Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 5 Daughter Destruction

Sensational nectar trickled down only to get sucked into Nik's mouth as his grip on Kurumi's plump butt grew tighter. He sampled every inch of her fleshy, twitching, warm walls as Kurumi kept m.o.a.ning and groaning within her mother's, Mitsuko's mouth, who continued the illicit, yet passionate kiss.

With the other two joining, a few changes to the position was made.

With Kurumi's butt gently covering Nik's face as to give Mitsuko a bit of space to climb on while Mitsuko supported Kurumi's body so that she doesn't accidentally suffocate Nik. Meanwhile, Kurumi had already lost herself in passion. Her hands groped the giant tits that she once sucked on and kept pinching her well-shaped n.i.p.p.l.es that were a bit darker than her own nubile ones.

Their honey gold eyes matched each other as they grew rowdy by each passing moment.

Souko, on the other hand, gently pumped the c.o.c.k of her dreams with her tongue steadily licking the underside of the entity through the base while also giving Nik's full ball their own moment of gentle sucking.

With her mouth opened wide, she slowly wrapped her mouth p.u.s.s.y around the tip of his c.o.c.k as her thick saliva decanted across his shaft, making the popped veins even more prominent. Slowly, yet steadily, inch by inch of his c.o.c.k disappeared into her wondrous mouth until her whole body shuddered after kissing the base of his c.o.c.k in a rather ragged fashion.

A grunt leaked from Nik's jaw as he felt Souko's throbbing throat covered the head of his member alongside the better half of his shaft.


Even though she had a mouthful of c.o.c.k, grunts of pleasure still made way through the exceptionally tiny space left within her mouth as Souko finally picked her face up gently while the tongue that remained outside her mouth kept his underside clean and slick.

Finally, Souko's mouth left the throaty domain of Souko, that was exceptionally tender due to all the alcohol and the c.o.c.k flung up with not pressure keeping it down.

"Ah~ Ha! Mama, you should definitely try it! World class meat, no doubt."

Souko explained through gasps as she started pumping his c.o.c.k while giving half of his p.e.n.i.s an experience of an expert oral ride that Souko is famous for. With half of his shaft inside her mouth, the warmth of her body slowly infected his member as the dexterous tongue kept licking and twirling in all the right places.

On the other hand, Kurumi remained at the threshold of pleasure, her body twitched continuously while her legs almost lost their strength, making Mitsuko hug her even tighter to keep her body supported.

"Mama! Oh~ Nik! Just there! That's righ- Aiiiiiii!"

Kurumi immediately squeezed Mitsuko's wonderous b.r.e.a.s.ts that still remained perky after all the ate difference and immediately climaxed into Nik's mouth. Her drool leaked out only to get licked by a rather aroused Mitsuko, who wanted to feel just like her youngest daughter.

Giving Mitsuko a sloppy kiss, Kurumi felt like passing out. Something that surprised her very much. Usually, c.u.m.m.i.n.g for almost 5 times in a row could barely keep her satisfied for a day.

'But what is this feeling?'

She thought as her lips and tongue got played by her mother.

'It's the same thing. A tongue inside my p.u.s.s.y. But what is different? Why do I feel this way?'

She thought further as her eyes finally fell on her sister's ecstatic face while reaching the tip of his base once again.

'Ah, I finally know'

"Hey!" Kurumi hissed before aggressively kissing Mitsuko while pushing her down. With all the juice immediately lapped up by Nik, he could continue further, but just like Kurumi, he had different thoughts.

Slowly tapping her butt to let his thoughts known, Kurumi finally got up from his body while Nik could see her smiling face looking down at him. Her juices still dripped down, falling on his lips, which, Nik immediately licked off and gave Kurumi a satisfied smile.

"A fine taste indeed."

"Good. Now, it's my turn to taste you."

She proclaimed as she immediately jumped off the bed and moved towards Souko, only to spank her ripe butt harshly, making her yelp while deepthroating.

The air in her lungs immediately got out as she had to quickly move her mouth to breath.

"Huff! What's the big idea, Kurumi?! I almost lost consciousness!"

Hissing, Kurumi glared at Souko.

"No way! Get off his d.i.c.k, you thot! He is mine! Go, suck of your mama!"

She immediately knelt beside Souko and started to push her away. Quite helpless at her sister's antics, she suddenly saw yer mother moving her body and repositioning her large, curvaceous, plump butt on Nik's face, who seemed to be inviting her.

"Souko, climb up, his fingers need attention, too."

