Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 47 Stop..?

"A comet..."

Nik muttered absentmindedly while shuffling through the wide streets of the market as he continued his steps while ignoring the calls of varied vendors trying to promote their goods and gain attention by adding mythical legends to the goods that don't make sense in the first place.

"A feather of the special fire dragon of the legends!

Today's your lucky day! Get a feather of the fire dragon for only 16 Yuans!"

"Hmph! Like a feather of such importance would still remain in your hands!"

Pavka stuck her tongue out as she kept on commenting to the ridiculous tales of the merchants. Looking back at Nik, she tilted her head in confusion.

"Still thinking about the comet?"

Nik nodded with a heavy sigh.

"Yeah. But there's more to it when considered according to the minds of other nations. If we can get this piece of information public, Avatar's neck might not be out of reach."

He muttered while frowning a bit.

"Teacher, while you cannot affect the physical world, you can surely use your element as a point of contact, right?"

"Hmm? Yeah, kind of. Why do you ask?"

"Just thinking if there are more elemental spirits like you, why haven't they made their presence known?"

Pavka shook her head and smiled.

"You are wrong in this thinking. Elemental spirits like me are already extremely rare. Beautiful ones that can compare to me are even rarer. Not to mention that elemental spirits have already contacted the physical world through you humans."

Disregarding the fact that even spirits take pride in their beautiful forms, Nik pondered on her sentence when it finally clicked.


"Correct. Each and every bender can bend the said element not only due to his or her talents. But also the blessing of the minor elements that like to contact the world. In other words, the blessing can come in various forms spiritual fusion in case of the Avatar or affinity fusion in case of normal element benders."

"Then what about me?"

Nik finally asked.

At present, he had the capability of bending fire, turning it into an even hotter blue fire, generate lightning that can destroy and heal.

Technically, he already had four elements.

But still, he simply didn't have the energy to actually use the said elements to their full capabilities.

"Well... that... as much as it hurts to say... even your teacher cannot understand that. But I do know that a rogue like you can only learn this through illicit means."

She immediately huffed as she pinched Nik's cheek while her antics couldn't help but make him smile.

"Teacher, it was enlightenment... yes, plain enlightenment. Not to mention, that feeling during the second time was..."


Pavka immediately blushed and placed her small hands on his lips while lowering her head as her dazzling golden hair fell from the front of her face.

"We... are not talking about that ever!"

She whispered, much to Nik's happiness.


Just like that, Nik made his way towards the Palace constructed in the middle of the capital while the entire navy was already set in motion to capture the Avatar.


"You seem pretty eager, Princess."

Nik exclaimed as he was immediately caught and latched upon by an almost n.a.k.e.d Azula. Her legs straddled on his h.i.p.s while she stuck to his body akin to a red-furred koala.

Not to mention the passionate kiss that welcomed him to his little princess trying to suck his tongue into her mouth without any inhibitions.

It would've been better if Pavka didn't pout and grow her body to normal size before similarly latching on his back and licking his neck while grumbling on how much of a shameless girl Azula was.

But still, Nik's nose could smell another presence with an overwhelming scent. The scent itself lingered on Azula's face which made Nik raise an eyebrow.


Suddenly, a series of muffled grunts alongside rattling of chains destroyed the lascivious momentum the princess, the otherworldly and the invisible pixie were gaining as Azula immediately giggled before resting her hands on his shoulder while whispering softly.

"I heard that you ran into a friend of mine. You know, most of us 'royal' girls have a bit of issue in our mentality.

She is the same as me.

So... help me find her peace, too... partner."

As the amateur princess tried to seduce the Carnal Demon himself, Nik finally traced his chin in deep contemplation as he recollected the sight of all the women he laid his eyes upon before a distinctive, cold teen's image flashed in front of his eyes.

By now, Azula's lips softly planted a kiss on Nik's collarbone before trailing her index-nail down his chest.

"So? What do you think?"

Her amorous whispers gently grazed past his ears while Nik nodded softly.

"Take me."

His thoughts still remained unknown as he didn't know how to feel and how to process everything going around him.

For once, he felt complicated what his own partner became his 'wing-woman' and actually... from the sound of it, kidnapped a woman to effectively get her into a non-agreeable s.e.x.u.a.l activity... in other words R*a*p*e.

While Nik was extremely confident that his own prowess could turn the situation into a consensual one pretty soon... something just didn't feel right with him. Aside from Megumi, where he really needed to get down to business without much chatting, he had never forced himself on anyone.

Although, the situation might look like when it came to Kyouko or Kaya, the fact remains that they both pretty much consented to him.

But as his eyes fell on the chained beauty with her mouth gagged as a red ball covered her mouth while her body remained supported mid-air, her legs apart with her special place exposed for all to see, Nik couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt stinging his heart.

This sudden bout of guilt came as surprise to the youth due to the fact that he didn't even bat an eye while slaying muscular men with a malicious smile on their faces... but then again, they were muscular men with disgusting smiles... this revelation made Nik understand that he did discriminate based on gender.

As Mai glared at Azula, her eyes shifted towards Nik with his huge member exposed to her slowly panicking eyes, making her struggle while causing the chains to rattle once again.

"Hmmm! This will be fun!"

Much to Nik's surprise, even Pavka purred happily as Azula's knees rubbing against each other pointed out her thoughts.


'Holy hell!'

Mai screamed internally as she looked at Nik's huge bulging rod while Azula's n.a.k.e.d form and hungry expression only caused her to panic further.

Once again, she tried to struggle against the chain while the strange red ball that gagged her mouth kept on tasting as strange as ever, making her body feel as if it was on fire.

Not only that, when she saw Nik moving towards her with an impassive face, her heartbeat grew wilder with each second. Fear of losing her first time to a stranger made her face pale while the thought of a certain boy with a kind smile made her heart heavy with guilt.

Tears slowly formed in the corner of her eyes as she couldn't help but mentally apologise to the boy she had set her heart upon, even if he grew colder due to his cruel upbringing, she knew that the man of her dreams was capable of smiling as gently as before.

He wasn't a monster with a deformed face, neither was he a failure. He was a gentle and loving brother, a good friend... and most of all, a tragic son who only begged for the appreciation of his father, much like how his younger sister begged for the appreciation of her mother.

The muscular hand slowly stretched forward and Mai immediately closed her eyes, not wanting to witness her own body getting humiliated only to feel the buckle holding her leg snap open, making her body tilt downwards with the remaining three of her limbs supported by the chains.