Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 48 Connection

"What did you do?!"

Azula immediately shrieked while she tried pushing Nik out of her way and put Mai back in her position only to find Nik standing tall without moving an inch as Mai looked at Nik with her glazed eyes filled with confusion.

But, Nik's next action almost made Azula lose her mind.

Bowing gently, Nik seriously looked into Mai's eyes while his lips arched up, but still managed to depict his sadness.

"In Princess' place, I apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you, Miss Mai."


"What are you doing?! You don't bow to anyone!

You don't have to bow to anyone!"

Azula immediately started slapping Nik's back with a little deranged look that even caused Pavka's eyes to twitch.

Straightening his back, Nik turned to look at Azula's distraught expression. Long gone were her narrowed eyes with her full lips arched in the art of seduction. The borderline insane swirl of her pupils made Nik feel even bitter as he extended his hands towards Azula and despite her struggle, brought her into a warm embrace, stunning the remaining two girls that couldn't wrap their head around the situation.

"Let me go! I said"

Azula immediately pushed her hands against his chest only to be reminded about Nik's unimaginable physical strength that could smash large rocks without any need to bend the element.

"Princess... Azula. You don't have to satisfy me."

Nik softly whispered into Azula's ears as her struggle only grew intense.

"We are partners. You don't have to go out of your way to get me girls... not this way."

He kept whispered while his arms remained wrapped around her back tightly as he disregarded the pain from the frantic scratching on his chest.

"But! But... I have to satisfy you! I HAVE TO MAKE YOU PRAISE ME!"

She shrieked with desperate tears rolling down her eyes as Mai could only look at the scene with stunned stupor. Even the usually energetic Pavka decided to stay away lest she gets affected by the insane princess... not that she was normal in the first place.

"Praise you? Of course. You are the princess of an entire nation. Your talent and intelligence shown in the early years of your childhood.

You are worthy of getting showered by praises.

But I have something more than that.

Azula. I like you. Extremely so. Not because of your talent, not because of your thirst of power, no matter how hot it looks.

But because of who you are. My arrogant little princess."

Nik whispered and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead that finally managed to placate her panicking heart that was too absorbed to 'accomplish' something and get a round of 'praise' from someone other than her father that she truly held feelings for.

"You don't get it!"

Jaws clenched, Azula fought back with her tears as she buried her head into the warm and strong chest while her hands slowly trailed down, powerless.

"If I can't be useful... I am not worth anything..."

She whispered softly as the dark dungeon-like chamber grew quiet at her words.

Her words spoke much about her childhood, how she was raised, how deficient she was kept from her parents' love and how much she desired to be loved to actually go through extreme situations for someone who actually showed feelings for her.

"Your usefulness doesn't mean shit."

Removing one hand from her back and taking her chin in between his index finger and thumb, Nik allowed them to stand a little closer while he pulled her face up, taking her lips whilst completely disregarding the stream of tears rolling down her cheeks.

His second hand went a bit southward and immediately grabbed her left ass-cheek and gave it a nice squeeze, making her whimper in Nik's hand.

Not only that, quite sensibly, for the first time, Pavka decided to let the duo have their moment and vanished into thin space while Mai couldn't help but gulp at the scandalous scene going in front of her.

"Useful... useful... useful...

Stop thinking yourself as a tool."

Nik broke the kiss and spoke harshly before diving down and giving a gentle bite to the side of her neck as the strange sense of relief and pain couldn't help but make Azula twitch in his hands.

"To think yourself as a tool... disregarding your own thoughts to completely lose yourself.

I need to punish you."

His fingers already rubbing her holes from her backside while his lips taking her left n.i.p.p.l.e into their hold, gently tugging on them, Azula's sudden, yet, risque m.o.a.ns filled the chamber, disregarding the fact that they have am unusual guest present amongst them.

But, Nik didn't forget about Mai and immediately released his skill to the utmost, affecting her other senses while her vision was already simulated by the e.r.o.t.i.c play in front of her.

Part of Nik felt even guilty for Azula. After all, the only reason he could think that a strong princess like her, no matter how bad her upbringing was, could fall in such desperate emotions had to be contributed to ingesting his blood.


Azula gasped as the sound of getting her first punishment ever created waves of panic within her, but Nik wasn't having any of that. A spoiled princess, he could endure. But not a suicidal one.

She needed to be punished. If he actually let her get away with today's action, there is no saying how the feeling of 'accomplishment' would affect her mentality in the future.

Not letting her prepare any more than she already is, Nik immediately picked her left leg up, something, that was quite easy as Azula was one flexible gal, and then immediately impaled her with his raging rod, making Azula shriek in delight.

But unknown to her, the punishment was yet to arrive.

Peeking back, Nik could look at Mai's flushed face as Azula's ruined expression of debauchery and lasciviousness really hit the noble girl hard. Though her hands wrapped themselves around her waist while she slowly crawled back, her eyes remained on the spot where Nik and Azula connected, making her eyes bulge as she saw Azula's perfect slit expanding and taking Nik without many issues.

'Maybe... I should do it the way I learnt from Kaya...'

Nik had a sudden revelation and he immediately got into focus.

Taking his c.o.c.k out, much to Azula's distressed whimper as she tried kissing him, once again, only to get denied of the pleasure. Making Azula face Mai, Nik stood behind her and immediately picked her body while supporting her back against his shoulder.

Soon, Mai's eyes grew wider as Nik's large c.o.c.k slowly entered Azula's slit while her butt, thighs, p.u.s.s.y and anus was completely exposed, much like her e.r.o.t.i.c expression.

'What... is this?'

Mai's hear momentarily faltered for Azula's concern but immediately recalled how she was chained up and gagged with the mysterious liquid that still made her body hot. Not to mention, she was also feeling quite strange. Her breathing was quick and her heartbeat was only growing wilder with each passing moment.


A deep m.o.a.n chortled alongside the 'sloching' sound of Nik pushing his h.i.p.s further as the raunchious symphony soon erupted with Azula's p.u.s.s.y getting ploughed with Nik's almost impossible c.o.c.k getting inside her easily and moving out swiftly.

As the duo slowly grew engrossed by the sensation of sharing a common ground with each other, a mysterious pulse emerged from the veins of Nik's c.o.c.k as Azula's innards started throbbing rhythmically, miraculously, doubling the pleasure the couple received from the act. Their senses heightened as the duo strangely felt connected to each other.

Nik could slowly feel the bitterness of Azula's childhood that didn't do anything to deserve such pain while Azula started to understand that Nik wasn't that different. Somehow, he also grew surrounded by a bitter environment and also understood how much pain Nik felt for her.

He only had love for her. No praises, no appreciation.

Only love.

Azula's eyes quickly watered as her mouth opened with drool leaking from the corner of her lips and her eyes rolled up.

With each thrust, Nik's full ball would make contact with her perky and meaty butt while Mai only felt her mind numb, until, Azula m.o.a.ned a little louder than usual while a stream of crystal-clear nectar immediately flew out of her snatch, landing dangerously close to Mai, with some drops splashing on her thighs.

Just like that, the session only grew wilder with Nik taking Azula in every means possible for almost an hour while Mai had already grown dazed.