ah, you know. When you turn 17, it isn't that much of a deal. Somewhere along the way when I killed the first filth, I did grow up wonderfully."

Dressed in a light blue gown with her hair flowing down, Azula did not look like a goddess of war but a gentle maiden expected to be wedded soon.

"You are changing the topic, princess."

Mai calmly retorted while Azula smiled wonderfully.

"How about this? Why don't you visit me tonight and I can demonstrate how much I have grown.

At least, I am still not a metaphorical p.u.s.s.y lying in wait of some failure to seed me."

Her uncouth words remained whispers as there were too many nobles that occupied the hall to celebrate her victorious return while Mai couldn't keep hold of her expression as her eyes narrowed coldly while she gripped her glass tightly.

"You're on, Princess."

"It's a date, Miss Heiress."

Azula gently laughed and walked towards rowdy Commander Zhao to discuss a few important details that made her actually show herself in the gathering in the first place.


"F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k!"

The black-haired youth cursed as the middle-aged man slowly took out the pieces of small earthen spikes from his back as the youth's back was already coloured crimson in his own blood.

"Care to explain how you managed to 'unsee' such a glaring issue?"

"How the hell was I supposed to know that a teenager can compare to an Earthbending Master?!"

The youth hissed while the man shook his head.

"Not 'comparable' but a true Earthbending Master. Her impairment is even more amazing."

He muttered darkly while sighing.

"We will need to rest and the city will be in chaos for a few days, after all, the mayor's daughter just ran off.

She isn't a viable target, not to mention, our action might have already exposed us."

Gazing at the youth, he continued.

"What else do you know?"


Closing the book with a huff, Nik sighed deeply and a contemplative expression took over his face.

"So... is it safe to assume that there is something that is hidden in these records?"

Pavka looked up with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Clearly, the fire benders shouldn't be 'that' strong when compared to other element benders. But even then, the Aire Nomads are wiped off and the Earth Kingdom and the Water tribes are hard-pressed.

It can only be achieved if they managed to use some explosive means to wipe the Air Nomads quickly before allowing the other factions to prepare."

Naturally nodding, Pavka shrugged.

"Of course, they did. After all, they could easily trump the Water Tribe during the passing of Fire Comet."

Frowning, Nik looked at the brightly giggling Pavka as she soon described the massacre of the Air Nomads with a happy expression.


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