Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 50 Stupid Brawl

The mess immediately erupted into a huge cheer as the frustrated navy soldier already tired of the stretched ocean couldn't help but retreat back and form an open circular space whilst hooting with flushed faces.

Inside the circular region surrounded by hysterical fire nation navy soldiers stood two men, both muscular but each defined the extreme limits of their body. One was lean with broad shoulders and bulging arms with veins visibly showing up on his forearms, speaking much of his vascularity. Meanwhile, the other soldier was a brute. A bald head that was only adorned with a pitch-black ponytail stretched by a red band, square-jaws and small eyes.

But, the soldier himself stretched upto 2.5 metres of height with muscles so broad and tough that most of his opponent would despair before even facing the man. Instead of the glee that touched the surrounding juniors, the man posed a stoic expression suggesting that he wasn't that impressed by the task delegated to him by the commander.

"Pheee~" Pavka whistled in amazement and smiled.

"He looks way stronger than those Earth Benders. But... this should make the fight even more interesting."

Speechless at the cute spirit that would immediately wet herself at the thought of witnessing a cold and blood-curdling battle, Nik's lips twitched.

"You should definitely have a consultation session."

Nik whispered while ignoring the boisterous cheers of the soldiers around him as he looked at the Vice-Commander of the Destroyer standing in front of him with an impassive gaze.


Even when Nik boasted a good height that could put many to shame and now even managed to reach his... disciple Rick's, height, the monster named Ja Yin stood tall akin to Mount Banana!

If someone didn't know then this strange mountain is where Nik finally met his end in the world where he was born.

Slipping on a banana peel and falling down the cliff with his shout echoing through the entire valley followed by boisterous hooting of the very apes that littered the mountain with fresh Earthen Banana peels in the first place.

'God... how much I hate such incessant cheers...'

Nik thought darkly as he pushed his bad memories deep within his subconsciousness before taking a deep breath.

"Lord Vice-Commander... how's your day?"

Nik spoke out after much thinking. Looking at Ja Yin's face, Nik didn't have the heart to crack any jokes while Ja Yin nodded calmly, much to Nik's surprise and spoke out.

"I have been good. Thanks for asking. How do you do?"

His deep voice rumbled before Nik, too, just like Ja Yin, nodded and smiled.

"I have been well. But still, the cold is extremely hard to cope up with."

They both fell silent before a loud laugh, loud enough to suppress the cheers of dozens of soldiers, something that Nik found impossible, occurred behind the group as the soldiers immediately parted while making way for a balding, grey-haired middle-aged man with rough features. His composed aura alongside a touch of dominance really put him a cut above others.

But soon, a strange face appeared on most of the Soldiers due to the fact that the Commander looked 'puny' when compared to his own Vice-Commander and the Slave.

Hiding a scowl and the inferiority complex brewing within his chest, Commander Zhao smiled and looked at Ja Yin.

"What are you doing, Ja Yin? As much as we try to avoid brawls within the destroyer, why are you so willing to break the rules?"

Composed while sighing inwardly, Ja Yin slightly resented Zhao for putting him in such an awkward position for his own benefit. But it wasn't like Ja Yin wouldn't benefit himself when Zhao successfully managed to hold onto Azula's thighs and climb up the political ladder.

"Fighting amongst soldiers is forbidden. We are brothers that faced hardsh.i.p.s and victories together.

Destroying that bond is nothing but sin.


This man is but a slave. I am feeling quite frustrated commander. With no waterbenders in sight, I wish to vent my frustration upon this filth.

Why is that breaking the rules?"

Before Zhao could 'console' Ja Yin, a part of circ.u.mference was broken yet again revealing two young women.

Looking at the leading women, the soldiers, including Zhao and Ja Yin, immediately went onto their knees respectfully alongside Nik, who didn't want to create even more rowdy scene by 'disrespecting' the Princess due to not bowing.

Honestly, he felt quite frustrated by the fact that he was humane enough to not beat the shit out of everybody even when he had all the power just to vent his frustration.

"What's going on?"

While Mai maintained more than the necessary distance from Azula, she only gave a quick glance to Nik before averting her gaze once more as Azula questioned the group.

Before any soldier could reply, Zhao jumped in while speaking a bit 'tiredly' and explained the whole situation and how he was just going to convince Ja Yin of the fact that venting his frustrations is not an answer to every problem.

By now, even Nik's eyebrows twitched as the Commander really felt quite... excited when talking about how 'he' was going to stop and magnanimously 'save' a slave from his impending doom.

"I understand... Ja Yin, was it?"

Azula took a seat from where she could look through the parted space as her gaze fell upon Ja Yin.

"Yes, your lordship."

"I expect a good fight."

She smiled while her words made Nik sigh in distress. If the evil-hearted commander could be described as having the brains of a squirrel since such a stupid conspiracy was quite easy to see-through, then Azula could only be described as an evil-minded ruler who would do anything to get the kick out of the situation.

But... Zhao and Azula now had one thing in common. They both were getting on Nik's nerves.

While he could ease his nerves regarding Azula every night, part of him thought that his 'punishments' might be making Azula act in such a strange manner as she clearly m.o.a.ned in absolute delight whenever her butt got stretched or smacked.

This left him with only two options Increase the intensity of the punishment or abolish the act completely. But deep down, Nik understood that even he didn't have the heart to go through the latter option.

'Increased punishment it is...'

As Nik mused, Zhao couldn't help but feel getting his sneaky plan 'going off the rails'.

In Azula's eyes, Zhao could barely register as a source of entertainment, even the brawl she was encouraging failed to create a ripple within her heart. Her breathing admittedly quickened when she discovered Nik's eyebrows twitching, an indication of his annoyance which immediately made Azula anticipate one of the many nights filled with absolute pleasure that she would definitely be experiencing tonight.

Her eyes narrowed in pure delight, which the soldiers and Zhao took as the indication of her rotten heart eager to see the battle.

"Ja Yin... don't hold back at all. Demonstrate that you didn't earn the title of Vice-Commander just by body-building."

To encourage the hulking giant further, a mocking sneer touched Azula's lips.

"Of course, you can shame yourself and your superior's name by losing to my... man."

Her words clearly riled up the kneeling bull while even Zhao had a change in expression. Surprisingly, Pavka nodded in consent.

"At least, she has a good heart. Fight!"

She immediately raised her hand wide!

'That's it... tonight... they'll dread me!'

Nik scowled as the whole point of this fight was meaningless.