Mitsuko spoke gently as her p.u.s.s.y lips finally came into contact with Nik's lips. His tongue latched forth and started tasting his third maiden of the day. This time, he did not keep his hands on her butt as a precaution, instead, allowed her to slowly rock her bubble butt that needed their freedom.

Instead, his fingers found another place to drill into Souko's warm p.u.s.s.y that is way more addictive than any alcoholic beverage.

Soon, the room was filled with breathtaking m.o.a.ns as Souko's and Mitsuko's lips found solace in each other's as Kurumi marveled the c.o.c.k, who size may very well exceed the length of her own face.

Finally, she opened her mouth and got to work.

'No... this isn't his taste. It's Souko Onee-chan's. I need to wipe it off.'

Determining the course of action, Kurumi went on to lick each and every part of c.o.c.k, giving him one of the sloppiest blowjobs in his life as her thick saliva trailed down to his balls. Her hands gave slow, yet, deep pumps and her small mouth kept on sucking the well-rounded head of the c.o.c.k that arched down in a gentle curve while the shivering in expectation.

'Soon... I'll taste you, too.'

Her fervent eyes seemed to look through her mother's luscious butt and fell on Nik, who kept on tasting Mitsuko.

"Get ready."

She whispered before the motion of her hands grew quicker as Kurumi took Nik's member slowly and gently, her lips cascaded while tasting every inch of his boner before her body shivered as his c.o.c.k smacked her throat. Gagging, Kurumi continued to massage his full balls without any concerns and bobbed her head up and down.

The shlicking sound of her gags soon surpassed Souko's and Mitsuko's desirable m.o.a.ns as they looked over to see a passionate Kurumi giving her all to Nik.

'This is... surprising.'

They both thought while a grunt finally leaked through Nik's lips as Souko and Mitsuko slowly fell to their passionate heat, their bodies trembled before Mitsuko's entire stream of nectar cascaded down Nik's throat while Souko's squirt arched up the room and bathed his entire body.

Meanwhile, Kurumi felt her head buzz as the warm and milky c.u.m immediately blocked her throat as she still kept her tongue to his underside, licking and cleaning continuously. Her body twitched with each passing moment and finally, she drank all of it, returning the favour.

'Quite... delicious...'

While Kurumi savoured the taste, her lips were suddenly kissed by Souko, who almost immediately invaded her mouth, trying to find something.

"Eh? You drank all of it? You are so greedy!"

Souko immediately complained while Kurumi smiled smugly.

"Of course, his first load belongs to me and only me. Now get away from him Mama!"

She declared as she immediately cleared the bed while Nik looked at her slightly amusingly.

"As your mother, I have the right to certify his intentions. So I will be taking him first." Suddenly, Mitsuko also spoke out and gave Nik a flirtatious grin. Seeing her own juice still trickling down his chin, a mild flush appeared on her cheeks while Souko complained for her own right, too.

"Hee~? What about me? I want it, too!"

Still kneeling at the bedside, she touched her smooth stomach and pouted.

"No way, I'll be"

Before Kurumi could proclaim righteously, her hand was immediately pulled down while Nik rolled over and pressed her against the bed.

"Let me fulfill your wish."

Smiling, Nik descended and kissed her forehead before he raised his body and moved back. Using his hands to spread her thighs apart, he lowered the tip of his c.o.c.k and pressed against her entrance. Enough foreplay had already been completed and continuing in such meaningless action without actually f.u.c.k.i.n.g each other would be quite a tease, which Nik didn't like.

Meanwhile, Souko's and Mistuko's eyes widened as they saw Kurumi's soft slit widening at a breakneck pace. It was at this moment did they question themselves.

'Sucking is different... but can I really take it in whole?'

Souko thought while Mitsuko was already getting impatient. Her w.o.m.b ached as she imagined how her biggest one would feel. Can he maker her experience yet higher realms of pleasure that remained undiscovered?

"If I cannot take it now... then, let me help myself."

Saying this, Mitsuko stood up and sat behind Nik, her hands immediately enveloped his abs from behind as her soft, succulent lips slowly kissed the back of his neck and nibbled on his ears.

"Do you like what you see? Nik-kun. See her, she is my daughter. My lewd, needy daughter."

Whispering, Mitsuko's fingers touched Nik's n.i.p.p.l.es, slowly playing with his chest as she duly returned the favour.

"Nik-kun. I think, after you go through us, we won't be liking any other man. So, you have to take responsibility.

