Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 51 No Bottom Line

"Was it interesting?"

Nik wondered aloud as his large hand whipped upon a pair of round, n.a.k.e.d buttocks that immediately trembled upon the impact and retained a healthy red mark



Another resounding spank occurred in tandem to the illicit m.o.a.ns that leaked out of the spoilt princess. Sensual m.o.a.ns marked the fact that Nik's spanks were barely attributed to punishment as Azula simply wanted more of this stuff. Her butt would occasionally wiggle in an effort to seduce more spanks while her twitching and moist p.u.s.s.y looked absolutely ravishing.

What happened to the fight you ask?

"It was the best! Aaah~ The way his blood dripped down his nostrils while his large tooths flew out, hand crushed and screams of absolute agony...

It was awesome!~"

Pavka rolled around, completely unaware that she would soon face Nik's frustrated wrath.


Azula's whispers made Nik's ear twitch as he sighed. Increasing the force behind his smacks would soon cross the threshold of painful pleasure to absolute, mind-numbing pain with her bones affected, something Nik didn't want to do just for the kicks of the situation.

Taking a different approach, he immediately rolled Azula's n.a.k.e.d body on the bed as she chortled a cute and surprised yelp.

"Destroying someone's arrogance and 'taming' a woman due to the feeling of accomplishment one achieves... that is the sign of weakness.

But to indulge in every stupid demand... that's just pointless."

He whispered as he gazed at Azula with not too 'loving' eyes. His violet pupils glimmered under the light of crackling fire blazing over a lamp as Azula couldn't help but gulp while gazing at his expression.

She had never felt so good, both physically and emotionally. Nik could be described as the partner that she didn't even dare dream about. Who in their right mindset would indulge such a spoilt and rotten person's demands with a gentle expression?

Azula held no delusion that she wasn't a rotten person. She had killed, destroyed and absolutely enjoyed the process. According to the definition proclaimed by society, she filled the criteria of being a rotten human.

But even then, Nik didn't seem to mind her nature at all. Her doubts that Nik only l.u.s.ted after her body had been cleared after numerous sessions when their spirits seemed to connect with each other. Just like her, Nik did spend a little awkward childhood and not to mention the fact that the strange partner list also had the name 'Pavka' right beneath her.

But now, even after knowing that Nik was capable to see past the shallow concept of beauty and accept her rotten personality, Azula couldn't help but feel a bit scared that she might have overdone it.

Looking at Azula with a somber expression, Nik finally spoke up.

"Azula... believe me, this will hurt me more than will it hurt you."

Azula shivered under his gaze, but even now, a strange sense of anticipation arose within the depths of her heart.

As Azula's eyes reflected Nik's extending hands, her inner walls contracted mildly as her mouth parted slightly, feeling the warm hand suddenly pressing her needy face against the mattress.

Removing the plated thick hide that covered his body, Nik slowly stripped himself with one hand while ignoring the desperate grunts and pants of the rotten princess before clutching her hair, something that immediately left a pang of guilt within his heart, but seeing the lewd expression in her eyes and the much anticipating smile, all the previous thoughts and reservations disappeared from Nik's mind as he immediately brought her face closer to his c.o.c.k.

His shaft pressed against her right cheek, immediately filling Azula's senses with a dense scent.

But Nik didn't stop there, he truly wanted to 'defile' Azula. To fulfill his own desires without considering his partner's feelings or their consent on the matter. At least, this was what Nik thought could act as a good punishment, but before he could press her further, Azula's hands moved on their own and immediately cupped his balls while her head twisted a bit and her pink, soft lips kissed the base of his shaft lovingly before unleashing the meaty monster her jaws held within.

Since Azula couldn't mover her face, the sudden thought of restriction over her body made her strangely excited to top it off with Nik's cold eyes. Her heart shrilled in joy as a submissive whimper escaped in tandem to her short, bated breaths. Her tongue lowered while taking the cupped balls into her mouth, giving Nik an incredibly exotic sight.

With his rod legitimately surpassing the length of her face, the mid-section of her face wasn't visible except for her hungry eyes that practically oozed electrifying lewdness alongside her cheeks puffed up with giving his balls an oral examination.



Nik immediately berated himself, 'If she can even enjoy this, then don't you dare let yer feel satisfied by showing an approving expression!'

But... it was too good!

Instead of clutching her hair ruthlessly, both of his hand crept towards the back of her head and immediately pushed her further towards his crotch, enjoying his balls getting sucked on without showing anything on his face.

Endure it!

This is a tribulation!

As he kept on chanting, Nik felt the suction around his balls loosening before Azula gasped and let his scrotum loose.


After a coughing fit followed by her delicious saliva leaking through the e.r.o.t.i.c bridge formed across her lips and his balls, Nik didn't thunk further much.

He was truly hurting!

Adjusting his tip and pressing his shaft downwards, Nik presented his c.o.c.k exactly perpendicular to his abs whilst slowly bringing Azula's head towards the ridiculous tip.

In her world, Azula only saw the c.o.c.k and felt her emotions. Physically, her throat was hurting due to the sudden abandon of oxygen which made her lungs gasp, even now, but she still gulped her saliva heavily, lubricating her throat before opening her mouth, lines of saliva connecting her lower and upper lip before her tongue rolled out.

