Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 63 Training Tragedy

The glass-like glacial door illuminated in an orangish glow as Nik lit a small bonfire within his igloo. Due to the surrounding ice of quite a low temperature, the fire failed to provide any warmth, but still brightened the interior.

Once again, Nik found a bored Pavka lying in a daze, honestly, he didn't even k ow how she even persisted living for so long without a long-term source of entertainment.

Meanwhile, he couldn't give her his attention due to the woman sitting in front of him across the bonfire.

"So? What did you learn today?"

Karna asked impatiently once again, but Nik still sighed. He was already sitting on the bed and was also near to Pavka. Feeling that Pavka was most likely unhappy by getting ignored for the better half of the day, Nik gave Karna a serious look before pointing behind her head.

"What's that?"

He asked with a sense of urgency that compelling Karna to look back, while, through an inhumane speed, Nik picked the pouting Pavka and brought her onto his laps before acting as if nothing happened.

"Hehe, got you!"

She immediately giggled, a stark contrast to the cloudy expression on Karna's face who almost panicked while thinking that they were caught.

"It is a wall of ice!"

She immediately hissed while Nik nodded without any expression.

"Yes, correct. This was the first concept taught by your father. Ice."

Scrunching her soft nose, Karna couldn't help but feel thoughtful, but still, she looked at Nik, who was currently enjoying Pavka grounding her cute little plump butt against his member, and asked out.

"I don't understand."

Sighing, Nik smiled.

"Neither did I. So with that cleared, let's understand how this thing actually works."

Holding back an impatient scowl, Karna coughed softly and then looked at Nik seriously.

"Yes. I believe that readjusting our relationship is necessary if you teach me waterbending."

Hearing her words, Nik smiled slyly, his thoughts unknown and even then, Karna felt the urge of running away to a safe location, but still, she couldn't understand why should feel such.

"So... I'll be calling you Karna from now on? Hmm... yeah, well then, call me master."

Now Karna felt a little enlightened why she felt such a strong feeling of fear stemming from the deepest recesses of her heart when she gazed at Nik. Clenching her jaws, Karna hissed out.

"Nik, you are a rogue!"

Seeing the look on his eyes and that sly expression, Karna wouldn't take pride in calling herself a woman if she was dumb as a brick.

Heck, a woman's intuition is not to be underestimated or else there won't be a phrase that is used to compliment the women kind for their intuition.

"Nik... you are a rogue!"

"She saw through you!"

Pavka exclaimed happily as she breathed against his neck hotly while letting her perfectly soft fingers run over his chest and thighs, her tongue taking a spot over his collarbone while let her back comfortably nuzzle against his chest. She continued purring hotly while having her way with him.

"A rogue?"

Nik tilted his face before smiling.

"Is that your first words to your... master? My dearest disciple?"

If it wasn't for the lack of similar demeaning gaze that wished to put men above women, Karna would have already left. In fact, finally being able to see Nik's other side, Karna felt a sense of relief, which was quite strange.

At least, the horny boy wasn't a genderising a-hole.

Thinking for a moment, Karna felt that this was completely reasonable. After all, from what she has gathered until now, Nik was born of an exiled water tribeswoman. So, of course, he won't be brainwashed to dominate women and strip them off of their freedom to choose.


Karna rolled her eyes and then frowned.

"What's going on with your clothes?"

She pointed out as Nik's overcoat was moving... pressed? Karna didn't know how to explain the strange phenomenon. Sadly, neither could Nik.

By now, Pavka had already straddled herself against Nik's waist, her hands sliding across his back, scratching with need interlaced in her hot breaths.

"Disciple, I don't think you are ready to bend the dragon... today's session is dismissed. I have another place in mind... so... we meet each other near the bridge dock, say, tomorrow at dusk?"

He asked while fighting against his own grunts as Pavka suddenly bit on his neck. Even Karna felt startled as she saw a thin trail of blood flowing down from the left side of his neck.

"Nik... your neck"

"Karna... my dearest disciple aunt, you should really leave."

Nik smiled with nefarious desires exposed through his gaze as the slowly enlarging bulge... no, it was still growing, made Karna gulp a little. The scene was changing too suddenly and Karna had no way to cope up with all the new discoveries.

"If you don't leave... you wouldn't mind me teaching you other bending techniques, right?"

If the exploding desires weren't a dead giveaway, Nik's words and almost crazy smile shook Karna's heart and she immediately stood up with her tanned face flushed crimson.

"I-I- I should leave!"

She stammered as Nik's expression changed from relief to satisfaction while, in front of Karna's widened eyes, his bulge happened to enlarge further.


"What the hell?"

Taking a fistful of her dazzling blonde hair into his hand, Nik immediately pulled back the growling Pavka and kissed her plump lips rather passionately before eyeing her half-lidded hazy violet eyes that reeked of sensuality.

"Hmph! Before other girls, I, your teacher will always claim you! My student, I know that look on your face when you saw that tama's little girl and the waterbending girl!

But to dare doing such illicit action in front"

Not wishing to hear more of Pavka's grumble, Nik pulled her back into another ardent kiss, their tongues intertwined while sharing each other's saliva. Meanwhile, Nik's other hand slid down to her smooth waist before grabbing her entire left ass-cheek while forcefully rubbing her crotch against his.

Breaking the contact once again while forming an amorous bridge of saliva that glittered under the light of the crackling bonfire.

"You do understand that Karna is your grand-disciple, right?"

He whispered while lowering his head, taking Pavka's beautiful pink n.i.p.p.l.e into his mouth, eliciting Pavka to hold onto his head in return, trying to bury his face deeper into her eternal modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

A wonderful scent started to emerge from Pavka as Nik countered the move with his own intoxicating scent, his thumb already playing with her anus through her clothes while his other hand had already released her hair and gently caressed her back.

"Ohhhnnn! I- I know! But that's why hnnnnghhh!~ needs to learn her place!"

She exclaimed while biting onto Nik's earlobes softly, kissing and licking while breathing in his scent deeply, stimulating her body further.

Hearing her m.o.a.n-filled response of indignation, Nik couldn't help but feel speechless.

"She cannot even see you!"

He chuckled while tearing down her dress. Since Pavka happened to be able to create her own clothes through her... well, Nik still did not understand the true mechanism, but the ability was definitely useful, and more enjoyable in such activities.

Her bare body exposed to Nik, Pavka simply smiled while licking her lips. She was ready for another round of enlightenment.

Nik's clothes flew while he expertly controlled his elemental energy to manipulate the crackling fire into extinguishing. Honestly, it would be quite embarrassing if someone saw him humping the air, after all, Pavka was invisible to the physical eyes.

One of his hand immediately landed on her neck, massaging her chest and trailing across her delicate collarbone while his other hand adjusted the tip of his c.o.c.k against her moist snatch.

The pair of debauched violet eyes locked with each other before a lascivious smile of expectation formed on both of their faces.

Under the silent m.o.a.ns of Pavka, she felt the upward gentle curve of his c.o.c.k while engaging in a passionate kiss, their sweaty body writhed against each other. Pumps upon pumps of juices exploded within the common area that Pavka's p.u.s.s.y was as the bedsheet soon grew messy with a spirit's nectar.

While Nik felt accomplished after tending to Pavka with extreme care, the training he had intended for Karna did turn into a complete mess.

But, with a beautiful spirit wrapped against his chest and a happy smile on a peerless face of the spirit, Nik wasn't going to complain. He was already a fortunate man.


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