Responsibility of destroying my daughter's p.u.s.s.y... destroying my own, raunchy flower, alright?"

She whispered oh so gently while Kurumi already had her eyes closed in expectations. Just the tip made her realise that tomorrow morning, she might have to skip the school.

Even an experienced girl like Kurumi felt pain. It was a wonder if Nik didn't have his skill, Megumi might have hated him even further for the physical pain caused by s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse.

"Here I go!"

Whispering, Nik tightened his grip on the base of Kurumi's legs and finally, his shaft entered deep inside the wet, sloppy and warm dungeon that enveloped his member tightly. Every twitch and throbs of his c.o.c.k sent shivers down Kurumi's spine, meanwhile, Souko, who didn't like to be a third wheel left herself.

She needed a can of beer to clear her thoughts and also boast in front of Sayako.

"That's right... go in slowly and then, destroy her. Make her body remember your shape. Make her w.o.m.b ache for your touch and crave for your c.o.c.k.

Tonight, you have to uphold the Souma Family's expectations placed with you."

Twisting his neck sideways, Nik presented his lips to get sealed by Mitsuko's. Her wild kisses brought a flurry of illicit thoughts within his mind while Nik nodded dutifully.

"Mitsuko, believe me. From this day forward, I'll be the only one f.u.c.k.i.n.g you and your family day and night. Not a single man would hold a candle to me.

So just see how I destroy Kurumi, get her p.u.s.s.y in my own c.o.c.k's shape and come after your's."

Saying this, he finally smacked his member deep within her. Kurumi's eyes snapped open while a loud shout escaped her lips. The honey gold pupils immediately rolled backwards while her p.u.s.s.y clenched against his thick, unrelenting shaft that really pressed her w.o.m.b deep within.

"Good, just... come quickly."

She whispered before diving into yet another kiss. After seeing Kurumi's expression, her expectations grew further. She severely needed that hot and juicy rod deep within her.

Meanwhile, Kurumi clenched her jaws. The mixed feeling of pain and pleasure felt way better than her first time. Her p.u.s.s.y was shredded into a new one as the slow and steady pounds slowly allowed her to adjust to Nik's rhythm, something, she appreciated quite a lot.

It would have been no fun for her if she wasn't given the time to adjust. In fact, the rashness of men during s.e.x is something she hated quite a bit... but only Nik might be the exception.

"Ohhhhh!" A strained groan escaped her lips as his full c.o.c.k pressed against her second entrance, threatening to destroy all the restrictions physically placed within her body, truly intent on making her a c.o.c.k sleeve, just like mother and elder sisters.

"Nik! Oh, God!"

Her whispers leaked as Nik's image slowly coincided with that of a God's within Kurumi's mind as her chants slowly simply contained Nik's name.

Seeing her own daughter's p.u.s.s.y stretched to its limit, Mitsuko gulped as she let her mouth get ravaged by Nik's tongue.

Soon, Nik's pounds grew deeper and quicker. The melody of his balls kissing her butt cheeks resounded within the room as Kurumi slowly felt losing control of her own body. Her hands grew closer to her b.r.e.a.s.ts while her legs bucked wildly. Her m.o.a.ns already morphed into shouts of pleasure while her p.u.s.s.y severely punished by Nik's pound.

Soon, the motion grew more fluent as her p.u.s.s.y flooded with e.r.o.t.i.c juices once again only to keep getting pounded even roughly. If not for Nik keeping his hands on her slender h.i.p.s, Kurumi's arched back would have already caused his d.i.c.k to slip out.

But not now.

His c.o.c.k bulged further when a stream of hot liquid sprayed deep into her twitching w.o.m.b. Her to gue lolled out as Kurumi felt her body getting on fire. But even then, her maiden body felt satisfied. With her honey gold eyes rolled-up to the extreme, Kurumi finally lost her consciousness as a mixture of off-white spunk and e.r.o.t.i.c juices flowed out in volumes after the huge plug that Nik's d.i.c.k was, happened to be removed.

Looking at her sprawled out on her bed, Nik immediately sent the invitation to party-up and left things on the circ.u.mstances while he finally gave Mitsuko the attention she deserved.

"Ah~ You really did it! You really destroyed her, didn't you! Now, it's my turn! Let's see if you can make me yours, or would you just happen to be one of my goodnights."

She grinned lasciviously and immediately spread her labia, showing off her pink glory through the use of her thumb.

"Hurry! I am waiting!"

Her strained groans caused Nik to smile rather indecently.