Adjusting her face a bit upwards, Azula did wink towards Nik and let him enjoy the sight of her raunchious mouth before she took half of his c.o.c.k into her mouth, filling her up while her eyes widened in reckless abandon. Her hands found their support on Nik's thighs while immediately gliding forward, going a bit further before sucking her cheeks and then slowly sucking deeper.

Nik's mind felt an exploding sensation as the sight of Azula's reckless abandon and super e.r.o.t.i.c face did itch Nik's hurt.

As he spoke previously, it hurt him way far than it could've ever hurt Azula.


Being the horny carnal demon, and quite a young one at that, Nik threw caution to the wind and immediately brought Azula's tip towards his base, forcefully breaking past her mouth-p.u.s.s.y and finally enjoying her lubricated throat!

A visible bulge of her neck alongside muffled m.o.a.ns in tandem to almost orgasmic spasms, Azula's eyes barely remained still, rolling up at a visible rate due to the lack of oxygen, finally snapping Nik with a begrudging sigh as he let Azula have a breather before choking his c.o.c.k down into her throat once again until he finally seeded her stomach, making her full and satisfied.

Much to Pavka's enjoyment, this was another kind of brutal battle that immediately sent her m.o.a.ning with visual pleasure. Her eyes locked on Nik's cruel yet satisfied face while she actually moved above the slumped Azula and started to dig her own snatch right above Azula. Her golden her glowed elusively and her grunts leaked through her bit lips and clenched jaws.

As it turned out, masturbating while standing was quite difficult!

But much to Nik's relief, Azula did pass out with a blissful smile and a bit of his spunk leaking out from the corner of her lips. Her hands gently placed over her tummy while her legs sprawled, evidently, full and satisfied.

What kind of punishment was this, Nik didn't know. Nor could he fathom. Admittedly, such intense moves did create trauma for a few females... but the girls that surrounded Nik... were a bit too 'crazy' to feel anything other than pleasure.

Gazing at the rapidly quivering spirit legal-loli, Nik's eyes gained an evil glint, much to the innocent spirit's pleasant surprise as he caught her rapidly digging hand and landed it over his lips, sucking onto her delicious and sweet nectar, a specialised product only belonging to the spirit-kind, apparently.

"Ooohhhh! Nik, you are too good! In fighting and even in..."

She spoke with a slightly silly smile but seeing his silent visage, she couldn't help but feel strange.

Her body moved forward, pulled in by her arm clutched by Nik and immediately turned due to Nik moving her body through grabbing her shoulder and immediately pressed his sloppily lubricated c.o.c.k against her perky and round butt.

"I know all about you... purity my ass! You just love this shit! Can't get enough of it and even your body is modelled and design for nothing but to get ploughed!"

His cold words struck her heart, creating a gleeful expression on her face as she twisted and bucked her h.i.p.s against the warm and sticky c.o.c.k.

"Immediately taking after my shape during your first time... if not a s.l.u.t... then you definitely are a pure one!

A pure s.l.u.t!"

Nik whispered harshly while Pavka yelped in surprise when the tip of c.o.c.k poked into her backdoor. Finally, a dangerous feeling spread across her heart.

"W-wait! Nik!

No need to be hast"

She couldn't continue speaking as Nik clutched onto both of her thin arms with his left hand and immediately pushed her body down while bending forward, his right hand placed right at the back of her head, covering her golden hair.

Warm, thick walls of her anus immediately covered the tip of rod tightly, but he simply gritted his teeth.

From the moment he came here, he had been nothing but indulgent towards these two hard-headed, blood-loving s.l.u.ts that simply wanted s.e.x and bloodied fights.

At some level, they might just be perfect women for Nik, evil and indulging enough to allow Nik having his way with them, but enough is enough!

He simply pressed forward! No lubrication for the pretentious pure spirit! She will simply have to slowly get accustomed to having a big c.o.c.k sliding in and out of her anus from now on!

No more considerations!

He is on a mission for god's sake!


Her muffled grunts escaped only to get ignored by the physical existence. Only Nik was the one who could bridge the gap with his talent.


Letting her hands go, Nik immediately planted a loving spank on her round bottom that was so perfect that it could fit in Nik's hand snuggly while retaining its springiness to get squeezed in various manners.

Her body shuddered as Nik's crotch finally kissed her butt cheeks as he slowly started moving up, carefully guiding his h.i.p.s for a straight back and forth movement as Pavka's snatch visibly opened up, as if gasping for breath while her back got filled, leaving a slight bulge towards her abdomen whenever she accommodated Nik completely.

But just like her snatch, her anus also quickly wrapped around Nik's veiny c.o.c.k and started taking his shape to get the most enjoyable experience.




His c.o.c.k glided deep into her anus, having his best anal experience yet while Pavka's muffled grunts soon grew louder and louder before the barrier between pain and pleasure was bypassed, a strange aura once again took control of Pavka's and Nik's spirit as they both started to communicate on a spiritual level.

Since Pavka already was a spiritual existence, the sudden feeling wasn't that hard to adapt to, but Nik immediately felt his mind explode in pleasure, his breathing grew short while he couldn't help but eject another load into her butt.

Feeling the warm and virile c.u.m filling her body, bulging her stomach, Pavka felt passing out in pleasure, but being a spirit, she could control such sensation. She understood that the real session would only start.

If she actually passed out now, how would she attain the even higher realm of enlightenment with her student!

That couldn't be done! She had to hold on! No matter how many times she c.u.m, no matter how much she is filled and seeded, she needed to accompany her student till the very end.