Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 65 The Shocked Half Spirit


With her arms hugging her knees, Yue sighed sadly while keeping her gaze over the setting sun, simply waiting for the rise of the much-awaited moon before she could leave this accursed valley.

From the moment her life was saved by the Moon Spirit, she had been living inside the palace. Her status took a meteoric rise, somewhat distasteful to men of her tribe which induced the kids of her age to distance themselves from her.

At a young age, she enjoyed that feeling. The words princess, your Highness served her ego well. But when the lonely shadow cast by the setting sun settled within her heart, Yue simply wished to end it all.

She had no social circle, no hobbies and her duty only included to tend to the pond that the Koi Spirit delves in. Honestly, after coming face to the fact that those Koi Spirits could actually talk, Yue felt even colder and distant from this place.

She was gifted a life, but even the one who gifted this life refused to talk with her. She had been given a status, a roof to live under, and yet, that very status became the knife that tore and shredded her heart in pieces so thin that she simply could not pick them up.

A prime woman, a youthful woman who should be spending her time with her crush, laughing with her peers and training hard, remaining busy and utilising all her energy to accomplish a goal simply hugged her knees, feeling a piercing chill growing within her heart as her desolate gaze traced the setting sun that left a beautiful glow on her face.

For what?

Why did she have to be so beautiful? Who could she even share her beauty with? Who could she comfort during her lonely nights to share each other's burden?

She had no one!

Bhiman? He was a father figure, sure. But did he actually have a single second to spare for her?


If it wasn't for the fact she was 'chosen' by Tama, he could not have cared so much about an ordinary tribe member, a woman at that.

That was the cold hard truth and she knew it.

But even then...

Sighing, she hugged herself tighter, fighting back the tears that she was already accustomed with.

"Well... it was kind of a nice change of pace... Nik... he was pretty cute..."

She chuckled dazedly, her eyes seemed to be gazing upon his perfectly crafted body. Fighting back the illicit drool, Yue chastised herself internally. After all, her tendencies to observe the opposite gender with a rather suspicious gaze already gained her a demeaning title Witch. She didn't want her tendencies to grow further.


In Yue's vision, the beautiful scene of the setting sun reflected upon the rippling surface of the stream remained common, but, amid the orange sun, a strange shadow... a boat maybe?

Before Yue could comprehend anything, the moment she felt that shadow belonged to a boat, she immediately stood up, an excited flush taking over her exotic dark skin as she couldn't help but quickly skitter off towards the entrance of the valley.

Someone is here!

Someone is coming!

While Yue was already scheduled to leave for the palace in an hour, the sudden arrival of the mysterious person thrashed all her plans and thoughts.

Before she could even reach the entrance, a thought immediately surfaced within her heart.

What if the boat was actually empty?

What if it simply drifted towards the valley?

Such a strange, yet, discouraging situations have already been faced by Yue more times than she is willing to admit, and even then, her young heart couldn't help but flutter at the thought that someone might actually be on the boat.

Someone might want to meet her!

To be actually remembered by someone was a feeling that Yue haven't felt in a long, long time. Even though with her physique, walking such short distance should not have affected her stamina, her face still held a rosy blush with sweat covering her forehead and heart pounding so deeply that she could feel the vibrations of her heartbeat reaching her ears.

Her hands still pulling up a bit of her hide-robe as she continued walking, no, unknowingly, she was already running.

Even when there remained a risk that this boat might be empty, Yue didn't wish to not welcome anyone if there was any on the boat in the first place.

With her bated breaths, Yue's eyes trailed across the river's surface before gazing towards the boat and there he was!

A softly tanned skin with a facial structure that remained so mysterious and yet, so satisfying that the mere sight could infatuate the troubled ones.

Though he was far, the slight glimmer in his violet eyes remained easy to spot, a charming smile on his thin lips remained easy to view and his covered body that could still be viewed when she closed her eyes finally grew closer.

But this wasn't only the reason why Yue got so excited.

Behind Nik, she could see another figure. The curves on her body proclaimed her gender to be female, just like Yue's!

A Girl!

Her heart grew even more excited!

If talking with a boy remained one of Yue's interest then befriending a woman of the tribe remained her long-lasting wish!

What's more? When she counted, there were two people!

Not one, but two!

Oh My Gawd!!!!

Yue's vision suddenly darkened as her heart felt like it would burst out. She couldn't keep up anymore!

If wanting a single person to come an meet her could he considered the best day of her life, then finding two people visiting her made her feel like she was in a dream.

And not wishing to wake up, Yue promptly collapsed under the panicked eyes of Nik and Karna.


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