Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 49 Northern Waters

"I admit that I didn't handle it well."

Azula whispered, carefully bathed and clothed, knelt on the bed and looked down. Droplets of water rolled down her shoulder-length black hair while her golden eyes averted downwards, as if she was a child caught committing a prank.


A palm smacked the top of her head. No longer did Nik pose a deferential stance for the kicks of it. His smack resounded against the chamber and he nodded with unimpressed eyes.

"You think?"

Nik barked as he looked at Mai, who was insisted upon to stay until this matter was resolved.

"But... when Mai started badmouthing you..."

Nik frowned at her words and carefully explored.

"So?... It was all for a verbal argument?"

This time, both, Azula and Mai looked away. Azula had done things in front of Mai that shouldn't have been committed in the first place while Mai bore witness to the scandalous scene of the nation's Princess getting ploughed so roughly that her own snatch would twitch at the mere thought and the recollection of the princess' slit expanding and the sight of her used snatch leaking copious amount of spunk was something she would fail to forget.

"Not just a verbal argument..."

Mai whispered, attracting Nik's attention. Just like Azula, Mai had covered herself in a crimson bathrobe with her distinctively long forefront locks pressed against her bosom while the back of her head sported slightly shorter hair.

"Oh? I am all ears, Miss Mai."

Nik looked at Mai without any expression. While he did feel that she was wronged, the truth is, she wasn't even harmed. So after the initial phase of guilt, Nik had considerable reigned his own emotions.

Even if Azula was in the wrong. What could he do? The little princess was a packet of explosive that only increased her charm. There was no way that he would put Mai on a higher pedestal than Azula.

His priorities were clear.

The fact that Pavka simply snored lazily on his laps made it clear that Nik wasn't having any of his 'partners' apologising to others. He had apologised and that is enough.


Mai failed to form any reasonable excuse. Lying wasn't her forte but she wasn't the one to get captured, stripped n.a.k.e.d, tied mid-air in debauched position with her mouth filled with an e.r.o.t.i.c silicon ball, and take it without any opposition.

Her heart was already distraught by the fact that her maiden form, something she has been keeping safe for her first time was exposed to a stranger... a servant while her first experience to the many s.e.x.u.a.l escapades happened to be an eyeful of such an intense s.e.x.u.a.l session that she couldn't help but feel scared alongside raising the expectations of what she might experience from her future partner, possibly, Azula's brother Zuko.

"Now then, I think, I have to leave the nation, right?"

Nik looked at Azula, who looked up and matched his gaze with her eyes filled with wondrous puzzlement.


"Why? I mean... I just cannot... you know, sow the princess and expect to live a happy life, not after committing the deed in front of a witness."

Nik admitted that he had been too much into the 'exposure' play, exposing himself and his partner to another woman while rocking his own partner's world did feel awesome. Deep down, Nik felt that not only had he visually 'conquered' the cold mai, he might have also increased her expectations to a mind-boggling level which ordinary men may not be able to hold.

But after a period of pheromonic rush, Nik felt that he had been too eager. It may be due to his recent understanding of Azula, how much she desired him and how much she was willing to offer or he may just be a stupid and horny boy who simply couldn't keep it in his pants.

The fact remained that he either needed to get the hell out of the capital, or deal with the witness Mai.

Hearing Nik's words, Azula simply frowned and looked at Mai with her eyes glowing coldly. Nik could swear that he managed to make out a bit of crackling lightning... or it may have just been his imagination.

"Mai... are you going to say anything?"

Usually steadfast Mai immediately shrunk her neck, much like Nik, who was a bit warm-hearted to see the arrogance return on the Princess' beautiful face.

"N-No. But you"

"Grrr! No buts! You are coming with me to the Northern Expedition. Mind you, if I hear any dastardly rumours against my belov... partner... you better be ready for my vengeance."

She spoke with a bit of red touching the tip of her ears.

'Aww, cute.'


