Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 53 Contact


Mai shouted in pure surprise. She was forcefully brought along while preparing for the war, but now, Azula suddenly brought the concept of negotiations between two warring factions.

"Yeah. In fact, the only way we can actually stop the Avatar from controlling all the elements would solely depend on this negotiation."

Leaning back on her chair, Azula snapped at Mai and frowned.

"Where is Nik? I haven't seen him for a while..."

"Didn't you... this morning just..."

Mai immediately stopped as a beautiful arc touched Azula's lips, making Mai feel even more annoyed.

"You certainly enjoy peeking, you sneaky little girl. You understand that you can enjoy with us anytime, right?"

She seductively leaned forward while placing her hands on Mai's thighs while bringing her face closer to her flushed face.

It was at this moment, a soldier from the other side of the door immediately started banging on the door, ruining the mood Azula tried to set-up.

"What is it?"

Her snappy reply failed to deter the soldier as the situation really demanded the Princess' grace.

"Your highness... an outdated battleship made contact with our destroyer. The identity of the person on the ship is... Prin it's the exiled traitor Zuko."


"Now THAT is a ship..."

Brian spoke with amazement while Iroh simply nodded at his statement, making Zuko grunt in frustration.

"If you like it that much, you are free to leave."

"Please don't take any offence. I am merely admiring the craftsmanship, not the human force."

Zuko glared at Brian for a good moment before he looked at Iroh and then barked out.

"Uncle, is it alright to initiate contact with them?"

Gazing back at Zuko, Iroh smiled mildly and comforted his nephew.

"We cannot support the prisoners any longer. We might as well transfer them over to the destroyer, or use them as a chip to attain the Avatar.

Of course, if you really want my honest opinion, then I recommend freeing them."

"No way in hell!"

Zuko snarled a retort before his eyes constricted as he saw the faint figure that always became the reason of his nightmare.

Even Iroh was surprised by her presence.

The Heir of the Fire Nation: Princess Azula.


The Destroyer was in fact, designed to be utilised as three layers. The training layer, the mechanical layer and the drill layer with the surface covering most of the part.

Right now, aside from the training layer, the other two layers operated according to the previous course of action set while the soldiers that had the appointed time to train simply observed the two opponents gazing at each other solemnly.

The training chamber remained spacious enough to accommodate many as Azula and Iroh stood together. Beside Azula stood a slightly tipsy Mai, whose gaze would run over to Zuko's direction more than often while she did peek to her side, where a black-haired youth stood with an apathetic expression.

Meanwhile, Iroh couldn't help but feel a bit distressed.

"Azula... Niece, is it really important that we discuss the matter after fighting."

Just like usual, Iroh was prepared for a snappy reply. By now, even he understood the real difference between Azula and Zuko didn't stem from their talent, but from their upbringing.

Whenever he looked at the Princess of the nation and the burdens she must have faced over the years, his heart would lurch and his stomach would twist in agony.

He loved both of them deeply, and now, he understood how much he and Azula's mother had actually deprived her of the love she deserved. In this sense, Zuko was, in fact, quite lucky.

But to his surprise, Azula didn't even go as far as to show a single frown and replied with a calm smile.

"Uncle, the battle"s proposition was set by Zuko. Instead of persuading me, how about giving your nephew a piece of your wisdom?"

Though her expression did not change, the sting from her words made Iroh feel even worse.

Meanwhile, the Deputy of the troop looked at the Blue-haired Brian before voicing out.

"My name is Gou Goung. How should I call you?"


His name immediately attracted Nik's attention while Gou Goung nodded.

"Very well, Brian. Let's have a battle that can be remembered throughout the coming generation."

His serious expression alongside the sincere tone stunned Brian for a moment before his body immediately shot towards Gou Goung, his palm struck the base of his neck, making him unconscious.

'He really was serious.'

Brian thought internally while he looked towards Nik and nodded with a smile before walking towards Iroh and bowing politely.


The Earth Kingdom, Gaoling City.

"You are saying that a sudden assassination was committed against Toph and her current situation is unknown?"

The blonde Veera asked with a dark expression while the burly host appointed to slowly snoop around the area plainly nodded.

"This is turning into a mess."

Veera nodded but his thoughts were interrupted when a middle-aged man spoke out.

"In fact, this should be already considered. Our arrival has already changed the fate of many.

Even though we are given a total time of seven months, ordinarily, a host should try and complete the mission as quickly as possible to avoid the slowly changing record until it is completely unrecognisable."

Veera nodded at the words and slowly started forming the next course of action. If the record is still on its track, then the Avatar should be making his way towards the Northern Tribe.

It wouldn't take long before the siege of the Northern Tribe.