"Now this is a battleship!~"

Pavka almost roared as she sat on the Nik's head, with her form decreased in size, while looking at the cold waters with a bright expression. All around us is the metallic ship that could immediately give a railway train a run for its money when it comes to sheer length and size of this beauty.

Not to mention the fact that its interior is warm enough to allow a respite from the colder environment the group was going to.

"Oi, slave! Bug off! We got work to do!"

A bearded one shouldered Nik away with a frustrated grunt while being followed by a small troop of young soldiers that immediately eyes Nik maliciously.


Pavka immediately stuck her tongue out while making a funny face before slumping above his head, letting her arms and legs pass through Nik's hair.

"Enjoying much?"

Exasperation evident in his voice, Nik lightly bent over the railings to look down at the splashing water, a refreshing energy washing over his body, making him sneeze... well, maybe, it was simply the cold wind.


Pavka laughed out loud as the soldiers around him still gave him the stink eye. But what could he do? Fight them? Abuse them? Based on what?

They have every right to glare at the slave reared under the Princess.

He wasn't the one to fight over such a meaningless reason. After all, if he actually fought with someone whose only crime was glaring in his direction, then where would the madness stop?

Should he simply fight someone because they wedded a beautiful wife? Should he smash a few shots at the despicable father who would use his own daughter as a tool?

'Ah... that reminds me... I have to punch the fire lord... at least a dozen times.'

He noted internally while thinking about the incoming war. From some 'secured' intelligence network, it was found that the recently emerged Avatar is making his way towards the Northern Water Tribe with his little group.

Deep down, Nik felt quite relieved that the Avatar wasn't a woman. In his recent fill of information, he found out that quite a number of avatars turned out to be a woman. He might sound extremely genderising, but he truly didn't want to kill a woman. Not on his first quest, at least.

On the other hand, he couldn't help but feel giddy at the thought of meeting another princess. If Azula was correct, the current princess of the Water Tribe is quite the beauty.

Of course, mentally chastising himself for actually being so shallow to think that a lady is only worth her beauty, Nik took a deep breath as the cold once again knocked him into a coughing fit.


[Main Quest: Join the opposing faction of the Avatar and act as a spy for the Avatar's team to ensure their survival.

Rank: B

Time: 7 Months

Reward: 5000 SO

Penalty: 3% Stats Reduction.]

Lying on the snow, Brian looked at quest hovering in front of his vision with a bit of relief. Unlike others, he had quite a rare talent that allows him to deviate from the original main quest, in this case, to save/kill the avatar and issue a bit more moderate mission.

Of course, the rewards and the penalties are also reduced appropriately, which allows him to get missions with no 'death' penalties attached.

Around him, almost all the snow had been blackened while an angry Zuko was still smashing many cottages of the Southern Water Tribe to relieve his frustration while a few Navy officers razed the remaining construction into the melting snow while raking up the captured Southern Tribe Members into the wardship.


The left part of Zuko's face twitched in rage as he felt so goddamn worthless! They had even successfully lured the Avatar into their ship... and even then!

His eyes glowed while his throat glowered menacingly. Ignoring Zuko's manifestation of frustration, Brain slowly stood up with his right chest aching.

A club smashed squarely against his right pec during the battle, making him grimace.

"Mr Brian, how is your body holding up?"

Iroh walked closer to the blue-haired youth and enquired solemnly.

Trying to rotate his shoulder, Brian grunted in response.


"That's a relief."

Iroh nodded while Brian looked towards Zuko's direction.

"How is the... Fire Nation planning to deal with the prisoners?"

His words leaked into barely audible whispers while Iroh shook his head.

"No course of action has been set. Most probably, we will keep them fed and alive till we close onto the Avatar and then decide."

Taking a moment, Brian's eyes showed a strange light before he grew closer and whispered.

"I heard."

Gaining Iroh's attention, he continued.

"The Avatar seeks to master all the elements. Starting from Water..."

Keeping his calm gaze on Brian's bent figure, Iroh took a moment before nodding.

"A little bit predictable."

"I second that thought."

Brian chuckled.